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State Office for Environment castle Steinhausen

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published October 28, 2015

State Office for Environment, Department Kulmbach

Renovation Underground parking Central parking including reconstruction Environment - Facades

Stadt Kulmbach | Published August 7, 2017  -  Deadline August 30, 2017

The city of Kulmbach plans to renovate the underground car park and the market square above. In addition to the sustainable renewal of the underground car park, the aim is to create a high-quality design of the space, which allows a wide range of uses. The central location at the historical market place as well as the traffic connections and the fixed deadlines due to the use of the market place are a special challenge. Project size: 1.2 ha, BRI 20,747 m³; Parking with 84 parking spaces, approx. 2.900 m²; (In the vicinity of the car park) with approx. 3.000 m², transport facilities (roads, roundabouts) approx. 6,000 m²; Bus waiting areas for 6 busesDescription of the procurement: - Enclosure 100: approx. 1 psch.- Total glazing element: approx. 1 piece- Gate: approx. 1 piece- Ventilation lamellas: 1 piece- Glass alternatively C3: Ca. 1 psch.- Enclosure 300: approx. 1 psch.- Folding store: approx. 1 piece- Sliding window: approx. 1 piece- Door element: approx. 2 pcs. Enclosure 400: approx. 1 psch.- Glass alternating C2: approx. 1 psh.

Electrical installation work

Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth | Published September 14, 2015  -  Deadline October 5, 2015

State Office for Environment, Department Kulmbach
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