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Framework agreement for the provision of services in management and leadership development, managerial support and assistance to the organization and work environment development

Tromsø Kommune | Published March 24, 2017

Tromsø municipality wishes framework agreement for delivery of services in management and leadership development, managerial support and assistance to the organization and work environment development

ANSK-2516-16 Interaction Entreprise - ODH-Chief Danielsens House

Universitetet i Bergen | Published March 16, 2017

Principal invites with this competition for the rehabilitation of Årstadveien 21, Chief Danielsens House. The area to be rehabilitated to a more contemporary buildings is approximately 2500 m² BRA.
The building will be part of a knowledge cluster that has been established to further develop research and educational environment at the University of Bergen.

Framework agreement engineering services

Oslo kommune v/ Boligbygg Oslo KF | Published March 2, 2017

Residential Oslo KF need framework agreements for design services. They comprise all the necessary disciplines to develop a full feasibility study with cost estimate, tender documents for total and execution contracts, detailed design, applications / substrate material for all relevant public authorities, as well as coordinator for safety, health and working environment issues in the project in accordance with building regulations. This in connection with construction projects such as våtromsrehabiliteringer, facade renovation, fire precautions, takomlegging, new construction, rehabilitation, care +.

Framework agreement transport treated wood

Romerike Avfallsforedling IKS (ROAF) | Published November 1, 2017

Principal receives treated wood in the order of about 2,200 tons per year, and is classified as hazardous waste. Buyer wishes tenders for transport and disposal of this type of timber in accordance with the requirements described in Annex 1 "Specification". The acquisition also includes creosote treated wood. Principal has currently receiving treated wood on ROAF Environment Park (Skedsmo) and Aurskog-Holand recycling. We reserve the right reception location may change during the contract period. ROAF as principal will ask the supplier to have systems in place for the services provided to the minimum necessary have negative impacts on the environment and the laws and regulations on wages and working conditions are followed. The client has a need for safe transport and disposal of treated wood from recycling stations in Aurskog and Skedsmo the approved finalization. The wood is crushed, but not minced recycling stations.

Dialogue Conference - New 1-10 school in South Odal

Sør-Odal Kommune | Published October 2, 2017

South Odal Municipality will build new 1-10 school in Skarnes. In addition to the school will also be built new multi-purpose hall. It's produced a spatial and functional program for the project. In the further process with tenders municipality wants to acquire more knowledge about future-oriented and efficient solutions in the areas of climate, environment and energy solutions.
South Odal Municipality therefore invites interested architects, contractors, consultants and suppliers to supplier dialogue. Supplier Dialogue will consist of a dialogue conference and subsequent one-on-one meetings with players who want it.
Dialogue conference held Thursday March 2 at. 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 in the main hall at Macquarie. One-to-one meetings planned for week 12-13.

New school in Tvedestrand - supplier meeting / information meeting

Tvedestrand kommune | Published March 13, 2017

Tvedestrand Municipality will build new school in the center. The school should be a
modern and progressive construction and the building will appear as green with robust and durable materials, where the use of wood will be key.
It invited supplier seminar on March 28, 2017.
The aim of the meeting is to inform openly about the project while we gain the most
knowledge of what may be forward-looking solutions, both generally and specifically in the use of wood and effective climate, environment and energy solutions. We also wish to highlight the ability and interest to establish an innovation project in connection with the development.
There will be opportunity to open presentations from companies who want it. Attendance at the meeting is not a prerequisite for participation in the tender being announced later (February 2018)
See attached program (supplier seminar)

Normal Hall Storelva - Group Contract Design

Tromsø Kommune, Eiendom | Published February 28, 2017

Tromsø Municipality - Development Service invites with this competition for simplified preliminary and detailed design of a normal hall scheduled listed on Storelva at Kvaløya in Tromsø municipality.
We ask for offer engineering group which will include the following subjects: Architect, advisers for building, plumbing, electrical and automation. One of these will serve as the engineering group and will have overall responsibility for the necessary coordination between designers. The group will be supplemented with other subjects, such RIBR, RIAku, RI Energy / environment etc.
Further follow-up during the construction period up to and including one year reklamajonsbefaring takeover and any assignments on the warranty period will be activated through option.

Tananger inner harbor, quayside

Sola kommune | Published March 20, 2017

Sola will establish piers and build area Tananger inner harbor on a park regulations. It will be built two stone piers, built up a small beach, parkland and assembled activity sets. It will also be built parking lot and some pavement. Part of the work will take place under water. Is planned to start in April / May 2017. The area is part of an ancient marine environment and strict requirements for the execution of the works, and the work will help to highlight the area's quality. See further details in Section II - CONTRACT BASIS and its supplements. The contract is governed by NS 8406: 2008 Simplified Norwegian construction contract, with the changes and special contract conditions stated in Section II - CONTRACT BASIS. An agreement is concluded when the contract documents are signed by both parties.

Assessments of the consequences of phasing out the use of peat in Norway

Miljødirektoratet | Published March 24, 2017

Climate and Environment Ministry has asked the Environment Directorate to investigate consequence a partial or complete phase-out of the use of peat in Norway. The impact assessment will highlight all relevant consequences for the environment, industry and private individuals. Environment Directorate shall also explain what alternative products available today, and consider whether there will be a need for development of new substitute products, and how this could be done. In order to perform this assignment, Environment Directorate need for external assistance in obtaining information and assessments related to current Teague, existing and future replacement products and materials, and the effects of environmental (climate, biodiversity and other environmental values), industry and private individuals by phasing out the use of peat in Norway. Environment Agency will use the information and results of the subtasks to perform an economic analysis of consequences of a partial or complete phase-out of the use of peat.

Environmental survey coastal waters

Sandnes kommune | Published March 17, 2017

Environmental survey coastal waters.
The investigations are part of a long-term monitoring program to follow developments in the state of coastal water bodies with discharges from municipal wastewater and other discharges from the municipalities around Stavanger peninsula.

Environmental treatment Follum way

Alta kommune | Published March 20, 2017

In connection with the planned care center in Alta center must existing buildings, consisting of 5 buildings in Follum way, demolished and decontaminated. Against this background invites Alta municipality to an open tender competition for tear contractor.

Consulting for Climit program

Norges forskningsråd | Published September 2, 2017

Norwegian Research at the Division of Energy, Resources and Environment (ERM) invites tender procedure regarding the agreement for purchase of consulting services for Climit program. See tender documents.

Assessment of the environmental disadvantages of spread of alien freshwater fish

Miljødirektoratet | Published March 28, 2017

Occurrence and spread of alien species is an impact that in many rivers causes one today does not achieve good status in accordance with the objectives of the Water Regulations and the objectives set in the regional water management plans prepared in accordance with the Water Regulations. To find the cost-effective measures to prevent the spread of alien species will therefore be of great value. Main Objectives: The project will be through the use of economic analysis valuing environmental disadvantages of spread of alien freshwater fish. The project will examine how much resources the citizens of the community is willing to spend to avoid the spread of alien freshwater fish through the implementation of various measures. In addition, the project could be used to examine how the knowledge, behavior, risk perception influences fishermen WTP and individual groupings desire to spread alien freshwater fish.

river monitoring program

Miljødirektoratet | Published September 2, 2017

Physical disturbance, pollution from agriculture, settlement or industry may affect water quality in our rivers. Management in Norway aims to have a good water environment. Environmental monitoring is required to monitor the water quality and on obtaining information on measures necessary to achieve the goal of good water quality.

Assessment of the environmental disadvantages of the spread of invasive garden plants and associated stowaways

Miljødirektoratet | Published March 28, 2017

Although many garden plants are poorly adapted to our cold climate, so it is nevertheless more spreading from gardens, either through dumping of garden waste in nearby nature or through their spread directly from gardens and thus threaten biodiversity. Naturalizing is the main reason for the establishment of stowaways as a close second and the most important dispersal route plant imports. Main Purpose: The project will appreciate environmental impacts resulting from the spread of invasive garden plants from gardens and garden waste. The purpose is to examine how much resources the citizens of the community is willing to spend to avoid the spread of invasive garden plants and associated stowaways from gardens and garden waste in relation to various measures. In addition, the project could be used to say something knowledge, behavior, risk perception and what that influence individuals 'willingness' to spread alien garden plants.

Sluppen feasibility study

Trondheim kommune | Published December 1, 2017

Feasibility study for facilitating the development of sloop. Three parallel team will propose an urban grip sloop that shows how the area could become a future-oriented and attractive gateway to knowledge axis, Bycampus and Trondheim, while major transport challenges safeguarded for all road users in the area. The challenge is to unite functional transport solutions with a climate-friendly and diverse urban development aimed at technology and knowledge industries.
The project is a collaboration between Trondheim, NPRA, Sør-Trøndelag County Council, Environment package and R. Kjeldsberg AS.

2017/811 Acquiring operation agreement - ASTA5

Stortingets Administrasjon | Published March 15, 2017

Parliamentary administration (parliament) invites to competition in the provision of services to the operating environment. This should facilitate the Parliament's administration in an easy way to access the full use of the software Asta 5 and archive portal. The software Asta 5 is an electronic system for the registration and management of historical archives. The system offers directory features, player registration and logistics functions for archival repository. The program is set up of different modules. Parliament currently has license Asta 5 and deal with Foundation Asta on access to archives portal. Therefore, only the operation of the solution desired acquired.

Interactive displays Spetalen school

Råde Kommune | Published March 27, 2017

In connection with the construction of new Spetalen school shall Advise municipality buy new interactive displays (factory new and unused). The interactive displays to be used in primary schools, teachers and pupils, and must therefore be suitable for everyday use in such an environment. The "old" school currently has interactive displays.
We want a complete solution of screens. The interactive screens should have multitouch and widescreen. We also want a software that is easy to use for students and teachers, as well as easy to manage for ICT contacts and ICT department. Good service and service plans are important.
The offer will be delivered as a turnkey project.

Monitoring of forest in protected areas

Miljødirektoratet | Published December 3, 2017

Environment Directorate intends to conclude an agreement with Nibio on monitoring of forest in protected areas. The agreement shall be 5 years (2017-2021) and includes registration of sample plots in the field and analysis and storage of collected data. Field Registrations will be implemented in the period 2017-2021. Records of sample plots should follow Nibio (v / National Forest Inventory) its current mandate. Storing data shall be in the databases and the quality assurance procedures that apply to the storage of data from the National Forest Inventory.
The acquisition will build on the work described in the mission reports 19/2011, 14/2012 from Forest and Landscape and annual reports from monitoring current 2011-2016.

Framework agreement for purchase of company

Skedsmo kommune | Published November 3, 2017

The client wants to conclude an agreement on occupational health according to EU employers' use of approved company FOR-2009-09-10-1173.
Client shall enter into an agreement with a supplier able to deliver occupational health services in accordance with the stipulated requirements of the competition.
The purpose of the acquisition of BHT is to protect the employer's statutory obligations under the Working Environment Act § 3-3 with related regulations, as well as to facilitate the healthy and safe working conditions. The service will include all employees in Skedsmo municipality.
BHT's main focus should be directed towards preventive HSE - work.
Refine description of the principal's needs set out in Appendix 1 Requirements Specification.