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Staatliches Bauamt Rosenheim | Published November 7, 2015
pmp Architekten GmbH
71000000, 71200000

The competition process is anonymous. The museum should be a place of history, culture and fate of the Sudeten Germans keeps alive in the consciousness - including its benefits for the European understanding and build bridges in Europe - a place of encounter and dialogue, particularly with our Czech neighbors. The embossing and development of this cultural area, which was the spiritual and cultural center of Europe for many centuries, is to be shown the future museum visitors multimedia. To further promote the dialogue with the Czech neighbors and recover the history of the Germans together, the existing close cooperation between the Sudeten German Museum with the Collegium Bohemicum in Usti nad Labem in the form of temporary exhibitions, lectures and discussions will be expanded in the future. The promoter expects from the competition a museum design that: - implementing the aim of the museum in a prominent and attractive architectural quality and taking into account the urban and historic preservation concerns is its own architectural highlight in the sensitive environment Isar edge of the slope, - the exhibition concept is a reasonable and supportive framework , - the aspect of economy, both for the construction as, also takes into account the operation of the building in a particular degree, - the budget set complies. The building project consists of several parts: - construction of the Sudeten Germans Museum - extension of Alfred Kubin Gallery in Sudeten house, - remediation of Adalbert Stifter hall in Sudeten house - reconstruction of office space for the Museum management in Sudeten house. New construction and expansion of Alfred Kubin Gallery. The restaurant, a part of the building with ground floor and 2 basement levels (built into the sloping edge of the slope into Isar) and a floor has to be demolished in the course of the construction work, to make room for the cultivation of the museum. 380 m2 exhibition space in the old building needed NF1-6 (260 m2 Space available + 120 m2 expansion area plan). In the old building more areas are for the museum use upgraded (Administration Museum, auditorium and space for museum education); these plans are not the subject of the competition, but are executed in parallel structurally. Competition task is to develop a plan for the museum, the welcoming of the complex boundary conditions such as: - cultivation of the museum to the Foundation building from 1980 with adjustments in inventory - partially underpinning the backlog and foundations by piles (new construction), - complex demolition of a in the Isar slope into built building part (slope protection, protection of the foundation building), - functional distribution of museum space in new and old buildings, - cramped, sloping building plot, EnEV 2009 - 30%), - land in throwing power of the Protected Landscape Area "Isar slope edge" (protected biotope), - connection gear results in the backward location "House of the German East" and on the basis of the space program and museum concept a viable and functional building design. The handover of the finished building should take place in the summer 2018th
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