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IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Plinovodi d.o.o. | Published December 3, 2016  -  Deadline January 5, 2017

Object of the contract is a comprehensive maintenance and support for the use of business information system for a period of 4 years from the entry into force of the Treaty.

The client is the transmission system operator of natural gas in Slovenia. In its business environment using a complex business information system (PIS), which is the successful operation of the client is very important. It consists of hardware and software. Hardware volume servers, disk array, system backup and data storage, network and communications equipment. The core system software represents a virtual environment in which they are installed virtual servers on which they run almost all the servers with different information systems and applications, which represent the ISP as a whole. In addition to the location of company headquarters in Ljubljana ICR also includes specific information systems and applications to be used in locations of maintenance centers and compressor stations.

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