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Construction work

Bergen Kommune, Bymiljøetaten | Published January 7, 2017  -  Deadline February 6, 2017

The contract is for covering the polluted seabed in Puddefjorden, Bergen municipality and for covering the polluted seabed in Kollevågen, Askøy municipality, as well as work on land to raise the current terrain level by approx. 0.5 m and work on the littoral zone to improve erosion protection in the wave zone in Kollevågen.

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A cleaner Puddefjord.

The seabed in Puddefjord is heavily polluted by environmental toxins equivalent to condition class V in accordance with the Norwegian Environment Agency's condition classes for sediment (3) for a number of heavy metals and organic environmental toxins.

The main aim of the measure in Puddefjord is to reduce the spread of the pollution from the seabed to the outer fjord system. The pollution, which will not be removed, is to be isolated under clean matter.

Bergen municipality (BK) shall carry out measures in the innermost and shallowest parts of Puddefjorden, a total of approx. 450 decares.

The main activities of the measure are:

— Removing junk from the seabed,

— Dredging and relocating polluted sediments in minor areas in order to maintain a sailing depth,

— Establishing a covering layer that isolates the environmental toxins and gives a new clean seabed,

— Securing a covering layer against erosion.

Environmental measures Kollevåg.

The work includes covering with TBM matter in 4 sub-areas in the sea, as well as improving and protecting the littoral zone from erosion on the west side of the area. In addition some work is planned on the fillings' land areas in order to improve the operation of the leisure area. This work mainly includes raising the terrain level of the waste filling land areas, raising the footpath between the 2 fillings in the west of the area, as well as opening a stream in Vestrevågen and establishing an access road between fillings 3 and 4. See annex 3 Orientation for further information.


Høgskolen i Bergen | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline February 2, 2017

The procurement will ensure a common framework for furniture for the new University College in Western Norway.

The agreement includes the following furniture groups:

- Office and board furniture

- Teaching / reading room furniture incl. Boards / whiteboards

- Environment Furniture incl canteen furniture and outdoor furniture

- Option: Foiling / frosting, shading, curtains

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