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Cleaning Services for Clare County Council.

Clare County Council | Published October 21, 2015
ISS Facility Services
90910000, 90911000, 90911100, 90911200, 90919200

Clare County Council invites responses to this RFT for the provision of contract cleaning services to Clare County Council at various locations throughout the county and as detailed in Appendix 1 to this RFT. It is the aim of Clare County Council to provide a clean environment for staff and visitors. When employing the services of a contract cleaning company we expect the highest standards provided by a trained and competent workforce using up to date equipment.

Urban development construction work

Clare County Council | Published March 25, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017
45211360, 45000000, 45100000, 45111291, 45300000, 45400000, 70000000, 70110000, 70111000, 70112000, 70210000, 70220000, 70320000

Clare County Council (CCC) hereby seeks expressions of interest for development of lands at Deerpark/Glen North, Ennistymon, Co. Clare (the ‘Site’). This Request to Participate (RTP) is the first stage in a competitive dialogue procedure. This stage of the process will consist of an assessment of the suitability of applicants to participate in the process. Those applicants who are deemed suitable will then be invited to participate in the dialogue stage of the process. It is anticipated that the dialogue stage will consist of two phases. The successful applicant following completion of the competitive dialogue procedure will be granted a right to develop, manage and realise the Site under an agreement. The interest will be granted to the tenderer who has submitted the most economically advantageoue tender based on the contract award criteria to be set out in the tender documents. Further information regarding the operation of the process can be found in the RTP document.

Clare County Council (the ‘Contracting Authority’) wishes to seek expressions of interest from parties (each an ‘Applicant’) to undertake the development of lands at Deerpark / Glen North, Ennistymon, Co Clare. The subject lands extend to approximately fifteen (15) acres (6 hectares) and are zoned residential in the current Clare County Development Plan. While subject to change following discussion with the Contracting Authority during the competitive stage of this process, the development of the Site is required to deliver a minimum of 25 — 30 social housing units within a sustainable community environment for Clare County Council. Development proposals including private housing, recreational uses and other uses normally permissible under residential zoning will also be considered by the Contracting Authority. It is anticipated that the completed development will accommodate private and public housing units and opportunities for health and community type building accommodation, subject to zoning, although again this is subject to discussion during the competitive process.

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