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Refuse disposal and treatment

Mesto Trnava | Published February 24, 2017  -  Deadline March 28, 2017
90510000, 90513000


The aim of this competition is to select the operator equipment to the contractual agreements acts and enforcement of measures to ensure the economical and efficient landfill or processing in preparation municipal waste material reuse, recycling and thus achieve a reduction in heavy fraction, ie reusable waste to landfill and extend the life of landfills .

Under operating lines means ensuring treatment as a continuous process - intake, crushing, sorting and finishing and storage of separated narrow to permit further use and recycling of treated mixed municipal waste - according to the project and NFP contracts of KF EU.

Under the recovery of waste means adapted mixed waste into recyclable forms in the form of usable secondary raw materials, or prepare them for further use in technological chains or other similar processes that will ensure the reduction of the volume of landfill.

The competition is designed to define not only the determination of operating costs for the line that enters the estimated contract value, but also provide information on the proposed measures to extend the life cycle of the landfill to the methodology recommended Green Public Procurement for public procurement.

Therefore, as part of this competition it is to identify the most relevant information to enable it to operator and provider

Objectify and to budget expenses to volume narrowly important for decision-making.

Identify areas where there is potential for the procurement of new technologies for waste recovery.

Availability of environmentally superior alternatives that have a reduced impact on the environment.

Under the current legislation have been chosen to meet these objectives for the subject matter characterized by provisions for guidance on the procurement procedure.

A detailed definition of the scope of services needs and requirements for efficient and economical operation of the line is given in the specifications section B1 discloses subject of the contract,

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