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Monitoring the impact of construction of the D1 motorway Fričovce - Svinia on the environment (water, noise, air pollutants, biota).

VODNÉ ZDROJE SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. | Published December 9, 2016  -  Deadline September 1, 2017

Distribution transformers for the needs of VSD as - delivery performance from 50 to 1000 kVA

BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY, a.s. | Published January 20, 2017

Transformers are designed for installation in external and internal environment. Transformer with ratio 22 / 0.4 kV is used for installation near electrical stations HV / MV and as service transformers in substations HV / MV.

Procurement consultancy services

Bratislavský samosprávny kraj | Published February 15, 2017  -  Deadline March 5, 2017

The contract is a comprehensive implementation of public procurement processes in the environment of the contracting authority and its parent organizations, to achieve the maximum efficiency (cost savings) and the provision of advisory services on public procurement for the duration of the framework contract for the provision of services.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Ministerstvo životného prostredia Slovenskej republiky | Published February 14, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017
72000000, 72212000, 72222300, 72230000, 72240000, 72250000, 72260000, 72262000, 72263000, 72265000, 72300000, 80531200, 48000000, 48600000, 48710000, 48730000

The contract is the design, development, implementation and delivery of information waste management system (WMIS), to ensure the computerization of services in waste management (OH).

It calls for the creation of an environment for effective electronic communications which provides:

The creation of an electronic communication interface to support a full-fledged security of electronic communications in the Olympics. Build integration platform which ensures the integration of internal departmental information systems and the development of integration interfaces for third-party information systems, which are selected national registers and common modules CPAP. The introduction of a single register and dials in the Olympics.

Creation of a centralized data base with support for versioning of documents, anonymisation selected content and full-text search. Requires the implementation of a solution type of fail-over, bezstratovosť data collection, archiving input data and recovery after an interruption every moment of implementation without impacting the availability of the surrounding systems. WMIS must be built as a scalable and will be placed in the government cloud. Details are given in the tender documents.

Geology services

Ministerstvo životného prostredia Slovenskej republiky | Published February 1, 2017
71351910, 90722000, 71351200, 45000000

The contract is the realization of the geological project aimed at remediation of environmental burden, which present a high risk to human health and the environment. The aim of the geological task is to ensure the remediation of environmental burden Bratislava Vrakuňa - Vrakunská road dump CHZJD SK / EZ / B2 / 136th Remediation of environmental burden will be carried out by isolation of pollution and remediation of contaminated groundwater. It is a combination of passive and active clean-up work. The main objective of passive remediation action is the conclusion of the waste on-site, the main objective of active clean-up work is the removal of intense groundwater contamination in the vicinity of the landfill and necessary to remove contaminated water from the enclosed space underground sealing wall.

Dump containment of the parties will take the underground sealing wall with a length of 2,080 m with an estimated depth of about 22.0 mA thickness of the sealing walls 800 mm. Transmission factor of a containment wall must be at min. CF = 1 x 10-8 ms-1. The isolation of the surface of the landfill is carried out by means of a horizontal barrier layer fabricated by combining bentonite grout and films of high density polyethylene (HDPE) in the range of about 49 890 m2 area. Part of the redevelopment of the additional geological survey of environmental remediation and monitoring posanačný.

Computer equipment and supplies

Železnice Slovenskej republiky, Bratislava v skrátenej forme „ŽSR“ | Published February 4, 2017
30200000, 32424000, 30210000, 30211400, 30211500, 30230000, 30232700, 30233100, 30233141, 30236000, 31000000, 32413100, 32561000, 38000000, 48000000, 48219500, 48730000, 48820000, 48821000, 60000000, 71600000, 72590000, 72600000

Object of the contract is to carry out selection of a supplier of goods or services: Communication services infrastructure telematics railway station, which includes the development and modernization of existing infrastructure, as well as increased levels of security operation of information technologies ( "IT") systems and infrastructure with the needs of the contracting authority horizon 4 years:

It is a mixed contract which is the main subject of the supply of goods (hardware and software), where the successful tenderer (prospective seller) provided according to the Annex to Chapter B. Description of the object of the contract Technical Specifications (item individual components of goods and services), including the so-called. "Upgrade" - as the extension of other components for the specific type and so on. according to the operational needs of the contracting authority and at the same time (next maker of the work) to ensure handover of the works that will be carried out through the procedure of acceptance and validation.

The contract is:

delivery network components, network software management, SAN components, storage arrays, servers, software-extension of the existing environment, DWDM components, firewalls and other security elements of network infrastructure, software and related licenses, installation and configuration services related to installing and configuring components and software parts of the server, storage and network infrastructure.

Services Service support and Annex operation of the client workstation helpdesk, training and support services that result from individual solutions to specific projects and upgrading infrastructure such as. acceptance testing of equipment in service (Annex of this chapter Guarantees way perform warranty service, and contractual penalties).

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