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Kutno: painting the facade and roof of the building and reconstruction of the surrounding district office

Powiat Kutnowski | Published July 26, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
Object of the contract includes: I. Field 1. Work fence spans of steel pillars, on the foundation (base) partly existing and partly new. Carry along the route of an old fence with a correction for straight lines ABC D. The length of the fence approximately 82 m. 2. resurfacing inner square of asphalt pavers gr. 8 cm. on the concrete base of 12 cm: the surface of approx. 220 m2. 3. Edge Concrete as a resistor surface and chodnika- approx. 30 m. 4. pavement with concrete slabs 50 x 50 - 60 m2. 5. tie the building and fence along the street with concrete slabs 35 x 35 - 30 meters. 6. barrier at the entrance gate - on the remote control - l = 3m. 7. Implementation of the lawns around 100 m2. 8. Demolition of the old pavement and sidewalks around 300 m2. The attached sketch land. II. Facade work 1. cleaning, degreasing and double painting of the roof of the main building - the color green grassy 550 m2. 2. Cleaning, repair, adjust and compensate the loss treatments and painting: the gutter and, cornices and walls on the roofs - the color of bronze, the number of nature - a set. 3. Cleaning and painting 2 x coated metal window sills, grilles, railings, handrails, gates, etc. Color brown. Number of nature. 4. Repair plaster on chimneys, cleaning and painting 2x - bright green color. Number of nature - a set. 5. Clean the external plaster on the entire facade, repair of defects, fumigation, primed and painted twice in brightly colored yellow and faults, rustication and reveal a bright green color. Number of nature - a set. 6. Repair plinths, external walls, cleaning, fumigation and painting 2 x color dark brown. Number of nature - a set. In the attached summary of the basic size and elevation drawings III. Congress garages 1. Cleaning of storm grates and regulation. 2. Milling concrete surface. 3. sprinkled and laying a layer of 4 cm asphalt fine with increased resistance to abrasion. Number of 110 m2 ..
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