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Data network management and support services

Stichting Librijn Openbaar Onderwijs | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017

ICT network and learning and work environment.

11 schools spread across 15 locations and the administrative office.

Information technology services

Rijkswaterstaat Centrale Informatievoorziening | Published April 14, 2017
72222300, 71600000, 72220000, 71300000, 72212960

Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) needs to purchase services relating to better organize the specific and thorough knowledge of industrial automation (IA below).

This market consultation in preparation for the planned tender for a framework contract for the supply of IA services.

RWS attaches great importance to the views of market participants and to involve them early and running before the contract starts.

The agreement is to establish a framework agreement (ROK-IA) for non-core functions, in addition to the existing contract landscape and targeted to specific services in the field of IA. RWS thereby applies for IA the following practical view (definition):

Industrial automation in RWS:

- … ensures:

o gathering of information about the current state of the physical environment (e.g. loop), and / or

o change state physical environment (e.g. bridge deck, lock-door), and / or

o presenting information to physical o ...


IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Rijkswaterstaat Centrale Informatievoorziening | Published April 12, 2017

Rijkswaterstaat is the executive arm of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. In the Rijkswaterstaat organization is the Central Information Services (CIV), one of rural services, in addition to 6 regional offices. CIV directs and facilitates the creation, maintenance and development of the information for the whole of Rijkswaterstaat. The CIV provides data and information (systems), providing advice and guidance and ensures the centralization of industrial automation. The CIV is responsible for office services, telephony, hardware, networks and connections.

The IRN / INFRA department of the CIV is responsible for the cost-effective design within the frameworks and guidelines, (to) create, manage and control or securing specific and generic ICT, including ICT infrastructure, supporting the primary process.

Within the ICT infrastructure is increasingly made use of ...


Supply services of personnel including temporary staff

Gemeente Delft p/a Het NIC | Published September 14, 2016  -  Deadline September 9, 2017

Contracting authority has regular staffing needs with feature grade 9 or higher, and therefore would like to get in touch with a large number of entrepreneurs in various fields. To this end, contracting authority Dynamic purchasing system for the hiring of external staff from salary scale 9. The hiring of temporary employees under salary scale 9 (scale 1 to 8) falls in principle outside the scope of the DAS.

City of Delft has chosen the hiring of eight (8) different categories to divide, namely:

- Category 1: interim management, organizational and advice,

- Category 2: ICT / information provision,

- Category 3: communication / Legal / HR,

- Category 4: social objective,

- Category 5: finance,

- Category 6: project management and project management,

- Category 7: planning / nature / environment,

- Category 8: specialist functions.

Tenderers may on one or multiple categories apply for admission.

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