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13005_008-09 # 013 office platform industry 4.0

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie - Zentrale Vergabestellen IC4 und ZA3 | Published June 17, 2016  -  Deadline July 21, 2016
79400000, 75130000, 79951000, 79416200, 79950000, 79400000, 75130000, 79951000, 79416200, 79950000

The platform industry 4.0 is the central Alliance for the coordinated management of the digital structural change in the industry in Germany. As a national and international network node supports German companies, particularly SMEs, to implement industry 4.0. With examples from the nationwide corporate practice, specific recommendations for action and test environments it gives them a decisive impetus. The management of the platform is made by the Minister and the Minister of the ministries responsible BMBF and AG, and representatives of business, trade unions and science. Other bodies of the platform, a strategy group, a steering committee, a scientific advisory committee and five working groups. The operational project management of the platform is supported by an office.

The "office industrial platform 4.0" has been working very successfully since April 2015 and has gained a national and international scope. The originally intended scope of the office has increased significantly and new tasks have been added.
The re-tendering includes the acquisition of the previous work and continuation of the office with extended capabilities. The contract provides in this respect the provision of pre-agreed service modules (standard fee) in combination with the provision of the framework contract blocks.
For further details, see specifications (download e-procurement platform)

Framework agreement to support the project and knowledge management in the development of the employee portal and knowledge management system OfficeNet (ON2).

Beschaffungsamt des Bundesministeriums des Innern | Published July 10, 2015  -  Deadline September 1, 2015
72262000, 72267000, 72262000, 72267000

Support in project management and knowledge in the advancement of the employee portal and knowledge management system OfficeNet (ON2) 25 other public administration institutions. OfficeNet was developed on behalf of the Federal Office of Administration and adapted to the present day in various projects in the BVA and expanded. OfficeNet provides the public agencies using a largely finished, preconceived IT solution that can be flexibly adjusted by the on the basis of the underlying open source frameworks to the specific requirements of other authorities and expanded. In all the facilities, however, is largely the same software version configured individually and adjusted to appropriate conditions in use. This includes Software¬entwicklung for the respective system environments of the authorities throughout the country, since in addition to the professional development and continuous modernization of the application system OfficeNet is necessary. Therefore, a framework contract will be awarded with this contract award procedure from which if necessary support services in the areas of consulting and Software¬pflege and -er position to the extent required by the institutions of the German public administration can be found, which are connected to the sector network.

Storage system

Fraun­ho­fer Ge­sell­schaft e.V. | Published October 17, 2014  -  Deadline December 2, 2014

Storage system: Fraunhofer Institute for Scientific Technological Trend Analysis (INT) in Euskirchen wants to replace his central storage from 2008 and make fail-safe. That's procuring system should be designed for high availability (two controllers) and for different application servers such as Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange 2010, MS SharePoint, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere 5.x and native file services for Windows (CIFS) and UNIX environments ( NFS) be certified. Furthermore, the system is storing (iSCSI, FC) and the Dedupe can provide block-level. The migration of data from existing storage system NetApp FAS3020 (acquisition of projects, applications, project data, and Exchange storage groups) must be made on the fly and be completed within one working week. Important is a unified management of the entire storage infrastructure. A separation between back-end (RAID array) and front-end (NAS / SAN gateway) in management is not desired. It must all aspects (NAS and SAN) incl. Backup through a single management interface can be managed at the remote site. The reliability of the overall system is to be ensured by the operating system as clusters in two fire zones, where the cluster members synchronously mirror / replicate. In addition to supplying the storage system installation, commissioning, migration, training and a four year maintenance contract to be tendered.

208 - Software maintenance and software change Intranet Bundeswehr

Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) | Published January 20, 2016  -  Deadline February 16, 2016

The BAAINBw intends software maintenance and software change services (SWMM services) subcontract. Components in the form of Java portlets, a Bundeswehr specific surface area (Portal Theme) for the implementation of the online style guides of the Bundeswehr as well as various other components in the form of Java Servlets, Web services, and smaller, usually Java based programs. Formation excerpts describes the Rz landscape in which the IntranetBw operated: 2000 managed MIPS; - Backup Jobs: 71 000 per week; - Managed / Used Storage:> 2000 terabytes; - Managed Server:> 3 500 virtualization degree> 85%; 500 000. SAPS; Mails per month. 140 000 PKIBw cards. In the following 4 data center server environments are operated: - Virtualized IBM mainframe server (with z / OS) in Parallel Sysplex cluster; - Virtualized IBM System p servers (AIX) - partially in the high availability cluster; Sinn method fürmittels VMWare virtualized servers; - Cloud computing platform, IBM Pure Systems Aplication - IPAS. In the IT procedures currently IntranetBw following software components are operated among others: - Webshpere (Intranet / Internet portal); - Content Management System Creator (editorial platform Intranet / Internet); - Confluence (Wiki service); - Lucom (Forms Management System); - WebTrends (statistics); - FAST (search engine); - MySQL / DB2 / Oracle (data management). For the portal IntranetBw following figures for March 2015 have been identified: - visits 6 000 000; - Page views 15.7 million; 50 active performances on the platform (clients / sites in virtual portals); - 60,000 content pages; - 620 000 images (including all calculated levels of resolution.); - Of 70 000 other files (PDF, DOC, PPT, etc.); - 175 000 registered users in the portal; - 700-900 active HTTP connections Portal / 300-600 to the private area. For the wiki service of the Bundeswehr following key figures for the October 2015 have been identified: - Global Wiki areas 377; - Personal Wiki areas 842; - Visits 134,600. 130 000 users use the form management system. The following roles are required and are distributed on the basis of the illustrated key on diejährlichen hours volumes of the contractual period: - 10% Project; - 35% Lead developer / architect / analyst; - 45% developer; - 10% quality assurance / Tester.