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Pruszcz Gdanski: provision of medical services in the field of occupational medicine to employees OT ANR in Gdansk

 | Published July 11, 2016  -  Deadline July 31, 2018
85121000, 85000000

1184, as amended.) And issued on the basis of acts, regulations and other applicable rules in this area of ​​law to employees Employer ie. Employees Regional Branch of the Agricultural Property Agency in Gdansk and others led by the Employer, hereinafter referred to as directed and perform other activities provided in the agreement, which is attached as appendix 9 to the SETC. 1 shall exercise preventive health care directed, including in particular: 1) the performance of preliminary tests, periodic and control for employees in positions: administrative office, administrative office not professionally managing official vehicle; professional driver (car) and an employee of economic, 2) the performance of psychological tests for employees directing cars missions professional or administrative office not professionally managing official vehicle 3) the issuance of medical certificates for the purposes provided for in the Labour Code and the regulations issued on its basis, 4) Research consultation, including specialist resulting from the specifics of the competition (including neurological, ophthalmic, ENT, psychological), as well as any necessary diagnostic tests prescribed by a doctor of occupational medicine, which form part of preventive examinations, 5) assessment of the possibility of work taking into account the health and hazards present in the workplace, 6) conducting consultative, diagnostic and case law in the field of pathology professional and active counseling in relation to patients with occupational diseases or other illnesses associated with their work, 7) identification and evaluation of harmful and burdensome in the working environment and work practices that may have a negative impact on health, 8) organizing and providing emergency medical care in emergency diseases and accidents that have occurred in the workplace, 9) participation in the work of the Health and safety Employer. 1.3 A detailed description of the contract, the scope of services, the terms and conditions of the contract are contained in the draft agreement attached as Annex No. 9 to the SETC.
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