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Nowy Dwor Gdanski: Development of design documentation and exercise of executive functions and the author's supervision for investments in the project Pomorskie canoe trails - Kayaking through Żuławy

 | Published July 12, 2016  -  Deadline December 16, 2016
Pomorskie canoe trails - Kayaking through Żuławy, which includes the Municipality of Nowy Dwor Gdanski, Stegna Municipality, City of Malbork, Miłoradz Municipality, Municipality of Old Field. 290), including pełnobranżowych separate execution of the design - cost estimates (including the documentation regulations), according to the documentation of the project strategy Pomorskie canoe trails (representing 9-12 attachments hereto), together with a reconciliation of studies performed with the Employer and investors. Object of the contract is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme for Pomorskie Province for the years 2014 - 2020. The exercise of the function of an expert and the author's supervision over documentation and execution of the task based on the approved project. Prior to the development of the construction project and executive Contractor shall submit to the Employer and investors to accept two concepts (subject to approval respectively for each part of the order by the Mayor of Nowy Dwor Gdanski, mayor Stegna, Mayor of Malbork, the mayor old Pole, the mayor Miłoradz) solutions functionality - construction of platforms, landscape architecture and land development. The Contractor undertakes to make the necessary modifications in the presented concepts. The Employer has the obligation to consult the proposed design solutions with the environment canoe. The Contractor is obliged to cooperate with the Contractors realizing individual lots in order to unify the standard development infrastructure for the canoe kayak trail. These estimates will be necessary to carry out the tender procedure of the emerging contractor works on the basis of documentation made. Two concepts (which are subject to approval respectively for each part of the order by the Mayor of Nowy Dwor Gdanski, mayor Stegna, Mayor of Malbork, the mayor old Pole, the mayor Miłoradz) solutions functional - design bridges, land development, landscape architecture, 3. project architecture, 4. structural design and static calculations, 5. project land - within the planned development, 6. trade projects networks and facilities 7. inventory of green obtaining consent for possible felling, 8. geotechnical investigation of soil, 9. date background maps and updated geodetic for design purposes with interviews and industry Extract from the map of ownership (if it is necessary), 10. ZUD arrangements and arrangements concerning industry. utilities: 1. other arrangements necessary to obtain a building permit, 2. reconciliation projects connection with the owners of the network. 1129); 7. information BIOZ - in the amount of 2 complete copies by individual sectors in the form of a paper original and 2 in digital form for each part; 8. visuals projected investment plan 3D - at 1 copy in paper form and 2 copies in digital form. Purchaser in the description of the contract indicating the designation of a particular manufacturer (supplier) or a particular product, allows both products of equivalent quality parameters and handling characteristics, at least at the level of performance, the product, thus recognizing each product with the indicated parameters or better. Each such compliance solutions equivalent will be assessed during the implementation of the investment. Project documentation should be developed in the traditional form (paper) as previously detailing and electronic media recording on CD / DVD format mainstream - studies text in .pdf format with the ability to search, develop graphics in .jpg format high definition also estimates Investor and bills of quantities in a format .ath (editable). Object of the contract also includes: - the transfer of copyrights to that developed by the contractor and the project documentation it contains solutions for the contracting authority; - The statutory and author supervision (the call of the Employer and Investors); - Providing explanations and answers to any question addressed by bidders in the proceedings tender. - Participation in receptions final works. Additional information: - Designer along with the protocol by which the submission will submit a written statement that it is a complete, comprehensive, agreed between industries fully sufficient for implementing the zadania.- Any costs associated with obtaining the necessary decisions, opinions, agreements, execution of the basic map, inventory designer is responsible. - Employer and the other Investors reserve the right to regular meetings with the designer in order to detail the arrangements and monitor the progress of the project. Part 1 - Municipality of Nowy Dwor Gdanski Haven kaj
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