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Datacentre Network Technical Support

Department of Social Protection | Published November 4, 2016  -  Deadline December 13, 2016
Technical support in managing and further developing the Department’s Datacentre Network environment.

Type of Contract:

This project involves the strip out of all existing electrical services and the installation of a complete new electrical installation at Causeway Comprehensive School, Causeway, Co. Kerry

Kerry Education and Training Board | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 1, 2016
This project involves electrical upgrade works to Causeway Comprehensive School and Sports Hall. The main school building is a single story structure with classroom ‘wings’ set out in a radial manner from the main circulation ‘core’. The approximate area of the main school building is 3,800sq.m. These works involve the strip out of all existing electrical services and the installation of new sub-distribution boards (the existing main distribution board and plant room distribution board are to remain), new lighting and emergency lighting installation, new general services installation, new security (CCTV and intruder alarm) installation, new data installation. These works are to take place in a ’live’ school environment. The successful contractor must consult with the school authority to agree a phasing plan for the works. The works will need to take place outside of school hours (i.e. after 16.00 Monday-Friday) and at weekends/school holidays and tendering contractors should allow for this in their tender price.
It is the responsibility of the contractor to visit site prior to submitting a tender, in order to ascertain for themselves the full extent of the works, the layout and construction of the building and the extent of electrical strip out that is required.

Type of Contract:

Provision of Courseware and Resources to support the delivery of Online Training

Solas | Published August 8, 2016  -  Deadline December 30, 2016
The object of the contract is to provide a suitable range of resources and
instruments to our online learners to enable them to achieve certification in a
range of subject areas. Individual contracts may be awarded per subject area or
for multiple subject areas.
Due to the evolving technology developments, that affect the design of online
resources and systems, SOLAS eCollege will engage in a competitive dialogue
procedure to progressively reduce the number of candidates to finally issue
Invitations to selected candidates to submit tenders for their proposed solution.
SOLAS eCollege ( provides online training courses to
unemployed clients to enable them to update their skills and gain the
competencies and certification required to re-enter the workforce. These courses
are also available to employed clients on a fee basis.
Online courses are delivered through Moodle ( ) populated with
content and resources (SCORM and AICC Learning objects, podcasts, video,
eBooks, quizzes etc. virtual labs) and supported by an eTutor service.
Courses currently available are grouped under the following broad headings:
Business Admin & Management	Health, Family, other Social  Services
Agriculture, Horticulture and Mariculture	Information Technology
Animal Science	Manufacturing
Art, Craft and Media	Natural Resources
Built Environment	Sales & Marketing
Financial Services	Sampling Skills
Food and Beverage	Science and Technology
General Learning (including Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills)	Tourism
Hairdressing, Beauty and Complementary Therapies	Transport, Distribution &
Tenders are requested from companies or organisations that can provide such
courseware and resources that can support delivery of these online courses and
can also be used in Blended and Face to Face classroom instruction.
At tender stage tenderers must demonstrate the range of content and resources
available and show compatibility with moodle

Qualification System - Electric Ireland Smarter Living

Achilles Procurement Services Ltd | Published December 2, 2015  -  Deadline January 29, 2017
Electric Ireland’s Energy Services division will continue to develop new innovative
product and service offerings to deliver to Customers. To do this the team will take
two approaches:
1. Electric Ireland or one of its agents will engage with firms / parties with
innovative products and service offerings that Electric Ireland would work with to
modify and/or customize to meet the needs of the Irish market.  The purpose of
Electric Ireland engaging with such firms / parties will be to trial the product or
service in an end user environment in order to prove all aspects of the proposition
and/or to establish the most appropriate way to deliver such a product or service.
This may include adding it to, or integrating it with other offerings to provide it as
part of Electric Irelands overall product or service offering, which may be fully
branded as an Electric Ireland product or service.
2. Electric Ireland will continue to engage with firms / parties who can provide
proven Smart products and services, which are already fully developed, tested
and proven propositions and are already being offered to market.
This notice addresses the first of the two approaches described above and
therefore Electric Ireland is seeking expressions of interest from firms / parties of
products and services which can support our Smarter Living innovation
developments. In order to qualify for consideration for this programme, Electric
Ireland has chosen to use Supply-Line the Qualification System
operated by Achilles for vendor management of the parties interested in being
Requirements: Supply-Line, the vendor management system operated by Achilles
Procurement Services will be used as the qualification system for the potential
award of contracts for supply of Smart Homes and Buildings product and service
offerings including microgeneration and energy storage solutions, as and when
they arise.
Please refer to the documentation available to download from etenders.

Provision of pilot scale biomass dryer (160kg/hr throughput)

IRISH RESEARCH CENTRE FOR RESOURCE EFFICIENCY | Published December 8, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017
The Irish Research Centre for Resource Efficiency is issuing this RFT for the provision of a biomass drier capable of removing moisture from different types of biomass ranging from sludge to woody biomass.  This unit will form part of its pilot scale research and development equipment suite which will be used to investigate, develop and optimise bioenergy and waste valorisation processes.  The unit will be required to integrate with other pilot scale equipment so that it will represent a close analogue of an industrial environment, incorporating levels of control and automation, safety & reliability in compliance with relevant industrial standards and also possess the ability to utilise recovered heat from adjacent processes.
The contracting authority is open to receiving tenders for new or second hand  equipment, or alternatively fabrication of a unit to an agreed specification, provided a valid warranty is available.
-	Capable of processing up to 160 kg(wet)biomass /hour.
-	Capable of removing up to 80kg water per hour from biomass feedstock.
-	Tenderers should specify proposed heat source and EHS features and precautions.
-	The drier should be equipped to recover waste heat in the form of hot water or hot gases (air at 70oC from other equipment), the specification of which will be discussed and agreed with the tenderer prior to finalisation.
-	The drier must possess sufficiently flexibility to effect drying of different waste types. The drier must be capable of accepting sludges (eg, sewage sludge, dairy sludge) at 85% moisture content. It should also be capable of removing moisture from chipped forestry brash with a starting moisture content of 55%.
Other required features:
•	Capable of Continuous operation;
•	Allowing control of residence time;
•	Feed hopper prior to drier with automatic feed
•	Post drying receptacle;
•	Safety compliance, EHS standards;
•	A system for odour mitigation;
•	protection against explosion;

Type of Contract:
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