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Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works

Commissario Straordinario per la progettazione, l'affidamento e la realizzazione dei lavori relativi all'adeguamento funzionale dell'impianto di depurazione di Napoli Est | Published December 8, 2016  -  Deadline January 20, 2017
By way of example and without limitation, the documents required for the preparation of the Final Design is the one indicated by the art. 33 to 43 of Regulation (DPR 207/2010), integrated by the contents referred to in Title II Chapter I Section III of the same Regulation, referring to the final design, including that relating to safety coordination during design. 

163/2006), prepared by the Campania Region, it comes with soil tests and geotechnical assessments and plumbing. There was also the availability of public network services and check the mode of connection of the natural gas.

The black average flow (QMN) is estimated at 7190 m³ / h in relation to the population equivalent of 862,875 units, the coefficient of influx into the sewer and water budget of 0.80 to 250 l / (ab * d).

The purification plant adaptation concerns the following treatment stages:

a) biological treatment of wastewater;

b) Digestion of sludge;

c) Dehydration mechanics;

d) thermal drying of sludge.

Each treatment section to be examined and revised for specific insights.

Are provided, also, revision surgeries which mainly concern the restoration of lifts, initial and intermediate, which is currently equipped with augers.

The elaboration of the Executive Project shall take into account the environmental feasibility study minimizing the impacts for both the construction and management phases, in order to avoid related environmental issues: the building materials used and the equipment provided, the generated noise, production of waste during the construction of the works, the energy consumption, the possible reuse of the material used in the construction process.

The Executive Project shall be drawn up on the basis of:

1) Guidelines of European environmental policy and legislation on public procurement;

2) the most used technologies in the field of wastewater treatment in the EU Member States;

3) Construction and management systems which are less invasive and impacting both during construction and during operation of the treatment.

In carrying out activities will be referred to the obligations arising from the directives, the Community regulations on the environment as well as to the corresponding national and regional legislation for the sector.

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