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Multi-functional buildings construction work

Magistrat der Kreis – Hansestadt Korbach | Published November 21, 2015  -  Deadline December 28, 2015
45211350, 71222000, 71322500

Explaining the plans to restructure the environment of the station Korbach. Occasion; The importance of Korbach in the public transport network (public transport network) is to use by the beginning of September 2015 completed the reactivation of the railway line towards Frankenberg (R 42), which allows from Korbach to Marburg throughout the rail passenger transport (regional rail), increase. All three platform edges are not accessible barrier-free from the direction of downtown. The entire system works in her over the years grown form inadequately structured, no discernible development, no central passenger information, etc., in addition, non-accessible. These important urban axis is retained and will be decorated in contemporary style in the coming years. Between station function and the way to the city center there is no readable station forecourt, but rather a disorganized conglomerate of city bus stops, parking lots and narrow and cluttered areas. In addition, the opening up of the entire station and public transportation area is to operate confusing and inadequate. Subsequent to this tunnel ramp is interrupted by stairs and has in parts of slopes greater than 6%, so it is not handicap accessible. In this study alternatives for the overall concept and also for parts produced and elaborated it into a preferred variant. This preferred variant will be explained in more detail below. Planning: The following considerations underlie the current plans: Central Bus Station (ZOB): The quality should be increased. Tapping tunnel: Since it is uneconomical parallel to entertain 3 tunnels and the tunnel is arranged urban sense in extending the pedestrian zone, it is envisaged in the future, namely to operate only one of the tunnels in the extension of the pedestrian zone. The tunnel itself is rebuild that spatially difficult situation of a tunnel system, is still relativized to a relatively small cross-section, through appropriate design and lighting. Connection pedestrian: leeway for this measure also arise in consequence of the fact that the city bus stops, which are currently located in this area, moved to the back of the station and be integrated in the future ZOB. Individual measures: building development: Here, a staircase and a lift as vertical circulation of the central platform are provided. The existing and still-to-use tunnel should not be expanded, but a reduction on the back appear reasonable and feasible because the tunnel is no longer used here faces of Deutsche Bahn (DB) - undercrossed AG. On the Northeast side of the tunnel beyond the existing ramp system should be rebuilt, open the ZOB and parts of the urban area east of downtown via ramps and short staircase sections. Moreover, covered parking for bicycles are located in the region of the distributor. Place Am Hauptbahnhof: The superposition with the restructuring of the pedestrian area is a sensible option. Service building and distributors: So the possibility is given to cross on dry land from the tunnel to the house Railway sidewalk and the city buses. Central Bus Station (ZOB): The required two stop positions are to be arranged easily at this point and can be organized so that the second bus as it extends, while the first is still standing. This concept enables the / of its user / users have clarity on which way you move in the region does nothing wrong by visits the island and is based there and achieved over a short distance one of the four exit positions. It is proposed to roof the island, where it is useful and interesting appears to leave the contours of an island structure nachzeichnende opening in the center, which is then in turn also allow planting and thus formally appealing centering of the area. Summary and conclusion: With integrated into this discussion and the voting process Mrs. Blumberg from Nordhessischer Transport Association and Mr. King of the Kurhessenbahn who have given as infrastructure professionals their agreement in principle to the concept as described were. Expressions of Interest: It is intended to concretize the already existing plans for this concept further.
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