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Electrical Distribution Ltd for the management and implementation of system purchase.

Elektrilevi OÜ | Published October 1, 2014  -  Deadline November 3, 2014
72240000, 48451000

Electrical Distribution Ltd. carries out each year about 140 000 work in the field, which is related to the exercise of approximately 600 people. Contract goal is to award the contract to Electric Distribution Ltd for the management information system for the purchase and pre-compliant deployment. Item Purchase Contract is a software product and its introduction of a software implementation work. In addition, procured the software product and made juurutustöödele technical support until 2018, the software product and roll out a brief description: Electric Distribution Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Supplier) wishes to buy, and its computerized environment integrated into a software product, which can be used to administer and manage the Electrical Distribution Ltd will undertake (field) works. The future system must cover the following functionality: Operations management. Job creation and execution. Work history and work of the contractor Desk. Execution and performance of their business outdoors using mobile devices. Data collection and reporting tasks performed on. Implementation of the work locations, job supervisors, routes, etc.. Managing location information on the map and display. Interface with other information systems. Optimized preparation of workplans pursuant work locations. The future system must allow for interfacing with the contracting group in use of information systems. This part of the procurement procured: Basic software including office-centered software including mobile device applications software Information System Licenses Proprietary localized information system technical support for 2016, 2017, 2018, Basic Requirements introducing the necessary training for this procurement within the framework of the contracting authority has the right but not the obligation, in addition to source: Suitable additional requirements for deployment Information System, make derivative possible services, including: a fixed hourly pricing arrangements for further purchase of services, including consultancy, training, analysis, integration with other information systems, product setup, execution of additional developments, testing, documentation, etc..

Computer-related equipment

Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool | Published October 9, 2014  -  Deadline October 30, 2014

Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkooli ehitusteaduskonna BIM laborisse visualiseerimisseadme BIM CAVE (Computer Aided Virtual Environment) valmistamine ja ost.

Construction of the National Archives.

Riigi Kinnisvara Aktsiaselts | Published October 9, 2014  -  Deadline November 17, 2014

Commissioned goal is to achieve the best possible manner to the National Estonian society where the written memory (documentary heritage), the preserver of the modern working environment.

100 EV's execution environment

Riigikantselei - URMAS AAVASALU | Published October 14, 2014  -  Deadline October 27, 2014

The object of the contract is 100 EV's environment. Object of the contract includes, inter alia, a web content management software development environment, analysis, documentation, drafting, project management and contracting advice.

Environmental permits and reporting of processing information system (MIS), the creation of Phase I

Keskkonnaministeeriumi Infotehnoloogiakeskus - Hannes Mädo | Published October 14, 2014

Contract goal is to conclude a framework agreement of a new environmental permits and reports, handling information system is realized on (among other things, systems analysis, architecture, software design, user interface design, development, testing, documentation, project management) and deploying (including training, data migration job, the old environmental permits and reporting applications in the gradual closing of ), as well as to ensure the warranty and other services necessary to achieve the objective of the Framework Agreement and to carry out the work.

Environmental Investment Centre in 2014, 2015, 2016, audited financial statements

Sihtasutus Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus - AIME PÄHKEL | Published October 16, 2014
BDO Eesti AS, 10309827, A. H. Tammsaare tee 47, Tallinn, 11316 Eesti (EE) Tel.: +372 56288139 URL:

Contract is subject to the Environmental Investment Centre in 2014, 2015, 2016 annual financial statement audit conducted.

TTU Särghaua earth sciences and environmental technologies training center aktiivõppeklassidesse Buying Stone-working tools.

Tallinna Tehnikaülikool | Published October 25, 2014
Quantum Eesti AS10832463Saekoja 36ATartu 50107 +372 55668477

TTU Särghaua earth sciences and environmental technologies training center aktiivõppeklassidesse Buying Stone-working tools.

Citizens' satisfaction with the state of public e-services offered by the 2014

Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet - Kairi Tammik | Published October 28, 2014
aktsiaselts Emor, 10076576, A.H.Tammsaare tee 47, Tallinn, 11316 Eesti (EE) Tel.: +372 6268500

Of State Information Agency (RIA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MEAC), subscribes to the European Union's structural funds (SF EL) Programme "Information Society awareness," and a study funded by the European Regional Development Fund, which aims to find out Ireland 16-74 year-olds in the public sector to Use of and satisfaction with services and portals of public sector services in an electronic environment 2014.aastal. Contract awarded to five months, but not longer than 02/27/2015. a.

Cleaning Service Bookings

Keskkonnaministeerium - Kristjan Rõivassepp | Published October 28, 2014
AS ISS Eesti, 10031220, Vilde tee 129, Tallinn, 12613 Eesti (EE) Tel.: +372 5154645

The aim is to subscribe to the service at Narva mnt 7a, Tallinn located in the premises of the Ministry of Environment and fixtures located there regularly to ensure the purity of the appointed time and frequency.

Delta Document Management System data migration

AKTSIASELTS ANDMEVARA - Ingrid Vuks | Published November 10, 2014  -  Deadline November 17, 2014

15 must carry out the organization's document management system, Delta Migrate data between environments with different software versions. Delta version 2.6 which uses environmental data transfer to Delta version 4.1 that uses the environment.

Maintenance of materials-materials, environmental technology purchases.

Sihtasutus Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla | Published November 15, 2014  -  Deadline December 23, 2014

Environmental Engineering Materials.

Pääsküla landfill post-closure environmental monitoring

Tallinna Keskkonnaamet - Liis Laurits | Published November 26, 2014  -  Deadline December 12, 2014

Public procurement has been the subject of a closed landfill Pääsküla environmental monitoring organization

0,4-35kV line zone maintenance work in Jõgevamaa

Elektrilevi OÜ - Angela Laine | Published November 26, 2014

This volume includes the procurement cost of the tender line onto the table Maintenance Electrical Distribution Ltd. Jõgevamaa piirkondannas. Contract map of regions, see the bottom of tender documents, the file named "Hankeosa borders." 2. The successful tenderer undertakes to carry out the work within the following actions: 2.1 Overhead clearance work carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia, regulations and other requirements (including the Highways Agency and / or the Environment Agency regulations, orders, regulations, instructions, etc.); 2.2 trees, tree limbs and brush clearing laasima, järkama and cut trees, trees bundled together at the request of the owner of immovable property to collect logging waste piles or the valleys of the line onto the outer edges; 2.3 The Electricity Distribution LLC to notify the owner of the immovable form (Landowner notification letter form), and co-ordinate the work of the exercise of the owner of an immovable specific requirements felled tree limbing, cross cutting and cutting waste collection and part of the harvest; 2.4 to obtain all permits and approvals necessary for the operation, written by local governments, metsavaldajatelt, owners of the property, land users, and the Environment Agency to apply for work permits necessary for logging, felling; 2.5 The owner of the immovable, or simply leave felled timber to the person with the right to use the property, unless the property owner or the person entitled to use of the property do not agree otherwise in writing by the contractor. Contract shall enter into force immediately after the award of the contract. Under the agreement, the orders will be provided from 01. January 2015.

The core network switches support an extension

Keskkonnaministeeriumi Infotehnoloogiakeskus - Hannes Mädo | Published November 28, 2014  -  Deadline December 8, 2014

Procurement Information Centre of the Ministry of the Environment aims at the core network switches support the purchase and the warranty of two years.

Communications Service of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of the Environment in the Government Agencies

Keskkonnaministeerium - Kristjan Rõivassepp | Published November 28, 2014  -  Deadline January 8, 2015

Public procurement is the subject of the tender documents and the corresponding procurement notice landline, mobile telephony and data services to obtain the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment, Government Agencies.

Valga situated in the Land Board managed lands in the autumn-winter period, harvesting, clearing the snow, de-icing and single-cropping Spring Bookings

Maa-amet - Kadi Adson | Published December 1, 2014  -  Deadline December 8, 2014

1.1 Procurement of ordinary object in Valga administrators of immovables situated in the Ministry of Environment, which is an authorized agency of the Land Office, Maintenance works under the conditions defined in the contract documents (hereinafter referred to as Service) award of the contract until the maturity date specified in the contract.

Pärnu city and municipality located in the state of Halinga land disposal of waste materials

Maa-amet - Kadi Adson | Published December 1, 2014  -  Deadline December 8, 2014

Simply Contract is subject to the Ministry of Environment administrators of real estate, which is an authorized agency of the Land Office, waste collecting, storing, and disposing of the liquidation of the conditions specified in the tender documents.

Virtualiseerimiskeskkonna extension and upgrade hardware purchases

Keskkonnaministeeriumi Infotehnoloogiakeskus - Hannes Mädo | Published December 2, 2014
Aktsiaselts Datel, 10324057, Endla 4, Tallinn, 10142 Eesti (EE) Tel.: +372 6263015

Procurement Information Centre of the Ministry of the Environment aims to virtualiseerimiskeskkonna server upgrades and purchases virtualiseerimiskeskkonna extension.

Media monitoring 2015-2016

Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium - Maarja Gavronski | Published December 2, 2014  -  Deadline December 9, 2014

Procurement procedures shall be organized and the contract awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Competition Authority, Civil Aviation, Road Administration, Consumer Protection Authority, Maritime Administration, Technical Surveillance Authority and the State Information System Office, or ühishankijate behalf of the Public Procurement Act (PPA) of § 13 paragraph 2 of the powers conferred on the basis of Economic Affairs and Communications (joint procurement organizer). Contract goal is 01/01/2015. a to 31.12.2016. a (24 months) a media monitoring service provision, which is the essence of the Estonian media, the public, and the systematic and purposeful observation overview of the environment through the Web and e-mail. In addition to ensuring a joint supplier of IP-based and passwords for access to the user environment. The work contains a more detailed description of meediamonitooringus observable aspects, the technical description (including the date of submission of the form), and the media list - Annex 1 and Annex No second

EV 100 web-realization

Riigikantselei - URMAS AAVASALU | Published December 2, 2014
osaühing Wiseman Interactive, 11087725, Kuusemäe tee 3, Äigrumäe küla, Viimsi vald, Harjumaa, 74001 Eesti (EE) Tel.: +372 5169171

The object of the contract is 100 EV web environment. Object of the contract contains, inter alia, web-based content management software development, analysis, preparation of documentation, project management and contracting advice.