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Installation services of electric motors, generators and transformers

RTE réseau de transport d'électricité | Published April 25, 2017  -  Deadline May 9, 2017

In the context of a neighborhood complaint, RTE commissioned an acoustic design firm (Alhyange) to carry out noise measurements in the post environment. The report of the acoustic cabinet showing an exceeding of the regulation, RTE decided to implement technical solutions to reduce the acoustic impact of its transformers.

The present consultation concerns the study and modification work on the TR641, TR642 and TR643 transformers in order to reduce their noise footprint by the installation of low noise cooling air coolers.

Repair and maintenance services of measuring apparatus

Département de Vendée | Published April 13, 2017  -  Deadline May 11, 2017
50411000, 51430000

The object of this consultation services relating to the maintenance of various laboratory equipment used for carrying out specific analyzes in the areas of water - the environment, and food.

This is single-attribute framework agreements executed by order under the conditions laid down in Article 80 of the Decree of 25/03/2016 on public procurement.

Each framework agreement is no minimum or maximum (regardless of the consignment).

maintenance services for a set of GCMs chromatography Agilent brand.

Maintenance for the bioMérieux brand laboratory automation.

Maintenance for brand Buchi laboratory equipment.

Maintenance for brand Metrohm laboratory equipment.

Maintenance for water purification systems Millipore brand.

Maintenance for a set of chromatography Shimadzu GCMS brand.

Maintenance for all TSQ Quantum .xls chromatography Thermo brand.

Maintenance for a mineralized system by Thermo brand microwave.

Maintenance for liquid chromatography chains, Merck brand Hplc.

Maintenance for a set of Waters brand chromatography.

Maintenance for all Gic Chromatography Varian.

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