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Maritime patrol aircrafts

Forsvarsministeriets Materiel- og Indkøbsstyrelse | Published February 4, 2017
35611600, 34711000

Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) plans to tender an update of the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) CL-604 fleet. The fleet consists of four CL-604 S/N 5380, 5468, 5472 and 5515.

The CL-604 fleet was introduced to RDAF in 1999-2001(5380, 5468, 5472 (the grey ones)) and 2013 (5515). 5380, 5468 and 5472 has since their introduction undergone a few major modifications including removable bellymounted search radar, tailmounted FLIR, Hard points for removable SLAR (Side Looking Airborne Radar) and advanced communications systems. 5515 stands out from the 3 grey ones as it is only used for training and transport of VIP and light cargo. Motivation for the update derives from obsolete systems and components, including search radar and cockpit components, and a need for upgrading the communication systems, including SATCOM and LINK.

This Prior information notice is a Request For Information (RFI). This notice is NOT a tender.

CL-604 S/N 5380, 5468, 5472 (the grey ones) solves a wide variety of tasks including search and rescue, ISR, Maritime Patrol, aerial delivery of small cargo and VIP transport. Maritime patrol, in this case, includes search for pollution at sea, inspection of fishery vessels and sovereignty enforcement. Today the aircraft can be reconfigured from VIP transport to maritime patrol within a fairly short time. The diverse use of the aircraft is meant to continue.

The diverse use also leads to use of the aircraft in cold-wet/dry and hot-wet/dry environments such as the Arctic region, Africa and the Mediterranean.

Therefore the bidder must take this into consideration when planing the update and installation of new equipment.

New air space control means, like ADS-B out, LINK2000+ and FANS 1/A also motivates the update. The existing systems and components do not comply with these requirements.

The scope of the update is:

— Four CL-604 aircraft (5380, 5468, 5472, 5515) equipped with updated cockpit and upgraded communication systems.

— Three CL-604 aircraft (5380, 5468, 5472) updated/modified to operate new search radar. (And the existing FLIR/SLAR/Etc.)

— 3 new (removable) search radars with Crew Work Stations and Mission System. Crew Work Stations and Mission System must also be able to handle existing FLIR/SLAR/AIS etc.

— Bidder are to handle removal of existing obsolete systems and components, installation of new systems and components and integration of new and remaining systems and components.

Furthermore bidder are to deliver/support:

— Acceptance Test,

— Technical Support,

— Training of relevant DALO/RDAF personnel,

— A service contract including Documentation, overhaul, repair and spare parts.

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