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Major projects Town Package Grenland: National road 36 Skyggestein -Skjelbredstrand

Statens vegvesen Region sør [the Norwegian Public Roads Administration Southern Region] | Published September 9, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016

National road 36 Skyggestein — Skjelbredstrand is a part of the Town Package Grenland phase 1. The project is fully financed by the government.

The project's extent:

— 3,5 km new 3 lane H5 road, through forest (which has been cut down) and cultural landscape.

— 1,6 km improvements to an existing road as well as the construction of a new foot and cycle path from Geiteryggen and further along county road 353.

— 8 concrete constructions. 3 bridges (240 m, 126 m and 80 m), 2 environment tunnels (90 m and 30 m), one foot/cycle path culvert and two stream culverts.

— 2 roundabouts shall be constructed, 2 T-junctions and 1 X-junction.

— As well as minor alterations and alterations to the existing road network.

Labour initiative Training (AMO) - Establishes Course

NAV Aust-Agder | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline November 11, 2016

Excerpt from the specifications:

NAV want a training in two modules where all complete Part 1. Those who are ready to go ahead continues with Part 2.

1. Introduction Module 1 - business establishment

Supplier shall provide training / guidance in the following disciplines tailored to each participant's needs:

• Business concept

• Reality Orientation

• networking and workgroups

• What does it take to become an established

• Information Guide ifbm own business.

• Achievement and sales

• Budget / Economy

Individually race with average 14-day course period per participant.

2. Advanced Course Module 2 - Established.

Supplier shall provide training / guidance in the following disciplines tailored to each participant's needs:

• Industry Professional evaluation

• Choice of corporate form

• Advising business environment / network

• Preparing a business

• Individual legal guidance

Individually race with average 3 week course period per participant.

The offer shall specify a total price of modules through a calendar year by an average of 6 participants in individual races.

The package price shall include the necessary training and supervision including the necessary teaching materials.

Municipal and environmental impact assessment for Rv. 23 Linne - E18 - Lian Hill

Statens vegvesen Region sør | Published September 26, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016

Today's RV. 23 is a national road that connects E6 in Akershus with E18 in Buskerud and relieves Oslo for through traffic. Regionally, the road is an important link between Drammen and several towns in Hurum. The road has been under design, construction and remediation after Parliament adopted the development of Oslofjord cables in 1996.

Existing RV. 23 between Linne and Kjellstad not satisfy the applicable requirements of highway with the current traffic volume. Neither road width, curvature, exits, intersections or speed limit is satisfactory. Local traffic and through traffic creates environmental and traffic problems for those living along the stretch.

In 2007, the municipal main road system for outer Lier adopted. The municipal sector plan recommended pathways for RV. 23 from Linne via Amtmannsvingen to E18, with full cross by Lierstranda / Beach bridge. This is now rejected and one should look for a solution where rv. 23 recognized more directly to E18 from Linne and the possible tunnel portal in Lian Hill.

NPRA wants to start up municipal work for new RV. 23 on the stretch Linne - E18 - Lian Hill. New RV. 23 should be planned as four-lane road. Purpose development plan is to get adopted a vegkorridor and cross positioning for the stretch from Linne to cross with E18 and continue to tunnel portal in Lian Hill.

There are several major studies while working near the planning area. Plans fjord city on Lierstranda, Vestre Viken planning new regional hospital at Brakerøya and Rail Administration is studying the possibility of closure of Brakerøya and Lier station in favor of a new station at Lierstanda.

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