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Educational software package

Tilburg University | Published March 21, 2017  -  Deadline May 1, 2017

Market players are invited to make an offer for:

The delivery of software as a service that focuses on summative and formative digital testing that supports the entire test cycle, ie at least button design, test construction, test taking, test correction, psychometric analysis of the results and inspection.

The hosting and management (technical management and technical application, backup and restore) of this software.

Supporting the implementation at Tilburg University, including in the form of furnishing advice, training of managers, key users and teachers.

The scope of the contract includes:

1. Application:

- Installation, maintenance and management of the software;

- Testing and implementing updates, upgrades and new versions;

- Provide and maintain a representative acceptance environment.

2. Technical management (physical hosting and housing).

3. Support with problems and questions in the form of technical and functional support to staff of the client.

4. Automatic backup and restore of the database.

5. Take care to indicate correct filing during the by client retention and anonymisation of personal data after the expiry of this period.

6. Technical implementation of the software, which includes:

- Request URL;

- Create and organize production server;

- Initial technical designing software;

- Commissioning database backup procedures;

- Equipped with user interface "look and feel" of corporate client.

7. Training of about 2 functional managers and 12 key users.

8. Documentation and manuals (digital and online) available in Dutch and English.

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