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Engineering services

Rijkswaterstaat Programma's Projecten en Onderhoud | Published October 8, 2016  -  Deadline November 29, 2016

Because the flow of the A15 on the route Papendrecht Sliedrecht-stagnant during peak periods also occur at the road network bottlenecks. Drechtsteden the region and the province of South Holland conducted a survey on the problems in this process, and the government, the province of South Holland and Drechtsteden region have agreed to take action.

The chosen solution consists of:

- On the north lane of the A15 between terminals Sliedrecht Papendrecht-West and the construction of a shed with shoulder;

- On the southern runway of the A15 between terminals Papendrecht and Sliedrecht-East the construction of a permanent third lane. The existing express lane between Papendrecht and Sliedrecht-West lapsed this.

DG-RWS has to RWS West Netherlands South commissioned the plan development for the capacity expansion of the A15 Papendrecht - Sliedrecht.

This has resulted in the present specification.

Goal project:

For the realization of the project is determined by the Minister of Infrastructure and Environment Route Decision necessary. The condensed tracéwetprocedure applies to this project. It is assumed that the capacity expansion of the A15 is EIA assessment requirement.

Should the EIA assessment prove the existence of significant adverse effects on the environment then this may give rise yet to prepare an EIS. In this tender specification is not expected here.

The Route Decision indicates which the Minister has decided and why it is so decided. It also serves as the basis for implementing permits, exemptions, orders or consents.

Housing services

Rijkswaterstaat Programma's Projecten en Onderhoud | Published October 11, 2016  -  Deadline November 16, 2016

The contracting authority draws up a plot available when the temporary housing of users should be realized at the locks, where much importance to a careful handling of the environment is attached - especially considering the interface with the locks. This is reflected by means of the EMVI criteria.

In addition, the entire fit-for-use shall be delivered: completely finished, operational and ready for use.

At this point, no concessions are possible.

Plan Requirements, together with the Tender Documents, describes the general performance requirements to meet the housing and infrastructure. Also, general requirements included such appearance, reliability and relevant documents.

The utilities are made available by contracting authority. The connections to these utilities are for the Contractor. After use, the contractor must deliver on the plot back in the condition it was originally made available.

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