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Sécurité sociale — caisse des français | Published October 16, 2015
Publicis Consultant
22462000, 79341100

The incumbent will be able to accompany the CFE in the implementation of the overall communication strategy and as such be able to have an advisory role in communication on and off line, corporate communications, public relations, creative and art direction in print and on the web, production monitoring and production document. This includes the creation of advertising campaigns, editorial communications, the implementation of operational marketing (promotion operations, creating traffic and loyalty) and press relations. The CFE is the social security fund created specifically to manage the social protection of French living abroad. The company CFE nonprofit, applied the rules of the Code of Social Security under the control of the state. Based on voluntary insurance, the CFE device can be supplemented with products offered by private insurers and then be in direct competition with these organizations. Delivery of tender documents. The tender documents can be downloaded free at: topic you are a company "Trading Room" you need to login. The withdrawal of electronic documents does not require applicants to electronically submit their applications and their tenders. To use the secure download of epace (including DCE and optionally download the file Response folds) tenderers must download and install the Java Runtime Environment from Sun Microsystems. This software is free at: follow the instructions to install the latest version. Dematerialisation procedure and the prerequisites are described in the tender documents. The procedure for submitting applications and tenders "Papers" is also described in the tender regulations.


Sécurité sociale — caisse des français | Published February 24, 2016  -  Deadline April 13, 2016

Contract relating to services for business projects and information system Cfe

The contract comprises 4 lots:

Lot 1 Assistance in project management

lot 2 Third Party Application TMA several application areas

lot 3 Development of Enterprise Architecture Program SI urbanization Maîtrised'Oeuvre

lot 4 TRA Tierce application testing several application areas

rule of exclusivity:

Applicants are encouraged to refer to the tender documents to the extent that an exclusivity rule prohibits one hand to respond to all items, on the other hand, conditions the submission to certain lots

Hearings will be held between 13 and 27 May 2016. These dates are likely to slip

DCE tender documents can be downloaded free on the site topic you are a company "Trading Room" you need to login.

This consultation on IT services, applications and bids must be submitted on the platform must dematerialized

To download the DCE and drop applications and bids, tenderers must download and install the Java Runtime Environment from Sun Microsystems.

This software is free on the site:

Questions regarding this market are asking until April 6, 2016 on the platform cloud category: Questions / Answers

before joining a response document, applicants must sign and encrypt (or encrypt) the latter.

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