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Street-lighting maintenance services

Gmina Prusice | Published October 20, 2015
TAURON Dystrybucja S.A.

1) The contract is the provision by the Contractor to the Employer Services upgrades and servicing of road lighting equipment of a higher standard in the commune Prusice. 2) A detailed list of work covered by the contract contains Agreement constitutes Annex 3 to the call. 3) Object of the contract includes carrying out network maintenance and lighting equipment in a way that ensures their technical efficiency to the extent specified in Annex 3 to the Agreement, (maintenance operations). Maintenance operations will rely on: a) the hour of continuous use via the employees of the Department of Local Contractor UST52 Energy Emergency teams and enabling redress and information about the lighting network malfunction 7 days a week, 24 hours a day; b) immediately take action in emergency situations, such as: - a road traffic collision which resulted in the lighting network has been damaged, - action elements - network status endangering the environment - the failure of parts of the network which are regions of a power transformer station 20/0, 4 kV; Time to repair it will be counted as follows: - 96 hours from reporting on weekdays - 96 hours starting from the beginning of the first working day after a public holiday from work in cases where notification took place on the day immediately preceding the day off or day off working d) disposed of at its own expense, the lighting network faults caused by road traffic collisions and action elements; e) notify the Employer of the lighting network failures, the removal of which the dates specified above is impossible for reasons beyond the control of the Contractor, together with an indication of the causes and the deadline to remove defects;

Mechanical shovels, excavators and shovel loaders, and mining machinery

Gmina Prusice | Published November 25, 2017  -  Deadline January 8, 2018

The subject of the order is the delivery of a backhoe loader and accessories to the Selective Waste Collection Center in the Commune of Prusice implemented as part of the proceedings under the project. "The point of selective collection of municipal waste (PSZOK) in the municipality of Prusice" implemented within the framework of the agreement No. RPDS.04.01.00-02-0007 / 16-00 dated 28.08.2017, project no. RPDS.04.01.00-02-0007 / 16 under the Regional Operational Program for the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship 2014-2020 Priority Axis 4 Environment and Resources, Action No. 4.1 Waste Management.

Detailed description of the object of the order is enclosed in Appendix 3 to the SIWZ.


1) The Contractor will provide the warranty for the equipment provided.

2) The warranty period is from the date of signing the order acceptance report.

3) The warranty terms contained in the contract shall take precedence over the general terms of the warranty unless the terms of the warranty are more favorable to the Ordering Party.

4) Warranty period required.

The subject of the order is the delivery of a new backhoe loader year 2017 with accessories.

Minimum requirements for the subject of the order - the contracting authority accepts the submission of the offer of a backhoe loader with parameters higher or equivalent than described:

Technical parameters:

1) Wheel loader that meets the requirements of a vehicle authorized for driving on public roads in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act;

2) Diesel engine with a minimum rated power of 100 hp, without DPF particulate filter, compliant with exhaust emission standards;

3) Backhoe loader on two axles;

4) Running wheels: front and rear equal to a minimum of 28 ";

5) Front swivel, front swivel, rear swivel, crab turn mode;

6) differential lock;

7) Gearbox automatic, switchable under load, minimum 4 forward gears, minimum 4 reverse gears;

8) Minimum driving speed 35 km / h;

9) 2 independent braking systems;

10) Hydraulic system for adjusting hydraulic capacity to current demand;

11) Hydraulic system with piston pump providing constant hydraulic power;

(12) Independent rear hydraulically adjustable rear stabilizers fitted with rubber washers;

13) Front and rear mudguards, tool box, immobilizer;

14) Rear lamp covers;

15) LED warning light "beam" with the logo indicated by the ordering party.

16) Operator's cab with rotary pneumatic seat equipped with a headrest, meeting the requirements of the ROPS and FOPS protection structure, cabin noise up to 75dB;

17) Cabin equipped with heating and air conditioning;

18) Foldable side and rear windows;

19) The backhoe loader must be equipped with a factory-built GPS satellite navigation system (free 5-year subscription required);

Detailed description of the object of the order is enclosed in Appendix 3 to the SIWZ.

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