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Guinea National Agricultural - P148114

- Coordination opérationnel Délégué du Projet d?Appui auSecteur Agricole (PASA | Published June 29, 2015  -  Deadline September 2, 2015

From Recruitment Consultant Services forLe a D Office / Office For The Making Of Diagnosis Institutionnelet Organisationneldes From Agricultural Sector Institutions (Ministry Of The agriculture? Of Ministry Of Livestock And Animal Production;? Mi MINISTRY DEL'AGRICULTURE ------ ----------------------------- INVITATION TO INTEREST AMANIFESTATIONS First Publication Client: Ministry of Agriculture - Operational Coordination Déléguédu Project Support for the Agricultural Sector (PASA-G). Type: Expression of Interest Solicitation Title:. Consultancy services for the recruitment of unbureau / Practice for the realization of the institutional and organizational diagnosis of agricultural sector institutions (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock and Animal Industry; Ministry of Environment and Water and Forestry; Department of fishing and aquaculture.) MEEF) and those beyond National Chamber of Agriculture and other entities of the sector. The objectifconnexe the project is to prepare the ground for the sector wide approach (SWAP) for the agricultural sector and sécuritéalimentaire. 2. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY With respect to the recommendations of the diagnostic review of public expenditure in the agricultural sector, the objective estdouble: - Conduct assessment etorganisationnelle institutional Lastructure four Ministries (Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Environment , Forestry), National Chamber of Agriculture and disorganization sectoral professional in a perspective degestion oriented lerésultat; Update and harmoniserles missions and the mode of operation of each of these entities will be reviewed etvalidés attendussont EXPECTED RESULTS The results: The institutional and organizational structure of each of the four departments of Nationaled'Agriculture House and sectoral business organizations is assessed ; A new organizational and structureinstitutionnelle of agricultural sector institutions (Ministries, National Chamber of Agriculture and sectoral professional organizations) sectorielleetmieux more consistent with the approach adapted to the implementation of PNIASA is proposed;? technical directions posts sheets and retained support structures are revised / élaboréesconformément to the new institutional and organizational structure proposed for the agricultural sector? The planning process, technical and budgetary, of implementation, monitoring and evaluation, derapportage are analyzed and new methods and / or approaches are proposées.Les needs capacity building (staff, materials, finance and training) of nouvellesstructures are identified; MISSION AND MAIN TASKS Terms of lamission The consultant will work closely with partiesprenantes in the realization of the study, notammentla COD and the CTE and other targeted stakeholders in the four sectoral ministries (MA, MEPA, MPA and MEEF). Stains to run In this context, it Auraa: ü Analyze assigned tasks and their effective exercise of the various national directorates, services and attached to each of the 4 appuide services sector ministries by the National Chamber of Agriculture and Organizations professionnellessectorielles; ü Analyze their structure (organic framework centrally etdéconcentré and relationships between the different levels); ü make a personal étatdes places and carry out an assessment of the adequacy positions, profiles of executives of ministries and other entitésciblées; ü Apprécierl'efficacité, efficiency and sustainability of the operating entities; ü Identifierles strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. a) Organizational Diagnostic Organizational Diagnostics will focus on the organization of the operation of four (04) ministries and other institutions. b) Financial diagnosis Financial porterasur diagnostic evaluation of the functioning of financial services and situationfinancière sector ministries c) The Environmental Diagnosis Diagnosticenvironnemental will focus on the evaluation of niveaude consideration of environmental issues in the design and implementation the sovereign activities of the state) recommandationsconcrètes formulation accompanied by a set piece of pland'action. All other tasks that, according to the consultant and based on its expériencesdans the area of ​​mission to contribute àl'atteinte the objectives of the mission may be proposed in the offer techniqueet discussed with the work of master before they are intensive. PROFILE

3A-Niger Basin Water Resources - P093806

Direction Nationale du Génie Rural | Published September 17, 2015  -  Deadline October 27, 2015

Update De L? D study? Environmental And Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Project From Dam Multipurpose De Guinee Fomi In NIGER BASIN AUTHORITY SecrétariatExécutif .: P 729, Niamey (Niger) Tel. : (227) 20 72 31 02 Fax: 20 72 42 08 E-mail: NIGER BASINAUTHORITY ExecutiveSecretariat O.Box: 729, Niamey (Niger) Tel. : (227) 20 02 7231 Fax: 42 08 2072 E-mail: DEVELOPMENT PROJECT WATER RESOURCES AND SUSTAINABLE DEGESTION ECOSYSTEM IN THE NIGER BASIN (PDREGDE) REPUBLIQUEDE DEL'ENERGIE GUINEA MINISTRY AND HYDRAULIC General Management Project Fomi MINISTRY DEL'AGRICULTURE National Directorate of Rural Engineering NOTICE OF DESOLLICITATION MANIFESTATIONSD'INTERETS No. 07 / PDREGDE / GUI / 2015 SERVICE CONSULTANT: UPDATING OF THE STUDY 'ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (ESIA) FOR THE DRAFT BARRAGEMULTI-USES IN GUINEA AUTORITECONTRACTANTE FOMI: MINISTRY of Agriculture REPRESENTED BY MANAGEMENT OF THE NATIONAL CONTEXT GENIERURAL It is envisaged that the management allows a maximization desbénéfices, including cross-border. I. Brief description of the services, competence and areas duréeindicative The planned studies have thus essentially aims to: (i) fill the gaps in previous studies, especially regarding the analysis of environmental and social impacts around and downstream of tank; (ii) complete the analysis of the recovery options livelihoods of people displaced by the dam and oftheir hosts and (iii) to support decision making in relation to the selection lameilleure project option from the point of vuetechnico-economic, environmental and social. 3. The indicative duration for prestationest twenty (20) months. 4. The main areas of expertise are: (i) Natural Environment etsocial; (ii) fluvial hydrology and wetland; (iii) Sociology and réinstallationinvolontaire; (iv) rural development (agro-forestry, animal husbandry, agricultural water, fishing, etc.), (v) the law of the environment and water, (vi) the Land Law and its exercise; (vii) the project Economy ycompris valuing externalities and (viii) public consultations / the participationcommunautaire. II. Invitation and criteria 5. The National Directorate of Rural Engineering, National Implementing Agency of DREGDE Program in Guinea, hereby invites soliciting expressions of interest, lescandidats with proven experience in areas related to the services described above. The representative of the group will have its own experience in ESIA, PDL and Depri. 7. The criteria for laqualification are: a) general qualifications of the consultant in the field of servicesattendus; b) the financial capacity of the consultant; Only contracts where the amounts are higher than or equal to five hundred thousand (500,000) US $ will be considered. 8. or experiences in sub-Saharan Africa is a plus. 9. The working language will be French and documents provided must be in cettelangue. The interest shown by a consultant does not imply any obligation on the part del'Emprunteur retain shortlisted. 11. Suiteà the establishment of the shortlist and the receipt of tenders in response to a Request for Proposals, unConsultant will sélectionnéselon Selection method Based on Quality and Cost (QCBS) as described in Procedures for using Règleset Consultants. 12. Written expressions of interest must be written in French and deposited under sealed envelopes and sealed, containing three (3) copies and one (1) original to the National Directorate of Building MarchésPublics Kanfarandé QuartierCoronthie Common Kaloum CotéGouvernorat Guinea / Conakry Tel: (224) 21 70 76/631 85 2666, on or before 27 October 2015 to 10 o'clock (local time GMT) deadline rigueuravec mention: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL STUDIES ACTUALISATIONDES DAM PROJECT A MULTIPLE GOALS FOMI. The opening of expressions of interest is set for October 13, 2015 at 12 o'clock (local time GMT) in the Hall deRéunion of the National Directorate of Public Procurement, Building Kanfarandé Quarter Coronthie deKaloum Municipality, Governorate Listed Guinea / Conakry Tel: (224 ) 21 70 76 // 631 85 26 66 14. A consultant will be selected in accordance with the procéduresdéfinies in the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, editing Janvier2011. 15. Interested candidates can obtain AdditionalInformation to working days (Monday to Friday) and business hours (09 am to 16 pm GMT auprèsde: The National Directorate of Rural Engineering, based in Matoto BP: 65 CONAKRY, Ema

West Africa Regional Fisheries Program - P126773

PRAO-GUINEE | Published July 27, 2016  -  Deadline August 15, 2016

A Call For Submission D Poste? In a Specialist Co-management of the Project Des Pecheries Republic deGuinée Work-Justice-Solidarity MINISTRY OF FISHERIES, AQUACULTURE AND FISHERIES ECONOMIEMARITIME PROJETREGIONAL the WEST AFRICA IN GUINEA (COPE-GN) CALL fOR NOMINATIONS fOR tHE POSITION oF A sPECIALIST CO-MANAGEMENT PROJECT I. DESPECHERIES cotext etJustification: the ProgrammeRégional of Fisheries in West Africa covers nine coastal countries of West coast Africa: Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone (Member States of laCSRP) and Liberia and Ghana. This objective would accomplipar: (i) strengthen the capacity of countries to enable them to manage and develop their fisheries, (ii) reduce illegal fishing, and (iii) increase the value added to local economies · Project description Objective: The dedéveloppement objective of sustainably estd'augmenter program all the wealth generated by the exploitation of fishery resources of West del'Afrique countries, (i) reducing illegal fishing (ii) developing the capacity of countries to govern and gérerdurablement their fisheries, and (iii) increasing the value and the profits from the fishery products and so that the share of this value captured by cespays. The composantessont: Good governance and sustainable management despêches 1.1 Develop the legal and operational framework and strengthen capacitésinstitutionnelles 1.2 Master 1.3 fishing capacity Develop and implement management plans despêches 1.4 Renforcerle data collection system related? fishing, compilation, management, dissemination and lacommunication transparently Reduction of illegal fishing Permettantla the Environment 2.1 Reduction illicit 2.2 monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) increase the contribution of marine fisheries to the economies 3.1 local first sale infrastructure Improvement and treatment 3.2 landings management planning and building health capacity Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation and Program management 4.1 implemented Regional National Coordination OBJECTIVE LAMISSION: These motivations applied as of fishing rights or rights of access with transfer deresponsabilité granted to fishermen who will be responsible to take share over the management of some of the identified resources, particularly in the artisanal fishery. He will work enétroite collaboration with the departments involved in the implementation of Component 1 of the project, including those responsible dela implementation of land use rights. 1) Description of the mission of the Consultant: This activity will be based on the principle of establishing a collaborative basis étroiteentre the Government and other fisheries stakeholders, to implement sector management concerted unepolitique taking intoaccount all the basic data provided by the research as part of the planned activity in the sub composante1duPRAO / Gen. Mandates and tasks: It will take place in three étapessuivantes: Task 1: Study on the revision of the legal framework of Lapêche sector: v Review all cadresjuridiques and lesdocuments existing policies and existing industry, including those concerning the States General which sontdéroulés in September 2013 to provide a comprehensive diagnostic assessment in relation to the objectives of the bonnegouvernance fisheries in Guinea;

WARCIP - APL-1B: GN, BF - P122402

WARCIP GUINEE | Published November 2, 2015  -  Deadline November 16, 2015

Recruitment D? An Individual Consultant In The Framework Of The? Support For The delegation ccTLD names .gn? Republic of Guinea ? ? ? Solidarity Ministry desPostes, Telecommunications and New Technologies ??????????????? Information (MPTNTI) SOLICITATION MANIFESTATIONSD'INTERET SMI No. 011 / WARCIP / SC / 09/2015? Start date: 2/11/2015; DateLimite ???:? 11/16/2015? GUINEA. ? Type ?: Sollicitationde expressions of interest. ? Title ?: Recruitment of Individual Consultant as part of the Assistancepour? Delegation duccTLD .GN? ? ??????????????? The Government of theRepublic of Guinea? received funding from the World Bank under the projetWest Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (WARCIP GUINEA), and intends to use part of this financementpour make the payments under the following contract the services ?: an Individual Consultant under the Assistance for? .GN delegation of ccTLDs. .GN Top level domain name management is a component essentiellede the Internet governance in Guinea. Redelegation allow the department: From mettreen out structuring projects importantsconcernant the organization and modernization through automation management dedomaines names names .gn; To enjoy the regional and international level unaccompagnement bodies working within???? the management of domain names by the Guinean desacteurs training and more help audéveloppement the Internet;? To involve all stakeholders in Guinea lagestion of ccTLD.GN?;De lay the foundations for the emergence of a numériquecomme economy supporting the development of all other sectors in the short, medium and long term. The Consultant's missions concern ?: The process will finish writing a report spoke of re-delegation; The proposed domain name development prospects .GN larédaction by a report .GN ccTLD development perspectives on organizational aspects ettechniques. Lesconsultantsintéressés must provide information (French language material) indicating that they are qualified to perform lesservices (curriculum vitae, copies légaliséesdes academic credentials, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, etc.). The Consultant or Project Manager must provide proof of the following qualifications and expériencesminimales ?: university diploma BAC + 5 ouéquivalent;? Professional engineering degree in Computer ouTélécommunications;? Ten (10) years minimum experience in Technologiesde the Information and communication? five (05) years minimum experience in management desnoms TLD (Top Level) ?; At least one (01) specific experience in conducting similar unprojet (delegation or re-delegation of ccTLD)? ; a bonneconnaissance etinternationales of regional organizations that contribute to the management of geographical domain names (. Afrinic, AfTLD, AfNOG, ISOC, ICANN, IANA, etc.) ?; a bonneconnaissance of the ICT environment Afriqueest benefit ?; a bonneaptitude to communicate, facilitate and work enéquipe;? oral and written bonneexpression of languefrançaise. Please note the following additional provisions relating to conflict of interest in connection desservices purpose of this Request for Expression of Interest ?: (i) conflicts of interest between the activities of Consultantset providing goods, works or services (other than consulting services covered by présentesDirectives) ?; (ii) conflict of interest between consulting ?; finally (iii) relationship with del'Emprunteur staff. A consultantserasélectionné by the method Selection Based on Individual Consultants as described in the Guidelines: Selection etEmploi Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (January 2011 edition). The mission Terms of Reference can be sent to those who request it by email auxadresses mentioned below. Sending expressions of interest to voieélectronique deuxadresses emails below is permitted. Almamya district, Kaloum Commune; Conakry / Rep. deGuinée ?; For the attention of Mr Cellou Diallo CoordonnateurNational Tel: (224) 622.84.54.04 / E-mail:;; LeCoordonnateur? CellouDIALLO

MSME Development Project - P128443

Projet d Appui aux Petites et Moyennes Entreprises PAPME | Published October 16, 2014  -  Deadline October 27, 2014

A recruitment consultant Firm To Audit The Diagnostic and Strategic Planning In The Private Investment Agency From Promotiondes PIPA Guinea MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES AND PROMOTING THE REPUBLIC OF GUINEA SECTEURPRIVE Work Justice- Solidarity Project Appuiaux Classified and Medium Enterprises (PAPME) Project Implementation Unit (PIU) REPORT SOLLICITATIONDE StartDate EVENTS OF INTEREST: 09/29/2014 Initial Deadline: 13/10/2014 Report date: 10/27/2014 Client: Ministry del Industry Small and Medium Enterprises and Private Sector Promotion (MIPME / PSP) - Project to Support Small Businesses etMoyennes (PAPME). Type: Request for Expression of Interest. Title: Recruitment unConsultant (firm) for diagnostic audit and Strategic Planning Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (APIP) -Guinée. TheGovernment of the Republic of Guinea has received a grant from the International Development Association pourle (IDA) for exécutiondu Support Project Petiteset Medium Enterprises (P APME), under the Ministry of Industry, Small etMoyennes Promotiondu Enterprise and Private Sector. To implement this approach visantà optimize the implementation of policies for private sector development and the creation of an environment propicepour intervention of investors and companies, countries demonstrate a strong political will and dedicate the building to moyensconsistants their institutional and operational agencies. The Agency for Promotion of Private divestments Guinea abbreviated "APIP GUINEA" public institution enjoying lapersonnalité moral, financial and managerial autonomy, wants to have modern tools as auxstandards national and international management. In this context the Government of the Republic of Guinea has decided to use part of the funds of the Project pourrecruter a specialized consultant (firm) for the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the APIP-GUINEA. OBJECTIVES lepremier component is related to the diagnostic audit, the Cabinet will make an assessment of the organizational structure of the APIP -Guinée. Lesecond component in the strategic planning, business plan and strategy for investment promotion, the overall objective of the study is to develop a business plan three (03) years for the APIP, and identify a orientationaxée on investors and public and private partner organizations. DECANDIDATURE FILE AND FILING LeMinistère of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises and Private Sector Promotion (MIPME / PSP), represented parl'Unité Execution of PAPME invites all eligible applicants (firms) to indicate their interest in provide the services described in étudesintéressés offices must provide information indicating that they sontqualifiés for exécuterles services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, knowledge of IDA procedures or similar organizations, availability of connaissancesnécessairesparmi staff, etc.). A Consultant (firm) will be chosen by the Selection Based on MyMethod laQualité and cost (QCBS) in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Guidelines for the Selection and Employment of Consultants by Bank Borrowers mondialede Lesconsultants January 2011. ( firms) interested parties may obtain additional information about the documents in adressementionnée below and at the following times: Monday to Thursday: 9am to 15h00et Friday: 9am to 12pm. Manifestations of intérêtdoivent be submitted, in sealed envelopes to the address below at the tardle October 27, 2014 at 10 am, with the words: "Recruitment of a Consultant for auditdiagnostique andthe strategic planning of Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (APIP) -GUINÉE. " Headquarters of the UEP PAPME, 20, KA.082 Street, Apt 2C QuartierTombo, Common Kaloum, Conakry, Rep. Mamadou Dian Diallo of Guinea, P APME Coordinator Tel: (224) 622 21 52 56 (224) 656 33 34 34 Email: Conakry, October 13, 2014 The Mamadou Dian Diallo Coordinator
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