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Outdoor wireless services in Sandvika

Bærum municipality | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline August 29, 2016
64220000, 32510000

Outdoor coverage for the public in Sandvika shall be established.

The system for wireless network in Sandvika shall be an independent system divided from Bærum municipality's production environment.

The system shall be based on POI (Point of Interest).

The system must have a form of authentication application.

Construction-related services

Bærum kommune | Published April 8, 2017  -  Deadline May 19, 2017
71500000, 71520000, 71530000, 71540000

This procurement is for a contract for the following roles in the project 501645 Levre school:

Builder ombudsman:

— Technical builder ombudsman,

— Safety, health and work environment coordinator, execution.

The Levre school project includes the demolition of an existing school and nursery and the construction of a new 4 parallel primary school with room for approx. 800 pupils. The project will be executed as a turnkey contract with interaction in the preliminary project phase and it is currently in the competition phase. The scheduled contract award for the contract is June 2017.

The procurement is for a contract for project follow-up in the Levre school project, including the following roles:

Builder ombudsman:

— Technical builder ombudsman,

— Safety, health and work environment coordinator, execution.

Framework agreement for the purchase of short-term psychological services

Bærum kommune | Published November 24, 2015  -  Deadline January 8, 2016
85121270, 85000000, 85300000

The purpose of the procurement is to meet the need for short-term psychological services for employees in Bærum municipality. The service is linked to the following areas: Area 1: Individual monitoring of employees o This will include individual psychological assistance to individual employees by order of the service location, the HR unit or occupational health. The offer is a limited number of hours paid by the employer, and an opportunity for expansion by special agreement. Area 2: Assistance in connection with organizational development in Occupational Health o This will include assistance to the organization of the working environment or working environment surveys and possibly research on the individual place of work in the municipality. Area 3: Assistance in the development of courses, teaching and training in Occupational Health o This will include assistance in training activities in the field of psychosocial work environment and mental health or development, planning and implementation of courses and teaching assignments in the municipality. For further information see tender documents.

Wireless outdoor services in Sandvika

Bærum kommune | Published July 11, 2016  -  Deadline August 29, 2016
64220000, 32510000

There shall be established outdoor coverage to the public in Sandvika.

Wireless networks in Sandvika solution should be a standalone solution separated from Bærum municipality manufacturing environment.

Solution will be based on the POI (point of interest).

The solution must have a form of authentication.

Deviation system for Bærum kommune

Bærum kommune | Published June 16, 2016  -  Deadline August 8, 2016
48000000, 72000000, 72260000

Bærum kommune shall procure a new deviation system. The objective of the procurement is to get a process based and user-friendly deviation system that ensures the municipality captures, follows up and learns from deviations as well as assist in the development of better services and working environment. Both the municipality's employees, inhabitants, collaborating partners and suppliers should be able to register deviations through the system. The deviation system shall replace the municipality's current solution and discipline specific deviation systems.

The deviation system should facilitate the municipality's fulfilment of legal and regulatory requirements for deviation processes, and compulsory requirements for deviation processing, including the requirement in the internal control regulation, The Personal Data Act, The Health Register Act and in any other relevant legislation.

The solution shall meet all of the applicable requirements for information security set in the Personal Data Act with regulations.

The following form the basis for the procurement of the new deviation system:

— It shall be a joint solution with 2 ways to enter:

o Portal on the internet for reporting of deviation and improvement suggestions from the residents, collaborating partners, suppliers etc. (external parties).

o Form for reporting of deviations and improvement suggestions from employees as well as a solution for processing of reported deviations.

— The deviation system shall be used in all internal areas of the municipality.

— Remote access shall ensure personal information protection and that any confidential information is not compromised.

— The deviation system shall be facilitated so that deviation from an external party can be handled by the correct end-user department.

— The deviation system shall be based on market-based software that is already in use by other customers, i.e. ‘off the shelf’.

— The solution should be able to be integrated with quality systems from difference suppliers.

— The solution should support reports and statistics.

— The tenderer shall offer the necessary assistance in connection with installation, testing and training.

— The procurement includes service and maintenance of the solution.

— The solution should be installed locally in Bærum kommune. Cloud based solutions are not relevant.

Access and replacement of doors at 7 schools

Bærum kommune | Published April 28, 2015  -  Deadline May 19, 2015
42961100, 44221200, 44221210, 44221211, 44221220, 44221230, 44521110, 45421131, 45315100

Bærum Municipality Property shall procure access for a total of seven existing schools in Bærum municipality. It will be necessary to replace a large part of the existing facade doors and make adjustments for new doors. In addition to new doors will give the access control system requiring adaptation of door environment for universal design and equip / upgrade existing doors retained, for example contactless readers, electric locks and hinges. All facade doors to associate with the access control system for perimeter protection of the individual school. In addition to perimeter protection of the school is an option on selected interior doors to associate with the access control system.

Consultancy services for feasibility studies urban development and indicative plan for public spaces

Bærum kommune | Published September 29, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016
71241000, 71400000, 71410000, 73000000, 73200000, 73210000, 73220000

Bærum municipality plan environment is facing major land-use tasks including revision of the Municipal Master Plan for land management and Municipal Fornebu, studies related to the Sandvika waterfront and Lysaker hub and regulations in Sandvika- and Bekkestua area including Hamang / Industrial Way / Franzefoss, Hovik and Ballerud / Bekkestua south / Kleiv road. The missions will form the basis for further work on the development strategy for the individual areas. The purpose may be to show areas' development potential and opportunities for incremental progress over time. Through the use of feasibility studies shall planning process ensure a broad range of ideas for the use and design of the site, and contributing to a public debate. It may also be included assignments of more special character to show possible solutions for traffic / transport and or identify main challenges for implementation of technical systems. Employer also need to put in place the necessary background material for the development contracts, ie defining quality level of infrastructure, spaces, squares and other public spaces, in need of upgrading of technical infrastructure, and calculate costs for particular options. The supplier must have a close cooperation with the municipal specialist agencies and landowners. The work will eventually culminate in development agreements (cost allocation), possible implementation models and risk management. The purpose of the contract is to cover Bærum municipality's need for expertise and resources for different tasks and analyzes for future urban development. Municipal Plan area strategy is the regional plan for land use and transport to reason and hub densification will be central. All development should happen with the directives included in the Bærum will be a climate wise council.

Electronic supervision tools within environmental health

Bærum kommune | Published December 18, 2014  -  Deadline January 19, 2015

Electronic supervision tools within environmental health. The procurement shall cover the need to have an overview of supervision objects, as well as achieve a systematic planning and monitoring of audits by the chapter on environmental health in the Public Health Act.
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