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Construction work

Gemeente Amsterdam, Ingenieursbureau | Published January 21, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017
45000000, 45211350, 45300000, 71540000

Lot 3 rebuilding city hall - entrance hall and political administrative part

Beginning in 2016 began the large-scale renovation of the city hall of municipality of Amsterdam. In January 2017 the tender will start for the third and perhaps most prestigious of 4 subprojects (plots): entrance hall and political-administrative part.

The renovation of the City Hall aims to improve the experience and living environment for guest and user. This is not just about nice and climatically well conditioned rooms. This is also about the experience of hospitality: a good welcome to visitors, officers, directors, council and committee room and Town Loket. "An open and welcoming city hall" is the credo that underlies the renovation and the project entrance hall and political-administrative part is the backbone of this.

The scope of the pay to work broadly comprises the following components:

- The reorganization and renewal of the public entrance of the Town Hall;

- The construction of a civic representative / committee room and two smaller multipurpose rooms;

- The construction of a public plaza at the council chamber on the first floor;

- Modifications to the council, public access and surrounding areas;

- The renovation of various offices on the first floor to the working environment of political groups and the council Registry;

- The construction of a conference center with flexible workstations that will work in times of crisis or major events as the Regional Crisis Center;

- The conversion of a portion of the second floor to administration wing: the working environment of mayor and cabinet of councilors and staff, a new lecture room and a representative reception and waiting area for all visitors (from ministers to ordinary Amsterdammers).

Telephone switchboard services

Stichting Autoriteit Financiële Markten | Published January 17, 2017  -  Deadline February 23, 2017

The AFM wishes to select this tender one supplier that can meet the needs on the telephone, on the basis of the assessment best price-performance ratio in accordance with the wishes and specifications of the AFM.

The value of acquiring job is estimated based on the cost of the current solution over the past two years. Current expenditure can only partly be taken as an indication as to the desired solution may differ materially from the current setup. In addition to spending in the past has held a slight canvassing on a pricing model that uses a potential supplier.

Therefore, the estimated volume of the contract is estimated at 000 100 EUR to EUR 200 000 per year and possible implementation costs of EUR 50 000. The duration of the contract and therefore the contract will be 5 years. Here the aim is to capture the lowest possible total cost of ownership for which flexibility in terms of user (scaling) and technology is ensured. The division between the annual cost and implementation cost is not fixed, this is an estimate. The point is that making deals Bidders clear distinction between the non-recurring costs and the costs that will come back every year. Over the period of five years, the turnover is therefore between approximately EUR 400 000 and approximately 1.2 million excl. VAT. This amount covers all components, such as one-off costs (eg implementation costs, or costs for hardware, establishment of a cloud environment), monthly recurring costs (eg running).

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