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Project 710150 Demolition of tank farms, Lakselv Airport

Golder Associates AS (Norway) | Published October 24, 2016  -  Deadline April 4, 2017

NDEA Probate Estate (FBSE) shall, as part of the restructuring of the defense environment redevelop and tear / secure two tank farms in Banak in Porsanger in Finnmark. Tank plants are decommissioned and the defense has no further need for them, and they are transferred to FBSE for disposal. FBSE plan to demolish the objects. Planned start demolition is spring 2017.

The two tank farms consisting both of the pump / filter housing respectively. about. 30 m2 and 50 m2 floor area, with associated technical installations, and 2 tanks of 100 m3. Total 4 tanks.

It is for site investigations discovered contaminated soil at the two tank farms. A rough estimate suggests about 250 m3 of contaminated soil must be dug up by each of the tank farms, totaling 500 m3. It should be noted that these estimates are only estimates, when action plans are not approved by the competent authority.

Acquiring nurse call system

Drammen Kommune | Published November 29, 2016  -  Deadline January 5, 2017

2.1 Introduction

The portable devices for patient and employee must be user friendly and easy to carry.

Patient Alert system must be tested and commissioned in other municipalities / institutions at least one year.

Commencement of contract immediately after signing and patient notification systems to be delivered in 2017.

These abbreviations are used in the document:

Residence and service (nursing) (BSS)

Patient Notification System (PVS)

2.2 Challenges

Today, 98% of patients in BSS dementia / cognitive impairment and in addition we know that at least half of all people with dementia / cognitive impairment live in their own homes.

When the municipality shall procure new PVS is a desire to think innovatively so that municipalities receive systems for warning and localization technology with various types of sensors for use in both the BSS and in communities.

2.3 topical program

PVS will be integrated with Gerica.

2.4 The purpose of the acquisition

1. Greater safety and security of patients, relatives and staff

2. Increased opportunities for contact between patients and staff

3. Increased self-efficacy, quality of life and freedom

4. Improved quality of services

5. Better working environment for its employees

6. The efficiency of nursing and care

7. Fewer incidents and accidents

8. Preventing disability and damage

2.5 Background to the acquisition

The provision applies to patient notification system to the following institutions:

25 residential units.

Telephone system was set up so a period when Mountain BSS was privately run.

Strømsø residence and service has pr. today 3 branches in operation and a department that stands empty, pr. today there are 39 seats, but with the closed area is the 45 patient rooms, with space for 46 patients.

6 people, but is closed pr. Today.

This is very critical when a department stands empty at night and we have to keep track if someone goes out at night.

The infrastructure is not optimal and is not quite fully developed.

The three institutions are in need of a PVS which in addition to notification of patient also can be linked to including fire alarms and other alarms such. fall- and epilepsy alarms, warning of risk situations as well as a facility that can provide cognitive support to patients.

It will cover a need for notification which is tailored to the individual patient's level of functioning and meet the personnel requirements for notification in a twenty-four hour service.

2.6 scope of the procurement

A complete PVS includes all installation, implementation, testing, documentation, training, operation, management and administration of patient alert system that will safeguard the active patient notification, it is:

1. Server / communication

2. Patient Unit

3. Personnel Unit

4. Infrastructure (communication devices)

The technology offered to work around the clock every day of the year.

The table below shows the size of each institution:


number watchroom


number of patients

Guest lounges / common areas

employees **

mountain BSS






Strømsø BSS

3 (4)

3 (4)

39 (46) + (4)

12 (2)

11 (14)

Schwartzgt. shared accommodation


1 (2 floors)

16, (20 but 4 rooms can take 2 patients)



** This is the number of jobs in care during the day which is indicative of the number of handheld devices.

2.7 General requirements for patient notification system

2.7.1 General

There is a need for a standardized system for all institutions and communities.

That there must be an opportunity to tie alerts to the individual patient's identity.

2.7.2 The patient at the center

Patient functioning and needs to be guiding principles for technology allocated to each individual.

2.7.3 Employees

It is important that employees experience a comprehensive and effective communication solution.

Notification of need for assistance from the staff shall be made on equipment that is portable (mobile terminals such. Smart phone, tablet, etc.).

Employees can receive notification from the patient regardless of where both parties are located.

2.7.4 Receipt, handling and logging of alerts

There will be notification of the need for urgent care, medical alerts, assistance alert, event notifications, technical alerts and notifications of appointments and daily tasks.

2.7.5 Voice communication

Two-way talks will be a supplement to both active and passive notification activities.

Alerts precedence calls.

2.7.6 Access

Access must be seen in connection with the localization of employee
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