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Forestry services

Skarb Państwa, Państwowe Gospodarstwo Leśne, Lasy Państwowe, Nadleśnictwo Rudka | Published November 21, 2015  -  Deadline December 15, 2015

The contract is forest services in 2016. Forest District Rudka according to the description of the object of the contract constituting (Appendix 1 hereto) to the ToR, including work in the field of silviculture, forest protection, harvesting, incidental use other forestry services, as well as works on the production of seedlings of forest trees and ornamental plants. CPV code: 77200000-2; Before drawing up the Protocol receipt of work, in case of irregularities involving damage to trees, soil or objects valuable natural or cultural, forester with the Contractor shall draw up a "protocol reception area" (Appendix 7 hereto). The Employer may reduce the scope of the tasks in the following cases: - adverse weather conditions - take the legal form of protection forest area, - circumstances caused by natural disasters and natural disasters that prevent the execution of the contract and in the absence of demand for raw materials obtained. The Employer guarantees the order of 70% of the tasks specified in the order specification, for each part of the contract (right option). The remuneration logging operations in this case will be calculated according to the unit rate for obtaining 1 m3 of timber from a form of price offer submitted by the Contractor. Implementation of the contract should take place in the least intrusive and damaging the environment and, in particular, can not cause damage indicated by the Purchaser objects to be protected and remain on the surface of trees. In terms of timber harvesting is prohibited to conduct skidding trailing. The Contractor is obliged to designate any surface stations for collection of waste, refueling, changing the oil and the possession and use of sorbents absorbing oils and fuels. The contractor will be obliged to use biodegradable oil for hydraulic equipment and for lubrication of chain saws and ownership, and in the event of leakage use of oil absorbent kit devices operated within the forest. Location boards before starting work requires the consent of the competent forester. On the surfaces of post-harvesting it is prohibited to burn the residual voids (except as permitted in the Order) and other materials. This exercise shall be subject to acceptance of work on the surface. Additional conditions concerning the subject matter of the contract: The contractor will be required in particular to comply with the following regulations in the implementation of the contract. Basic legislation: 1153, as amended. d.), 1651z, as amended. d.), 1141, as amended. d.) 405 as amended. d.) 719 as amended. d.). During the execution of the contract, in addition to the laws in force in the Polish Republic, the Contractor shall be required to apply and comply with the obligations and rules arising from the following documents: - "Principles of silviculture" - introduced Decree No. 53 of the General Director of State Forests 21.11.2011 - "Instructions for forest protection" - introduced by Order No. 57 of the Director General of the State Forests 22.11.2011 - "Instructions occupational health and safety in performing basic work in forest management '- introduced Decree No. 36 of the Director General of State Forests of 20.4.2012 - "Instructions for forest fire protection" - introduced by Decree No. 54 of the Director General of the State Forests 21.11.2011 - catalog time standards for forestry introduced by Order No. 99 of the Director General of State Forests 21.11.2003 (http: //www.bedon. - Principles, criteria and standards for sustainable forest management, FSC, PEFC. (, - Ww. documents are available on the website at ( The Contractor shall be obliged to follow the implementation of the order to the following standards: Standards for raw timber: Distribution, terminology and symbols, measurement , calculating the thickness and marking, common requirements and tests, common requirements and tests, Wood is the Small, common requirements and testing Defects Inbox quality control by an alternative method. Standards and technical conditions for raw timber: - Ordinance No. 41 of the Director General of State Forests of 26.06.2014 on the introduction of technical conditions Oversized wood plywood; - Decree No. 72 of the Director General of State Forests of 09.27.2013 on the introduction of technical conditions Oversized coniferous wood; - Decree No. 74 of the Director General of State Forests of 27.9.2013 on the principles of acceptance and marketing of softwood logs wyrabianego in the organizational units of the State Forests; - Decree No. 33 of the Director General of State Forests of 17.4.2012 in
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