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Debrecen Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 10, 2017

City of Debrecen urban development and town planning concept means of reviewing, editing their uniform concept, plan regulation.

Debrecen County City Long-Term Urban Development Concept, City Structure Plan, Local Building Regulations and Regulatory Plan revision, updating, during the production of existing legislation form and content of the adequacy of the urban development needs exploration, updating and modification unified concept, plan, Regulation editing .

The task is particularly, but not exclusively, the book includes:

- electronic versions of public plat The contractor is required to be available for release to supplement planning, more accurate (eg, if required, elevation data.).

- utilities sector map for the contractor to be available for release planning is necessary to complement, clarify (the utilities concerned with the involvement of managers).

- Environment, and landscapes. environmental zoning proposal, the line held and regional green space system of survey; detail, the built environment in accordance with applicable laws and regulation of land uses that affect the environment, landscape, nature conservation, landscape engineering and biological activity test value.

- Transportation Development Proposal, Proposal transport network, as well as assessing the settlement system of parking, cycle paths and walking surfaces of the structure and level of regulatory development proposals.

- Proposal for Municipal Development of structural and regulatory needs.

- a proposal communications structure and regulatory needs.

- LXIV of 2001 on the protection of cultural heritage. impact assessment under the Act.

environmental impact assessment and evaluation of Government Regulation. - areas requiring particular attention.

The plans required referral procedures should be delivered in electronic and paper format, number of units needed to complete the procedures.

Deliverables number of copies:

a) Preparatory (exploration and decision-support) documentation: five color photocopies of copies and 2 CD / DVD + PDF to DWG in.

b) Prior notification dossiers 5 color photocopied copies, 30 CD / DVD + PDF to DWG in.

c) documentation consultation period:

- Deliverable government consultation document 2 for example. paper copies and one CD / DVD + PDF to DWG-in;

- 5 color photocopied copies, + 5 x number of pieces of CD / DVD + PDF to DWG in as many administrative bodies have indicated their wish to take part in the proceedings.

d) to be approved (after final discussion) Documentation: five color photocopies of copies and 2 CD / DVD + PDF to DWG in.

e) post-approval documentation: five color photocopies of copies, 15 CD / DVD in PDF, 2 CD / DVD + PDF to DWG in.

A complete and detailed terms of reference include the additional procurement documents.

To order the contracting authority in order to complete the design task of an economic operator to avoid problems due to coordination during the implementation, and establish a clear joint and several liability becomes possible by an organization.

Contracting information provided in point II.2.7) clarifies the meaning of the call to the specified time period specified in working days in the aggregate maximum duration of tasks.

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