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IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

NISZ – Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016

Contracting for these services in the context of providing key support services to manufacturers of Microsoft products in the technical specifications detailed in a contract for the provision of service package:

a) provide advisory support;

a) problem and risk analysis programs;

a) troubleshooting service 300 hours per engineer;

a) on-site dedicated support engineers to 400 hours per engineer;

a) monthly update reports;

a) spot problems and risk analysis, highly secure environment.

Featured Production Support Services existing Microsoft products for a period of 12 months to draft technical specifications as stated in 1 service package.

Bidders have direct escalation group also sponsors a source with access to 24 x 7 availability, as well as with product development team, which is certified by a certificate issued by Microsoft or representation in Hungary. Through the support of our advisors direct access to Microsoft's internal knowledge base and support incidents handled by the manufacturer's support organization for the past 15 years of technical information, which is certified by a certificate issued by Microsoft or representation in Hungary.

Evaluation consultancy services

Miniszterelnökség | Published November 29, 2016  -  Deadline January 2, 2017

An experts' support enterprise applications and a framework contract implementation system of EU funding under the KÖFOP 3.2.6-16-2016-00001 project.

The Prime Minister's Control Department responsible for the closure of the 2007-2013 programming period, coordination procedures of the 2014-2020 programming period of support from individual European Union funds on 272/2014. (5th November). Amendments to the Decree preparation, preparation, negotiation and maintenance, and development of methodologies, preparation of analyzes, gathering international experience related to the use of subsidies template documents.

It must be uniform management issues arise when the documents provided.

Highlighted support process including the tendering and the first level checks (documents and on-the-spot checks, risk analysis).

In addition, expectations concerning the aid scheme that the applicant-friendly way be improved.

The EU funds audits at the subject of a number of cases have been detected to be treated at the system level problems and make recommendations for the whole support system.

The review will be made to guide required.

In this area, it will be necessary for the practical experience of the first years of processing and feedback.

If the EU or national legislation are changing, keeping track of the changes needed aid management system (eg. IT systems, document templates).

The European Commission will issue guidelines to keep these processing required to transpose the aid management system.

specific areas, contributing to develop written recommendations set out proposals for the future institutional system of consultation of the presentation.

Days expert task: get a day to about 866 experts expected.

Results to be obtained and output:

1. Development of specific areas of methodological proposals set out in writing after signing the contract, the proposed institutional system of consultation documentation, finalizing proposals;

2. The proposed amendments handed regulatory environment proofreading documents.

During execution of the agreement with specific tasks:

conducting first interviews of the ME Control Department and representatives of the Managing Authorities of practical experience, experience in structuring;

2. Based on the experience of preparing the analysis of possible directions for amendment;

3. Development of methodological recommendations grounds statistics with support when needed;

4. Presentation of proposals ME and Managing Authorities in the framework of the workshop, the results of workshop proposals for amendment is finalized;

5. Examination of the regulatory environment, proposals for its amendment;

6. Examination of documents, templates, proposals to amend them;

7. Presentation of the practice of other Member States and analysis;

8 non-EU national competition systems practice of presentation and analysis.

A detailed job description for the procurement documents.

System and support services

Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt. | Published November 26, 2016  -  Deadline December 28, 2016

supply of functional expansion and operation support functions of National Policy Information System.

The system provides full support to business as usual from the applications / support needs of electronic submission of contracting through the clearing and settlement to monitoring under the contract, covering the entire administration process BGA Ltd. and foreign organizations conducting the tender..

The NISZ Zrt. The operation of virtual machines to ensure operating systems in virtual machines operating in the starting components (platform) operated by an outside contractor.

The main indicators of the system to be operated:

Number of application servers for virtual machines: 8th

the number of database servers for virtual machines: 6th

The number of virtual machines for other purposes: 4th

As a system outside of the production environment, there are also 3 other environment (testing, education, crisp copies).

Between the two separate operating locations database instance continuous replication ensures data consistency.

Tender period, the number of concurrent users may exceed 1000 people.

Independent of operating systems:

- NIR,

- Repository (publicly available application data repository site)

- CIS (Pentaho-based data warehouse).

In procure the following services:

- NIR, Database and MIS systems and legislation tracking function expansion for the further development of capacity development framework to ensure the net worth of 50 million HUF for a period of 30 months,

- NIR, Database and MIS systems and környezeteiknek 30-month operation and application platform.

The application is based on a unique folyamattámogató-, vizualizációs-, and authorization framework.

The application server produced custom development, as well as folyamattámogató-, vizualizációs-, and authorization framework at source will be handed over to the contractor.

Process Engine has been used as a jBPM 4.0, the Hibernate persistence layer has been implemented in version 4.2.2, while the user interface is based on the 5.2 primefaces enter.

The main tasks of the Contractor are as follows:

Project Management;

Process-based support system management, business analysis;

Open Source Java7 and JEE 6 based on information system development framework;

Testing, preparation of automated tests;

The operating systems for document storage management of change;

6. Support Operations management tasks;

System management operation support;

Database support operations;

Application support operations;

Platform (infrastructure) support operations;

Support for regular users of administrative tasks;

Occasional application and infrastructure (platform) support tasks.

Contracting with a total allocation of 70% of GDP, that is, net 86,800,000 HUF on the order assumes an obligation, but as an option reserves the net 37,200,000 HUF exhaust-inch envelope.

Parks maintenance services

Budafok-Tétény Budapest XXII. Kerület Önkormányzata | Published November 16, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016

Budafok- Tétény, Budapest XXII. Park District Municipality to carry out maintenance work in the field.

park maintenance priority areas:

- Its total area of ​​91 357 m²,

- Mowing, leaf collection of 63 001 m²,

- 14 dog dirt collector,

- 103 waste receptacle,

- Roads, pavements chemical weed control 12 088 m²,

- Shrub maintenance 11 243 m²,

- 451 m² sandpit,

- Annuals and pansy planting of 489 m²,

- 10 playground,

- Manual snow clearance and slippery discharge 12 088 m².

schedule without a separate order of the dossier Customer consultation:

Dog dirt collector emptying, outdoor dustbins emptied (including the direct environment of the collection as well), manual garbage collection (for the entire area, according to the schedule), annuals and pansy planting, spring cleaning 1, sandpit maintenance, playgrounds and playing instruments of inspection and maintenance of the minutes of placing control plan for surge Based on.

If no written order: mowing, spring cleaning is second time in the autumn lombfelszedés, roads, pavements chemical weeding, pea gravel surface sarabolása, átgereblyézése, shrub hoeing and cserjealj cleaning, scrub digging shrubs ifjítómetszés cuttings removal, sövényalj cleaning, scraper hoeing, hedge trimming machine, sand digging of manual snow removal, slippery discharge as necessary - accident-free driving continuous provision of flower beds hoeing, flower beds nutrient supply, shrubs, trees, watering, garden pruning, pruning, crown formation, parks and gardens waste disposal landfill fees and other waste disposal landfill fee.

No park maintenance priority areas:

- Its total area is 314 188 m²,

- Mowing, leaf collection 223 686 m²,

- 21 dog dirt collector,

- 146 waste receptacle,

- Roads, pavements chemical weed control 35 631 m²,

- Shrub maintenance 49 195 m²,

- 1704 m² sandpit,

- Annuals and pansy planting of 373 m²,

- Based on a playground playing 26 minutes of the means of inspection and maintenance inspection plan submission aids,

- Manual snow clearance and slippery discharge 35 631 m²,

scheduling, order without a separate order of the documentation in consultation:

Dog dirt collectors emptying, outdoor dustbins emptied (the direct environment of the collection is kept clean), cleaning and manual garbage collection (for the entire area, according to the schedule), spring cleaning first, sand digging, playgrounds and playing instruments based on inspection and maintenance of the minutes of placing control plan for surge, flower beds Watering , annuals and planting pansy

If no written order: mowing, spring cleaning 2, Fall lombfelszedés, roads, pavements chemical weed control, plant hoeing, cserjealj cleaning, scrub digging shrubs ifjító pruning cuttings removal, sövényalj cleaning, scraper hoeing, hedge trimming machine, manual snow removal, slipperiness exemption if necessary - to ensure continuity of accident-free driving, hoeing flower beds, flower beds nutrient supply, shrubs, watering trees, park trees pruning, pruning, crown formation, spreading pine bark, park waste and other waste disposal landfill fee.

3. roadside mowing completion: 146 319 m² size of the area, a separate written order tasks to be performed.

Engineering services

NIF Zrt. | Published November 26, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

perform engineering tasks to an agency contract (O) 2x2 track expansion of the M70 motorway, Tornyiszentmiklós subject of Letenye.

The main volumes of the design and construction tasks during (O) expansion 2x2 track of the M70 motorway Letenye-Tornyiszentmiklós:

The bidder winning engineering and technical supervision tasks including but not limited to the following activities:

- Verification of complete management and technical plans prepared by the Contractor to export e-WAY 03:01:11 (2-1201 ROAD: 2008) Road Engineering Affairs pursuant to Regulation 1.14.7 point, and if necessary - because of the modifications - made to the export licensing plans following the submission to the authority of the authorization process.

- The prepared construction plans to express an opinion.

- Technical supervision of water construction and utility work in the preparation, if necessary, control of water rights / construction permitting process and after completion of the inspection and supervision of the process design documentation submitted to water management approval.

- During (existing and planned) contractor of the entire drainage system together with a proposal for the revision and standardization of preparation of the implementation plan in accordance with the technical specifications Roads be maintained.

The main technical content, in connection with which the contractor responsibilities of the engineering and technical supervision of the execution will be required to:

- 2x1 2x2 lane expansion band on the right track 3 + 760-9 + 195 and 11 + 850-16 + 510 km no. between.

- Strengthening of existing pavement and tracks left by section szélesítéssel 3 + 760-9 + 195 km no. and between 11 + 850-16 + 510 c. the section between.

- In addition, the strengthening of the existing left and right track jacket 9 + 195-11 + 850 km no. between (Mura Szemenyei node environment).

- 14 + 450 km no. Csörnyeföldi simple furniture in the right side of the input branch off and rebuilt.

- 14 + 450 km no. In C ...

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Nemzeti Rehabilitációs és Szociális Hivatal | Published December 2, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

A contract to supply 'IT system development tasks "related to the special project" EFOP-1.1.1-15 Changed disabled people support "section.

framework contract for the "EFOP-1.1.1-15 Changed disabled people support" related to priority projects by supplying "Information systems development tasks" 4500 user server system in relation to (given the fact that the number will be further developed nord system users currently 6000).

The procurement shall be conducted in accordance with TÁMOP 1.1.1-12 / 1 project completed the system requirements EFOP-1.1.1-15 parameter setting, the completed software and related documentation bidder building project in the 6th-floor room (601 offices) of the winner bidders can view the contract date at the latest.

should present a data model of the system is developed in the detail of implementation to ensure the independence of the developer in case if the data necessary to integrate the system with other systems, and other developers will be commissioned to process the data stored in that system.

The problems arose in the implementation of documents and documented version management programs to be implemented.

The services are all assigned to the NRSZH colleagues and the other actors mandated by NRSZH strive for full cooperation, under which must be carried out IT system management tasks that need to be analyzed needs for the software design and to help define the development of computer solutions for the system of organization to solve problems .

The test plan should be updated in line with the development.

The implementation of test cases must be preceded by a testing scenario.

The testing protocol is based on the testing scenario.

The test plan sets out what types of tests are performed (functional testing, integration testing, load testing), introduces the testing conditions, requirements, software (s) to be tested version / versions of the test range, associated permissions.

megajánlást for contracting canned goods will be accepted if the chosen technical solution fully meets the technical specification.


Preparation logical system design.

Data model changes thereto.

Testing with the new processes, the transfer of user testing.

updating, addition of new features, user manual processes.

5 Operating manual preparation.

Transfer source.

Preparation of necessary operating environment configuration.

Statement of changes on Jogszabálykövetésről.

Documents previously submitted a change-up.

The introduction of the system.

After each arm to provide increased availability within 5 working days.

5 people a day support during normal business hours (8: 00-16: 30), including response time within 1 hour.


Educational material is also required.

Availability (10 months).

Monthly developer 15 days from that exception, error correction, which falls under the scope of warranty.

A detailed description is included in the technical specification.

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