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RDW | Published February 10, 2017

The market consultation is carried out with the main objective to collect information as input for decision-making about starting a European tender for the home delivery of the license card.

RDW publish market consultation on the procurement platform and public national publication site This publication invites the RDW you to give input to this market consultation.

RDW determines whether the results of this market consultation be used as input for the European tender.

The Road Transport (hereinafter RDW) is an independent administrative body in the Netherlands, including the task of "the issue of license cards." After issuing the municipalities currently responsible for issuing the driving license cards to the license holder.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands is exploring, in addition to the current agreements between I & M and municipalities for home delivery, the RDW to award the contract to directly deliver the driving license cards on a specified by the license holder (home) address. The decision on this is expected in the spring of 2017. The RDW wants to gather requirements to efficiently address this distribution process of license cards without compromising the safety and reliable identification of the license holder. It opted for a public market consultation.

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