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Core Surgical Anatomy Programme and General Surgical Skills Programmes - Health Education England

Health Education England (HEE) | Published March 7, 2017  -  Deadline April 6, 2017

NHS South of England Procurement Services, acting on behalf of Health Education England (the Commissioner) are commencing a tender for the delivery of two surgical programmes - Core Surgical Anatomy programme that forms part of the London Core Surgical Training programme and the General Surgical Skills programme that forms part of the London General Surgery Higher Training Programme for London.
Programme 1: The Core Surgical Anatomy Programme consists of a minimum of 162 hours of teaching and demonstrations on human anatomy of the whole body using cadaveric prosection and radiological anatomy, e.g. MRI, delivered over a minimum of 18 sessions from October to June.
Each doctor in the first year of their core training programme must attend a minimum of one of three triplicated 3-hour sessions offered each week for 18 weeks. Sessions are triplicated each week to maximise attendance.
The sessions must be aligned to the MRCS curriculum and go beyond this to facilitate an understanding of surgical anatomy and clinically relevant physiology and pathology.
Programme 2: The General Surgical Skills Programme provides systematic, structured hands-on experience in a number of index procedures for General Surgery specialist registrars. The skills laboratory environment complements on-the-job training, as it allows experienced consultants the time to detail the intricacies of the various procedures with the trainee doctor, as well as allowing them the opportunity to question the consultants. This is therefore achieved without any risk to patient safety, which could otherwise be compromised during clinical practice.
The training must be consultant-led, and involve hands-on experience with synthetic and non-live animal models on the bench and laparoscopic box-trainers. The structure of the teaching sessions must involve a brief presentation and discussion from the consultant trainer, followed by practical exercises on procedure-specific simulators. Emphasis is heavily placed on the practical side of skills training.
The Programme aims to teach the widest possible range of gold-standard general surgical procedures suitable for specialist registrars in year 3 to year 6.

FWK1103-Framework for the Provision of Furniture

Strategic Estates | Published March 28, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017

The House of Lords and House of Commons wish to create a bicameral Parliamentary Framework which will provide for the supply and installation of office furniture and ancillary furniture services across the Parliamentary Estate.

The single source supplier will work closely with the Strategic Estates, In House Services (House of Commons) and the Department of Facilities (House of Lords) teams to deliver a quality, space efficient working environment.

The Framework is for a period of three years, with the potential to extend by one year under the same terms. The maximum framework duration will be four years.

At approximately 260,000m2 the Parliamentary Estate covers a significant area of Westminster and is much larger than the Palace itself. The Estate houses approximately 5,800 employees with differing workstyles and furniture requirements; in addition the Estate has thousands of visitors each year from tourists and school parties to those on Parliamentary business and international delegates.
Much of the furniture on the Estate has been in continuous use for more than twenty or thirty years, and is beyond economic repair or reuse. As part of a general programme of building upgrade works (mechanical, electrical and security) furniture is being replaced where appropriate and necessary to improve space usage and building efficiency. By upgrading furniture to modern standards the Authority wishes to create an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all.
The estimated value range of the Framework is between £4.7 million and £11.5million. The total cost will depend on the number of buildings on the Parliamentary Estate refurbished during the Framework period. Several buildings have been identified for building upgrade works and other refurbishment projects are dependent on programmed projects being completed.
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