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Sewer Nechanice - sewerage local parts Pools, Dry

Město Nechanice | Published November 25, 2015

The project addresses the sewerage collection and treatment of sewage from the local area dry and Pools at WWTP in Nechanice. Given the current landscape area will be a combination of sewer gravity drainage and discharge. All waste sewage water will be drained from the population of sub-drains into ordinary sewers. Then to the booster pump station and diverted to a wastewater treatment plant Nechanice. Drainage of sewage water to a central WWTP only gravity sewers is not possible, due to the height solutions territory. In the local area dry will be built one gas station in the local area The pools will be built two pumping stations that will be pumped sewage into the nearest sewer gravity. The subject will be described in detail in the tender documents. Description needs to be the fulfillment of public contracts achieved: the client's needs is to provide sewerage, drainage and cleaning of waste water from a given area, thus improving the quality of life for residents in the area and improve the environment. Description of the subject of the tender: see. point II.4 of this announcement. Description of the relationship of the public contract and the client's needs: Implementation will to ensure the client's needs when they are discharged sewage water from frequent droughts and pools and transferred for further treatment in the WWTP Nechanice. Expected date of fulfillment of public contracts - is dependent on obtaining funds from OPE assumption is 09/2017.
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