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Digital Learning Environment - Police Academy

Politieacademie | Published October 11, 2016  -  Deadline November 25, 2016
European public tender for the purchase of a digital learning environment for the benefit of the Police Academy.

Management and development of ERTMS Academy - Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu | Published September 27, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016
The subject of this European tender relates to the management and development of ERTMS Academy. For the benefit of ERTMS Pilot Amsterdam-Utrecht founded a ERTMS Academy on September 1, 2013 to train drivers for driving under the ERTMS Dual Signaling. ERTMS Academy has ensured the development of learning materials produced from the Pilot Amsterdam-Utrecht. ERTMS Academy facilities include simulators where drivers can work on driving under the ERTMS. After completing the Pilot Amsterdam-Utrecht have training and examination bodies made use of the facilities and teaching resources of the ERTMS Academy. By 2015, all assets that form the ERTMS Academy part (hereinafter the "Assets") formally transferred to the Ministry of Infrastructure. Given the importance of the sector and the growing need for ERTMS, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment decided to maintain currently available ERTMS Academy's assets for the rail sector. It is the financial and operational management of these assets by the Ministry of Infrastructure temporarily assigned to the Program ERTMS. The desire of the users of the ERTMS Academy is not only to continue the ERTMS Academy's activities, but also to develop into a knowledge center.

31121807 Cooperation Promotion initiatives introduction support environmental code (114) - Rijkswaterstaat Water, Transport and Environment

Rijkswaterstaat Water, Verkeer en Leefomgeving | Published August 16, 2016  -  Deadline November 25, 2016
Headline-live Working together support practical initiatives Many governments, businesses and residents took up the gauntlet and believes it is important to gain experience with the environmental code. From August 16 2016 sets the program started with the environmental code knowledge budget and budget available to support this practice initiatives. Several initiatives support initiatives qualify for support. Think of initiatives that are working on the goals of the environmental code, such as speeding up the licensing, improve the environment information, participation, integral work and administrative decision-making space. We do this by offering the following: • We put knowledge through a group of experts who can invoke governments. • We also make funds available (€ 10 000 max) to a coalition of several governments and companies and / or educational institutions who want to gain work experience with a particular initiative. We propose co-financing of up to 50%, the parties also submit their own funds. Criteria for participation To be eligible for support should a fuller initiative certain criteria. In summary: • the initiative should contribute to the goals of the program Getting Started with the environmental code, • work together to (learn to) use of the law and work towards the goals of the law, • the initiative is to about thanks to a coalition (of various governments, educational institutions, industries), • there is co-financing (if there is only requested expert knowledge), • own initiative should provide learning and attention, they will be short and powerful feedback. Read all criteria after the fact sheet together to work. Register Submit your initiative until December 31, 2016 on the registration form.

MARKET CONSULTATION behalf of Nationwide Framework Legal Capacity - Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu | Published September 27, 2016
This is an announcement for a MARKET CONSULTATION on Category Legal Capacity. Within the purchasing operations center of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (I & M) team Category Management is active. Team works Rijksbreed (framework agreements under become Category Management closed the entire central government) and focuses on the "Interim management (and organizational advice)", "Financial advice", "Audit Services", "Buying Advice" and "legal capacity" . In time, put the Category Legal Capacity one or more tender (s) in the market. We would like to utilize this knowledge in and out of the market in order to strengthen our category content and keep up-to-date. We do this through a supplier advisory forum. The vendors in this forum we focused approach with questions on which they make their thoughts and wishes to share with us. Topics may include: market, freelancers, profiles, grading, billing etc. This "approach focused" can be a one-on-one conversations with multiple vendors simultaneously, by mail or meetings. It depends on the subject or the stage of the thought process. We explicitly state that it is a no-obligation consultation, without the need for (mutual) obligations associated with. Suppliers specifically about legal capacity to think us, we like to receive a reply with contact information in the address We expect to be able to address the issues first few weeks / months. We would like to note that we have the information we receive will be treated commercially confidential. You can register until April 21 leading vendors for advice forum.

Scheme removal accidental substances environment service Southeast Brabant - Setting Service Southeast Brabant

Omgevingsdienst Zuidoost-Brabant | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 17, 2016
The framework consists of the hazardous substances in a responsible manner arising from emergencies or unattended encountered in discharging the public space and temporary store pending further processing. The RVCS-ODZOB by the Environment Department Southeast Brabant (hereinafter ODZOB) manages on behalf of the 21 member municipalities: Asten, Bergeijk, Best, Bladel, Cranendonck, Deurne, Eersel, Eindhoven, Geldrop-Mierlo, Gemert-Bakel, Heeze-Leende, Helmond, Laarbeek, Nuenen ca, Oirschot, Reusel-De Mierden, Someren, Son en Breugel, Valkenswaard, Veldhoven and Waalre. The agreement is valid for a minimum period of 2 years and a maximum of 4 years. The effective date of the agreement is January 1, 2017.

LC-QDA - National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline November 17, 2016
The replacement of two HPLC systems by a UPLC. The need for the new instrument with an additional option, a (simple) to use mass detector. The specific documents for this tender can be found via the questionnaires. The NVWA monitors the health of animals and plants, animal welfare and the safety of food and consumer products, and maintains the natural law. NVWA consists of seven parts: five divisions, a staff management and Office for Risk Assessment and research programming. The organization is headed by an Inspector General. He, together with the deputy. Inspector General and the Directors of the Board of Directors of the NVWA. More about the NVWA visit Category Management Link:

Intention to give Knowledge Development Centre (KDC) - Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu | Published October 25, 2016  -  Deadline November 15, 2016
Dit betreft een publicatie tot voornemen om een 5 jarig overeenkomst te gunnen aan het Knowledge Development Centre. Doelstelling van de activiteiten: Verrichten en laten uitvoeren van een meerjaren onderzoeksprogramma, gericht op het vinden van waardevolle en innovatieve oplossingen voor de duurzame ontwikkeling van de Mainport Schiphol, voornamelijk in de hogere Technology Readyness Levels van ontwikkeling. Het betreft de technisch operationele luchtvaartprocessen met bijbehorend equipment, die plaatsvinden aan de luchtzijde van de luchthaven. In lijn met het innovatiebeleid van de overheid is gekozen voor een samenwerking tussen overheid en sectorpartijen aan welke samenwerking vorm wordt gegeven in de onderhavige overeenkomst, Hierdoor worden ook relevante kennisorganisaties betrokken bij de innovatie van de luchthaven Schiphol. De onderzoeken geven uitvoering aan het overheidsbeleid betreffende ontwikkeling van Schiphol, gericht op de implementatie van o.a. het EU programma Single European Sky, de verhoging van de veiligheid, het verminderen van nadelige milieueffecten, de vergroting van capaciteit en het behalen van kostenefficiency, ten behoeve van de bereikbaarheid van Nederland door de lucht. De onderzoeken zijn met name gericht op de luchtzijdige ontwikkelingen inclusief de grondoperatie op Schiphol. De voorstellen voor onderzoekopdrachten worden door de Stichting Knowledge Development Centre geïnitieerd en uitgewerkt tot een projectplan, waarbij de relevante luchtvaartorganisaties moeten deelnemen aan het onderzoek. Daarnaast nemen veelal één of meer kennisorganisaties deel aan het onderzoek. Deze betrokkenheid van op Schiphol opererende luchtvaartorganisaties is essentieel om aansluiting te garanderen met de bestaande operationele praktijk. Projecten met veelbelovende resultaten worden geïmplementeerd door de desbetreffende organisaties. De werkwijzen van andere organisaties moeten daarop aangepast kunnen worden. Onderzoeken worden waar nodig in samenwerking met overheden, universiteiten en kennisorganisaties verricht zowel op nationaal, Europees als internationaal niveau, zodat de meest actuele stand van de techniek en wetenschap kan worden ingebracht in de onderzoeken en de daaruit voortkomende oplossingen. Bij de gunning van opdrachten aan partijen wordt door de Stichting Knowledge Development Centre de principes toegepast van de EU-aanbestedingsregels, zodat de meest passende partij(en) de werkzaamheden uitvoeren, zowel qua prijs als kwaliteit van het geleverde. De werkzaamheden worden uitgevoerd op basis van brede en relevante internationale ervaring en inzicht in de desbetreffende vraagstukken. Voorts is een sterke strategische en internationale oriëntatie nodig en het vermogen om te gaan met politiek gevoelige zaken. De oplossingen houden rekening met de complexiteit en het multidisciplinaire karakter van de problemen. Er wordt onafhankelijk en onbevooroordeeld omgegaan met tegengestelde belangen, procesinrichting, dan wel voorgestelde onderzoeksaanpakken, leveringstermijn, prijs en inzichtelijkheid van onderbouwing en aan ieder criterium wordt een bepaald gewicht toegekend. Reacties mogelijk tot 15 november 12:00 uur.

Market consultation: National Water Model - Rijkswaterstaat Water, Transport and Environment

Rijkswaterstaat Water, Verkeer en Leefomgeving | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline October 28, 2016
The National Water Model shows provides insight into the flood, fresh water distribution and water quality in the Netherlands. For now and in the future. The model is the result of collaboration between different authorities and research institutes. The parties involved are DG Space and Water, RWS, STOWA / water authorities, PBL, Staff Delta Commissioner and RIVM. The development is in the hands of Deltares and Alterra (water quality). The model is one of the research lines of the National Knowledge and Innovation for Water and Climate (NKWK). The ambition is to strengthen cooperation between market-research institutes-government. Goal During the meeting, we'd talk about our ambitions and ideas. We challenge the business community to discuss what can bring the market. Involvement is possible in all areas, think of the development of the application, underlying models or clever continuation applications in the final results. Outcome of the meeting is a joint picture of the possibilities and impossibilities.

ICP-MS system for RWS - National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) | Published August 10, 2016  -  Deadline July 20, 2018
The aim of the tender is to select legitimately the best qualified supplier to enter into an agreement for the supply of an ICP - MS system for Rijkswaterstaat CIV. The requested system relates to an inductively coupled plasma (ICP), combined with a mass spectrometer (MS). The scope of the contract for the purchase of one system with associated services.

Technical management / hosting / development by Peridos - National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) | Published September 12, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
The IUC-RIVM intends to conclude an agreement for the technical management, hosting and development of the Peridos application. Peridos the national database for the purpose of prenatal screening for Down syndrome and SEO. More background information is described in the descriptive document what has been added to this tender.

Multiplex assay and tandem MS equipment - National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) | Published October 6, 2016  -  Deadline December 12, 2016
European tender for the supply of an automated and validated solution, consisting of multiplex assay and tandem MS including hardware, software and services, blood tests for the benefit of the neonatal heel prick screening

Chemicals and Laboratory Products behalf of NFI - National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) | Published October 10, 2016  -  Deadline November 21, 2016
The aim of the tender is to select legitimately the best qualified suppliers for each parcel with a minimum of three parties to enter into a framework agreement for the supply of the product range of chemicals and labware that meets the needs of the Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI). The NFI is an agency of the Ministry of Security and Justice and belongs to the Directorate-General for Justice and Law Enforcement. The NFI strives to be the most innovative and customer-oriented provider of forensic products and services, aiming to provide reliable information from tracks national and international organizations working for peace, justice and security. The NFI is continuously working on the development of new forensic products and services. Thus, the NFI helps to strengthen the information position of customers and clients. About the NFI visit

Reconstruction environment Montfoort Avenue in Hazerswoude-Dorp - Alphen aan den Rijn

Gemeente Alphen aan den Rijn | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline November 4, 2016
The contract includes outlines the replacement of sewers, replenishing the sewer trench and the substrate with light-weight materials, reconstructing the pavement, green, and all the other elements in the public space. The paving and drainage be returned to the ori-conventional construction level. The area covers an area of ​​approximately 9700 m2 and includes the Rev. DA of the Boschstraat, the Lindelaan, Knight Montfoort Avenue, the Rechthuisstraat, part of the Village Street and a portion of the Old Gemeneweg, including the adjacent public area in the core Hazerswoude-Dorp. A particular aspect is also that the transfer / raising of utility provisions has run simultaneously with the work of the civil contractor and civil to-taker should adjust to progress this. There is then a noodtracé constructed to perform faster civilian work.

Purchase of an ICP-MS system for the RIVM - National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016
Purchase of an ICP-MS system, as well as a system for Microwave RIVM

Dynamic Purchasing System for services to Knowledge Approach Spatial Development - Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

 | Published January 7, 2016  -  Deadline February 18, 2018
Options: no

High Resolution Accurate Mass FT Mass Spectrometer - National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) | Published September 29, 2016  -  Deadline November 8, 2016
The contract includes the following products and activities: the (running) to provide a High Resolution Accurate Mass FT Mass Spectrometer (LC-HRAM-FTMS); (Possible) maintenance of the same, and the giving of user instructions and training (s). The tender is accompanied by Public Works on behalf of the IUC-RIVM.

31122621, Monitoring Noise, Air and Nature - Water Department of Public Works, Transport and Environment

Rijkswaterstaat Water, Verkeer en Leefomgeving | Published October 4, 2016  -  Deadline November 21, 2016
Preparation of monitoring data, annually, for the Compliance Report noise production highways, NSL PAS monitoring and updating and monitoring.

Studieverpleegkundigen supporting mensgebonden research of the Centre for Infectious Diseases and Immunology Vaccines RIVM - Rijksinstituut for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) | Published September 29, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
Study Nurses to support human subjects research of the Center for Infectious Diseases and Immunology Vaccines RIVM

31122670: outsourcing Traffic management and support Environment Management Programme walked Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere (SAA) - Large Public Works Projects and Maintenance (GPO)

Rijkswaterstaat Grote Projecten en Onderhoud (GPO) | Published October 4, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016
The assignment includes the traffic management and the support of Environmental Management within the program Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere (SAA) of Rijkswaterstaat (RWS). The core functions are not outsourced

Acquisition of a Government Aircraft - Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu

Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu | Published July 13, 2016  -  Deadline November 30, 2016
This is the public European Tender Procedure regarding the acquisition of a government aircraft by or on behalf of the State of the Netherlands (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). This assignment shall include the following main aspects: 1.	The winning tenderer shall either own, manufacture or acquire the aircraft; 2.	The winning tenderer shall convert the aircraft to be fully compliant with the specified delivery conditions on the scheduled delivery date; 3.	The winning tenderer agrees to sell and on the delivery date transfer full and unencumbered legal title to the aircraft to the contracting authority; 4.	The assignment also relates to certain support services.