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Vocational training in institutions outside; BaE 2017/2018 - integrative model

Landkreis Uckermark, Rechtsamt | Published February 13, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017

Type of service: vocational training in institutions outside (BaE); - Training year 2017/2018 - (§ 16 para 1 SGB II i in conjunction with § 76 SGB III...); here: BaE 2017/2018 - integrative model scope of services: receive training seekers who benefits securing their livelihood under SGB II and in any company vocational training can learn a recognized occupation, given the opportunity, in accordance with § 16 para 1 SGB II in. conjunction with §§ 76 ff. SGB III to complete their vocational training in a non-company equipment. The recording, continuation or termination of a vocational training is primarily young people granted in institutions outside who need special assistance during vocational education and practical knowledge acquisition or the social integration process. These include, for example. Also young people with an immigrant background who need special assistance due to language deficits or existing social difficulties in adapting in a foreign sociocultural environment. The vocational training in a gainful means performs on the basis of the Vocational Training Act or the Crafts Code i. V. m. the relevant regulations to a state-recognized vocational qualification. Under a training contract between the training the young working-beneficiaries and the support of vocational training is carried out. During the implementation of vocational training are all ways to perceive, to promote the transition of trainees in a training place.
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