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UKSBS PR16217 SQuID Magnetometer

UK Shared Business Services Ltd | Published December 14, 2016  -  Deadline January 18, 2017

This requirement is for a replacement SQuID magnetometer to replace the current Quantum Design MPMS XL SQuID magnetometer system in the ISIS R53 Materials Characterisation Laboratory (R53 MCL). This system was procured well over 12 years ago and has subsequently become unreliable and slow and can no longer meet the demands placed upon it in the running of the R53 MCL to support the running of the ISIS neutron facility.

Magnetism research represents a large fraction of the experiments performed on the ISIS neutron beamlines making use of the elastic and inelastic scattering techniques, this system would greatly increase the laboratory and ISIS output by aiding in sample screening, optimisation of sample environment conditions and post experimental support.

The main requirements are:

1) A research level SQuID magnetometer operated with liquid helium, with the ability of collecting data in VSM and standard DC mode, with the ability to vary both applied field and temperature.

2) User friendly and easy to use with quick alignment procedures.

3) The magnetometer must have excellent sensitivity equal or better than 10-8 emu at low magnetisations.

4) The instrument must be able to operate in the 1.8 K — 400 K and ± 7 T range temperature and field range respectively.

5) The instrument must be able to accommodate various sample forms.

6) The instrument must be able to run continuously for long periods with short measuring times.

7) The instrument must have the options for additional stages and configurations of measuring and mounting samples.

8) A computer with adequate software to control all of the system.

9) All the required accessory equipment, to control the instrument and run measurements must be included.

10) An efficient service to advise-on, repair and update all the equipment.

Full and specific details of all the requirements can be found in the Award Questionnaires in the provided attachment(s) and on the Emptoris e-sourcing platform.

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