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Computer-related professional services

Pohjois-Pohjanmaan sairaanhoitopiirin kuntayhtymä | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 2, 2017

Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (PPSHP) to request a quotation Server and related to the use of the environment in the ICT expert services over 1.2017 to 12.2019 (or 3 years) + option 2 years, under this invitation to tender and its annexes.

Providers are required to cooperate in accordance with the already agreed subscriber partners and jointly agreed practices.

If someone requires a pressing need for the service time outside of work, it will be agreed separately in each case.

PPSHP ​​has two of its own production in Oulu machine halls, which are critical production services.

However, the agreement can also be terminated with effect from the time when the above-mentioned possible organization to begin operations.

This comprehensive service package in critical systems means of VMware, Citrix, Active Directory, SQL, Exchange, file sharing, and related patient information server environments (Linux / Windows).

Subscriber description of the environment is given in Annex 1.

The Service is provided in Finnish.

To be held once a month follow-up service through a meeting held on the basis of the reports submitted to the realization of the service, agree on the schedule of work, monitoring of the accuracy of schedules, deals with any complaints and sanctions, as well as on future projects and technologies.

ICT professional services (maintenance, fault clearing and development for server and usage environment).

The service consists of the following tasks and duties:

Editor's representative will participate as an expert in the customer implementation projects, as well as the installation of the systems in place, maintenance, development and settlement of the problem, together with the customer's ICT expert in the following entities:

The beginning of installation, maintenance, and development of virtual environment

- Installing and updating the virtual server platform,

- Server installation and updating,

- Installation licenses, licensing design and development,

- Security and patches,

- Participates as an expert server environment for managing Group Policy (GPO),

- SQL cluster installation.


- Windows and Linux -palvelinympäristön installation, maintenance and development,

- Physical and virtual servers,

- SQL Server installation and updating, as well as maintenance,

- Security and patches,

Systems: installation, maintenance and development,

- Microsoft SCOM - environmental,

- Communication Solutions (Skype and SharePoint)

- Active Directory,

- Group Policy (GPO),

- E-mail Environment (MS Exchange).

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Pohjois-Pohjanmaan elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskus | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

The framework agreement includes conceptual engineering and expert services, studies and erillistehtäviä.

The framework agreement includes mm. performing the following tasks or this Framework Agreement related to

drawing up sub-plans:

- The need for studies,

- Action reports,

- General plans,

- Traffic safety studies,

- Transport system plans,

- Transport Strategy,

- Plans and studies related to public transport,

- Traffic reports,

- Plans and reports related to traffic management,

- Traffic-studies relating to land use planning and the preparation of opinions,

- A project and preparation of presentation materials,

- Preparation of the project cards,

- Suunnitteluttamistehtävät,

- Environmental studies,

- (Bridges and surfacing) design and programming of care and maintenance,

- Other tasks related to road and rail infrastructure management and preliminary planning of the environment,

- Development projects and theses.

Tasks related to commissions require extensive know-how, such as geo-bridge and sound design as well as construction cost management.

Framework agreement for three (3) with the service provider.

The contract area is the Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu region.

the content of the Framework Agreement is defined in more detail in the tender documentation.

Development services of real estate

Oulun kaupunki | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 30, 2016

Contract relates to Esco-energy projects, for a total price consists largely of individual construction contracts. The share of services is likely to exceed the EU threshold. Contract is divided into two (2) parts. In the first part carried out in real estate provided for energiatehokkuustarkastelut, followed by Partner won the competition to continue a framework agreement supplier of the end of 2020. implementation of the first phase of the assessment of the price of about 700 000 EUR.

ESCO is the subject of the contract is a service where the supplier has the overall responsibility for energy-saving project for implementing measures, the services related to the project and possibly financing the project.

services related to the project is meant for training, counseling, monitoring, and maintenance services. services related to the project specified during the negotiation phase.

the subject of the ESCO service, the subscriber's owned properties, which information is presented in Annex No. 2 ilmoittautumispyynnön.

Competitive tendering, procurement subject to the rule defined by the subscriber's site specific project requirements. Participant may propose additional measures to be discussed at the negotiation stage and with the inclusion of the final tender will be determined after the negotiations.

the objectives of the project are:

- Energy saving,

- The technical status of buildings is increased,

- Improving the quality of the indoor environment, or at least maintained at the same level of quality,

- The use of renewable energy sources in buildings are added as far as possible,

- Will be held on energy saving in training.

Computer equipment and supplies

Oulun kaupunki | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 14, 2016

Oulu Information Technology-owned enterprise responsible for the city of Oulu Group's production of IT services. City terminal environment consists of approximately 13 000 workstations with no structured life cycles of three to four years. Oulu Information Technology will ask for an offer standardized workstation collection with the aim of a framework agreement with three of the manufacturer.

A framework agreement, the three suppliers are selected on the basis of the overall economic affordability. Offer comparison is made set out in this invitation to tender device models (laptop, desktop workstation, 24 "of the basic display and a 24" screen in graphic design). Actual device range includes the four device model in addition to the six standardized, enterprise-device model, with purchase volumes are lower than the reference collection basket. In addition, for the City of Oulu educational administration is tailored for two to four annually appropriate educational device model.

Every year purchased about 2 300 proof, 2 300 laptops and 1,200 desktop workstations. The individual device models to be ordered about 50 new orders in installments, but the whole batch of orders can vary from twenty to hundreds of songs.

The tenderer must be able to provide supplies and equipment for other manufacturers' selection. If desired, Provider may designate a tender to supply these products, dealer or any other partner company. The named companies are not considered as a subcontractor Provider and the company is responsible for their own actions with the Oulu Information Technology.


Oulun seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä Osekk | Published November 11, 2016  -  Deadline December 21, 2016

Oulu Region Centre of Education in OSEKK invite bids industrial, medicinal, special fluids and gases.

Osekkissa has been used for the purchase of gas and gas cylinder in rents in 2015, approx. 54 000 EUR VAT 0%.

At the moment, bottles and bottle package (can also be used battery-name) is rented Woikoski from, Oy Aga Ab and Oy Teboil Ab and rental periods are of different lengths. Bottles and bottle packages are taken immediately in accordance with the agreement, the rental periods run out.

Possible organizational changes, mergers, joints, etc. May affect the competitive tendering of the total amount and scope. On this basis, in each case on the prevailing prices may not be price increases.

The quality does not compare, because it is recognized in all the quality factors associated with the acquisition of minimum requirements of the invitation to tender.

the subject of the contract is the Oulu Region Centre of Education OSEKK needed for industrial, medicinal, special and liquefied gases. can be ordered during the contract also mention in this invitation to tender, non-industrial, medicinal, special gases and liquids. The subscriber can order products that are not included in this call for tenders from other suppliers.

Said gases are used in various fields of mm. social services and health, natural resources and environment, as well as technology and transport. The client operates in the Oulu region of Education and its various units.

content and requirements of the contract is described in more detail later in the call for tenders.

A contracting entity shall have the right to check the information provided by the tender documents the tenderer prior to the contract award. If the information is not accurate, the offer is rejected on / off by comparison.

The award decision to be communicated to all bidders in its tender electronically provider to inform the e-mail address.

Information technology services

Oulun kaupunki | Published November 16, 2016  -  Deadline December 7, 2016

Oulu Information Technology-owned enterprise responsible for the city of Oulu Group's production of IT services. City terminal environment consists of approximately 13 000 4 300 workstations and mobile devices, whose services are arranged by Oulu Information Technology. Oulu Information Technology will ask for an offer of terminal equipment lifecycle services in such a way that the introduction of a framework agreement covers the use of terminal equipment, support services, to logistics and post-processing-related services.

A framework agreement, one service provider selected on the basis of the total economic affordability. Oulu Information Technology will establish contracts the services it needs for itself at the appropriate times. Mobile equipment, the services purchased from 04.01.2017 and workstation from 01.01.2018.

within the scope of the framework agreement include an estimated each year about 2 500 2 000 workstations and mobile devices.

The service consists of the following elements:

1. un-installed equipment warehouse logistics services (Appendix 1).

2. receipt of orders and execution of installation of the equipment (Appendix 2).

3. Keys equipment hand delivery to end-users in the Oulu region (Appendix 3).

postprocessing leaving the 4. appliance (Appendix 4).

5. Maintenance and spare part services (Note 5).

7. Reporting and messaging services.

The service is described in more detail in the Annexes to the invitation to tender.

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