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Cleaning and sanitation services

Halden Kommune | Published February 10, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017
90900000, 90910000, 90911000, 90919000

Halden municipality (hereafter called the contracting authority) would like total tenders for cleaning services for municipal buildings.

The contracting authority is Halden municipality. Halden municipality has outsourced its cleaning since 2004 — apart from cleaning in health institutions. We are now inviting tenderers to a competition for the fourth time for the assignment — however it is now split into 2 competitions.

Halden municipality has, based on the total floor area, a total of approx. 70 000 m2 that will be included in the assignment for regular cleaning. The total number of employees in Halden municipality is currently approx. 1 700 man-labour years, with approx. 2 300 employees and approx. 2 400 000 000 NOK in annual turnover.

Halden municipality has 8 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, 6 nurseries, as well as a number of large office premises and a school or the arts around the town hall block in the town centre plus approx. 20 other premises that require cleaning that are more spread in and around the town centre.

The current annual cost for this outsourced cleaning is approx. 12 000 000 NOK excluding VAT.

The contracting authority shall enter into 2 parallel, equal cleaning services contracts for Cleaning Area A and Cleaning Area B, with preferably two different tenderers.

Out of consideration to local competition, including consideration to the recruitment of cleaners and our experience of operations and security of supplies, the municipality has now chosen to split the assignment into 2 approx. equally large equal parts — with an almost identical division of the type of cleaning objects and the number of squared metres of floor area.

The contracts shall be signed for 3 years with an unilateral option for the contracting authority to extend the contract for 1+1 year.

The competition's purpose: To ensure that Halden municipality, in accordance with the current laws and regulations, achieves cost efficient and rational procurements of cleaning services that, qualitatively, shall be good enough to fulfil the general health and environment requirements for our users, employees and visitors, as well as taking care of and maintaining the quality of our buildings and rented premises. Also take the tenderer's employees' working conditions and working environment into consideration.

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