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Strategic Planning Partner.

Yorkshire Water Services Limited | Published April 6, 2017

Yorkshire Water (YW) manage the collection, treatment and distribution of water in Yorkshire, supplying around 1 240 000 000 litres of drinking water each day. At the same time collecting, treating and disposing of about 1 000 000 000 of waste water safely back into the environment. YW has always sought to develop relationships with contractors and consultants that support delivery of benefits to customers, wider stakeholders and the environment. Strategic Planning is a key function in the business with accountability to: — Understand overall asset condition and the relationship to service and environmental protection; — Create investment plans that meet the needs of customers and the environment; — Systematically monitor and release risks to be resolved through asset interventions into delivery programmes; — Set the long term asset strategies for the business to ensure sustainable service. To address the diverse range of risks within the asset base, YW are looking to engage a Strategic Planning Partner (SPP) to work closely with its in-house Strategic Planning function and address the level of change required to meet future needs. Affordability remains a key issue for customers in the Region, meaning that YW need to lower the cost of risk resolution. This will be achieved through upfront thinking and managing total expenditure through a hierarchical process. The SPP will give essential support to create current and future investment plans. Exploring and developing new ways to optimise existing, and deliver innovative new assets, will be a key attribute of this arrangement. Only by thinking differently will innovative solutions that challenge and improve the way things are done both now and in the future be delivered. Innovation is a key driving force, allowing delivery of more while keeping costs down. Innovation will play a key role in helping meet the challenges of climate change, population growth and economic pressures. The SPP will need to support the development and delivery of low carbon solutions and enhance YW's use of standard products and solutions, off site construction and modular build. Health and safety in operation must start in design, and the SPP must ensure that safety and sustainability is in-built into every asset. To compliment the in-house Strategic Planning function significant expertise will be required in areas not limited to Economic Analysis, Technical Investigations and Feasibility Studies, Business Case Articulation and Technical Input, Specialist Modelling Interpretation, data gathering and analytics, Asset Condition Inspections, Whole life asset data management, BIM, Solution and Design Creation. A focus on future skills development to ensure sustainability of competence is essential.
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