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Computer-related services

Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline February 15, 2017

Outsourcing installation Mégajoule Laser (LMJ).

The outsourcing delivery of LMJ installation ECATS comprised:

1) transversal services: service center, planning, coordination, supervision, IT asset management, problem management, inventory;

2) Services related to the user environment (post, software, peripherals) and industrial (PLCs, measuring equipment, industrial post);

3) Benefits related application solutions;

4) Services related to system infrastructure;

5) Benefits related to network infrastructure.

The benefit of paragraphs 2-5 include incident management (including equipment repair) and applications, operation, administration and tasks assigned in the context of change management (integration, upgrades).

To these benefits are added:

- Monitoring activities and related benefits in project mode,

- The treatment of transfers (input / output) with control and treatment following IT security regulations CEA / DAM / ECATS of all equipment supplied by different industrial markets Holders,

It may also be asked for penalty payments and benefits 3x8.

Benefits interests include hardware, software and the following systems:


- Fixed or portable workstations,

- Measuring instruments and PLCs,

- Servers and clusters (dell, ibm, hp, Arkoon, Jupiner, Fortinet ...)

- Network active equipment (Alcatel, Cisco, Hirschmann, Scalance ...)

NetBackup, NetApp).

Systems, software and applications:

- Windows and Linux systems,

- Software: control systems, office automation, CAD, development, etc ...

- Operating tools (safeguards, supervision, scheduling ...)

- Databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase ...)

- System administration software (virtualization, high availability, ...).

Indicative volumes are:

- RDBMS servers (live and replay): 35,

- Application servers, interfaces, front, hour, dns, dhcp, ... 30,

- Administration posts: 25;

- Driving position, operation, integration, fixed and nomadic: 90;

- Robot: 3 (30 to 300 T0);

- Infra virtualization VMware 4 and 6;

- NAS storage units: 4-6;

- SAN storage units: 5;

- PLCs, UTL, ..: 3000 to 4000;

- Network equipment 300 (3 physical networks each equipped with a redundant core);

In all, counting about 500 virtual machines.

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