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Invitation to tender in architectural design, main and structural design, Karvia performing arts stadium

Karvian kunta | Published November 26, 2015  -  Deadline December 10, 2015

The acquired: Overall Design of the Tender Offer are requested following the design of: - Architectural and main design, - structure planning. Background information on the project: a condition for the final implementation of the project the municipal government ordered the obtaining investment subsidy. Design of Phase 2 is implemented investment financing if the project has been received and Karvia city council has approved an investment decision. Content of the project design in general: Project engineering jaettaan the following parts: - Architectural design - main design (Architect acts as the main designer), - Structural design - Geosuunnittelu (ordered separately if the project is implemented), - HVAC design (ordered separately if the project takes place). The project is the design of Kant's primary school environment covered performing arts stadium construction 450 to the viewer as well as a partially covered (n.6 * 10m) scene mode + dressing performers in the vicinity of the stage space. The customer is hoped that the stadium could be possible to design / build Skanssi fortress resembling (or, at least partly) if it is possible economically, functionally and structurally. Grandstands and näyttämörakennelmissa will allocate the sound and lighting technology, as well as to their use / management. 120 to the parking lot) and the rest of the traffic arrangement design. Spectator planning should particularly take into consideration the following issues: - Would you believe the project buildings must be suitable for the environment of the area - Designer should be aware that the existing building / facilities are easily planned exploitable auditorium / performance space activities, - Cardinal points: The sun does not disturb viewers and performers, - Noise: stadium should be located so that no external noise to disturb performances. Throughout the initial total cost estimate for the construction project is around EUR 250 000 (VAT 0%)
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