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Interventoría a la construcción del colector separado y mejoramiento hidráulic

 | Published March 23, 2016  -  Deadline April 8, 2016

Water and Sanitation Program for the Municipio of Pasto The national government¿s efforts to ensure efficient and sustainable universal provision of water and sanitation services are threefold: i) support regional utilities; ii) better distribute and target government resources; and iii) reduce pollution in watersheds. To further these efforts, the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territoral Development (MAVDT) designed the Waste Discharge Sanitation Program, supported by the Bank under the Water and Sanitation Initiative.

CO Rio Bogota Environ Infrastructure - P111479

 | Published April 23, 2016

Diseno Detallado Construccion De Obras Suministro/instalacion De Equipos Puesta En Marcha Y Operacion Asistida De La Optimizacion Y Expansion De La Planta De Tratamiento De Aguas Residuales El Sal ICB Contract Award Notice Colombia Project: P111479 - CO Rio Bogota Environmental Recuperation and Flood Control Project Bid/Contract Reference No: LPI No: BM_LPI_01_2013 Scope of Contract: DISENO DETALLADO CONSTRUCCION DE OBRAS SUMINISTRO/INSTALACION DE EQUIPOS PUESTA EN MARCHA Y OPERACION ASISTIDADE LA OPTIMIZACION Y EXPANSION DE LA PLANTA DE TRATAMIENTO DE AGUAS RESIDUALES EL SALIT Duration of Contract: 5.00Year(s) Contract Signature Date: Evaluation Currency: COP-Colombian Pesos Awarded Bidder(s): Name: CONSORCIO EXPANSION PTAR SALITRE (AKTOR TECHNICAL SOCIETE DEGREC AQUALIA INFRAESTRUCTURAS DE ESPANA CASS CONSTRUCTORES YCIA DE COLOMBIA) Address: Country: Greece Bid Price at Opening:COP 805,478,449,210.00EUR 44,159,893.00USD123,567,202.00 Evaluated Bid Price: COP1,149,768,636,945.87 Contract Price: COP1,149,768,636,945.87 Evaluated Bidder(s): Name : CONSORCIO AGUAS DEL SALITRE (CONSTRUCTORA NORBERTO ODEBRECHT DE BRASIL Y OTV DE FRANCIA) Address : Country: Brazil Bid Price at Opening:COP 782,069,270,456.00EUR 108,751,803.00USD 84,385,055.00 Evaluated Bid Price: COP1,164,443,753,347.90

CO Rio Bogota Environ Infrastructure - P111479

CAR - Corporación Autónoma de Cundinamarca | Published December 3, 2015  -  Deadline December 28, 2015

Consulting for the design of multifunctional areas and the development of the plan of operation and maintenance of hydraulic adequacy lasobras the middle basin Del Rio Bogota. CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS DEINTERÉS (SERVICES CONSULTING FIRMS SELECTION) COLOMBIA FITNESS HYDRO PROJECT ENVIRONMENTAL AND RECOVERY RÍOBOGOTÁ IBRD Loan 7985-CO. Consulting Services: Process BM_SP_03_2015 Object name: consulting eldiseño ÁREASMULTIFUNCIONALES AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE PLANDEOPERACIÓN AND MAINTENANCE OF WORKS OF FITNESS HYDRAULIC LACUENCA MEDIADEL RIO BOGOTA. This invitation for expressions of interest is formulated as a result of the general procurement notice for this project, published on July 8, 2010 in the United Nations Development Business (UNDB). 3 Studios for Integrated River Basin Management Bogotá. Losservicios consultancy ("the Services") include: - The design of the multifunctional areas referred to in the draft Flood Control and Recuperaciónambiental the Bogota River, - The preparation of a Plan of Operation and Maintenance of Hydraulic Works to align the Bogota River in its CuencaMedia. - The preparation of a proposal for implementation of a pilot treatment program elcauce artificial wetlands in the river. - The study of alternative oxygenation to the Bogota River in its middle reaches. Paracumplir this scope, the general objectives of these consulting services are: lasseis Total surface area is approximately 160 hectares. - Design and develop a plan for maintenance and operation of the works under Component 2 Hydraulic deAdecuación and environmental recovery of the river Bogotá, as part of essential addition to its sustainability. - Prepare design contract for the construction and operation of a pilot project to assess humedalesartificiales technologies to improve the quality of river water. - Prepare a study of alternative technologies to assess oxygenation directaen the ríoBogotá. It is planned to implement activities an estimated implementation period twelve (12) months.

CO Rio Bogota Environ Infrastructure - P111479

CORPORACION AUTONOMA REGIONAL DE CUNDINAMARCA | Published December 3, 2015  -  Deadline December 28, 2015

A consultant for the design or from areas multifunctional and the elaboration N Trade Plan Maintenance lasobras NY From FITNESS N Hyd Ulica In the middle basin of RO Bogot INVITATION apresentar EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST (DECONSULTORIA-SELECTION SERVICES FIRMS) COLOMBIA PROJECT ADECUACIÓNHIDRÁULICAY BOGOTA RIVER ENVIRONMENTAL RECOVERY IBRD LOAN 7985-CO. DECONSULTORÍA SERVICES: 03_2015 BM_SP_ Process Object name: CONSULTING multifunctional areas parael DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF WORKS OF FITNESS HYDRO DELA BOGOTA RIVER BASIN MEDIA. This invitation to presentarexpresiones of interest is formulated as a result of the general notice of adquisicionespara this project, published on 8 july 2010 at the United Nations Development Business (UNDB). 3 Studios for Integrated River Basin Management Bogotá. The consulting services ("the Services") include: - The multifunctional diseñode Areas covered in the draft environmental yRecuperación Hydraulic adequacy of ríoBogotá, - The preparation of a Plan of Operation and Maintenance of Hydraulic Adjustment works in his Bogota Delrio Media basin. - The preparation of a proposal for implementation of a pilot treatment porhumedales artificial riverbed in the program. - The study of alternative oxygenation to the Bogota River in its middle reaches. To fulfill this scope, objetivosgeneralesde consulting services are: superficietotal of the six areas is approximately 160 hectares. - Design and develop a maintenance plan delas yOperación works under Component 2 Hydraulic Adaptation and Environmental Recovery of the River Bogota, comoelemento essential complement to its sustainability. - Prepare to hire her design construction and operation of a pilot project to assess tecnologíasde artificial wetlands to improve the quality of the river Bywater. - Prepare a study to assess technologies dealternativas direct oxygenation in the Bogota River. It is planned to implement the activities deejecución estimated within twelve (12) months.

CO Rio Bogota Environ Infrastructure - P111479

CORPORACION AUTONOMA REGIONAL DE CUNDINAMARCA - CAR | Published July 29, 2015  -  Deadline September 10, 2015

Construction of Hydraulic Adjustment Section D Bogota River Mouth Sector Rio Juan Amarillo - Puente La Virgen works of section D comprising Matching ads in 16 Kms from the mouth of Río Juan Amarillo to Puente La Vi Called aLicitación COLOMBIA PROJECT HYDRAULIC AND FITNESS ENVIRONMENTAL RECOVERY OF THE RIVER IBRD 7985-CO BOGOTA Puente La Virgen (K 52 + 68 +968 500 AK) This solicitation is issued as a result of Generalde Procurement Notice for this project which was published in the dG Market on 08 July 2010. deCundinamarca Regional Autonomous Corporation has received a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to partially finance the costodelProyecto of Flood Control and Environmental Recovery of the River Bogota, IBRD 7985-CO, and intends to apply part of the loan fondosde this paraefectuar payments for Flood Control Works Contract Delrío Bogota in the section between ladesembocadura del Río Juan Amarillo (K52 + 500) and Puente La Virgen (K68 + 968) ". Deconstruction is within ten (10) months. Lalicitación will be conducted through the procedures of International Competitive Bidding (ICB) set at the World Delbanco publication entitled Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits, andis open depaíses all eligible bidders as defined in the documents tender. Eligible Bidders interested may further obtenerinformación of: Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca, Doctor Nestor Guillermo Franco Gonzalez, SecretarioGeneral, Email: and get the bidding documents at the address given at the end of this Call de8 Monday to Friday: 30 to 12:00 my DE14: 30 to 16:30. No grant a margin of preference to contractors or APCAsnacionales. Seráenviado document for print or magnetic media, as requested elinteresado. Bids will be opened physically in the presence of representatives of losOferentes wishing to attend in person at the address at the end of this Call, the sixteen (16:00) hours days10 September 2015. All Ofertasdeberán be accompanied by guarantees the maintenance of the Offer by an amount equivalent to 20% of the value of lamisma. The (s) address (es) referred (s) above is (are): Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca - CAR SECRETARY GENERAL Address: Carrera 7 No. 36-45 7th Floor CAR City: BOGOTAD.C. Country: COLOMBIA 1762 1726 Email: Portal:

CO Rio Bogota Environ Infrastructure - P111479

CAR | Published May 19, 2015  -  Deadline June 16, 2015

Plan biosolids (GDP) for the city of Bogota requesting expressions DEINTERÉS Management (CONSULTING SERVICES SELECTION DEFIRMAS) COLOMBIA FITNESS HYDRO PROJECT AND RECOVERY AMBIENTALDEL BOGOTA RIVER PRÉSTAMOBIRF 7985-CO. CONSULTING SERVICES: Program Management Biosolids (PGB) to Bogota Estainvitación for expressions of interest is formulated as a result of the general procurement notice for this project, published on July 8, 2010 in the UNITEDNATIONS Development Business (UNDB). The Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cundinamarca? CAR has received World Bank financiamientodel Adequacy Project RecuperaciónAmbiental River hydraulics and Bogota, and intends to apply part of the funds to service contracts deconsultoría. Similarly, the GDP will establish a plan for the medium and long term for the entry into operation of lasdistintas phases of Canoas WWTP. The main objective of the study is formulating unprograma estrategiasgenerales and defining the specific actions to be taken in the short, long term medianoy desolucionar to the problem of managing the WWTP biosolids generated in Bogotá to achieve sostenibilidadsocial, economic and environmental water resources in the Rio Bogota. Losobjetivos side are: Make the terms dereference for Biosolids marketing plan, focused on defining the potential of every viable strategy, sucapacidad, actors, barriers, education, marketing programs, pilot studies, cooperation programs, and other componentesnecesariospara the successful implementation of the program. There is provided an estimated running ten (10) months period. The criteria for selecting the short list are: experience in management studies programasde Biosolids to cities like Bogota characteristics; and ii) experience in project management related debiosólidos Plant Wastewater Treatment. (You may include brochures, description of trabajossimilares, experience in similar conditions, availability of staff with the relevant skills, etc.) Interested consultants should pay attention to the politics of conflict of interest, paragraph 1.9 of the World Delbanco Standards entitled: Contrataciónde selection and Consultants by Borrowers IBRD and IDA Credits porPrestatarios Grants World Bank, Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, May 2004, Versiónrevisada in October 2006 and May 2010. For purposes of the decision to express interest and an eventual contract, elconsultor concerned must take into account the grounds of conflict of interest and eligibility in normasseñaladas established in the previous paragraph, which can be consulted on the website: http: //www.bancomundial .org / en / country / Colombia Paragraph 1.10de the anteriormentecitadas Standards. Consultants may associate with other firms in formade joint venture (JV) or subcontractors in order to improve their grades. Consultants will be selected by deselecting Based on Quality and Cost method (SBCC). In the process of selection of firms consultorasfinanciados by the World Bank, not exigengarantías or maintenance policies or proposals seriously, or enforcing contracts. Interested consultants may obtain másinformación at the address given at the end of this call during business hours on Monday to viernesdesde 8:30 am to 12 m from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm expressions interésdeberán be received by escritoen the address below (in person, by mail, fax or email), no later than martes16 day of June 2015, before 16:00. DECUNDINAMARCA -CAR Regional Autonomous Corporation Attention: FRANCO GONZALEZ NESTORGUILLERMO SECRETARIOGENERAL Address: Carrera 7 No. 36-45 7th Floor CAR City: BOGOTAD.C. Country: COLOMBIA 1762 1726 Direcciónelectrónica: Portal: http //:

REVISION - Sistema Nacional de Areas Protegidas SINAP

 | Published February 6, 2015  -  Deadline February 13, 2015

Preparation of the GEF project "Consolidation of the SINAP at National and Regio This Technical Cooperation (TC) corresponds to a Project Preparation Grant (PPG) of US$135,000 which aims to support the preparation of a full-sized Global Environment Facility (GEF) project of the amount of US$4,157,000. Both operations utilise resources from this facility. The TC seeks the consolidation of the management and planning abilities of the National System of Protected Areas of Colombia, (SINAP, its acronym in Spanish) of Colombia, at the national and regional levels to: (i) enhance its operational effectiveness; (ii) increase ecosystem representativeness; and (iii) strengthen the participation of regional stakeholders in conservation initiatives along strategic biological corridors and conservation mosaics.

DCI — technological strengthening of the Public Prosecutor's Office's protection and assistance programme

Ministry of Justice and Law of the Republic of Colombia | Published March 27, 2012  -  Deadline April 30, 2012

Technological strengthening of the protection and assistance programme through the development and implementation of a new information system in a web environment, the result of which will be an IT solution that registers and controls the activities of the Protection and Assistance Office of the Public Prosecutor's Office, using methodologies involving, amongst other things, compiling information, analysing, designing and commissioning the information system.

Programa de Apoyo al Plan de Educación de Calidad para la Prosperidad

 | Published May 31, 2016

Support Program to Quality Education Plan for Prosperity This program seeks to support the Colombian government on their efforts to reduce territorial inequities both, in coverage and quality of education. For that reason, the activities will focus in three areas. To improve decentralized management will advance on providing the appropriate management tool to the Educational Institutions for their efficient functioning and for the MEN to properly supervise the use of the transferred resources. To strengthen students¿ citizenship competencies complements the country¿s recent efforts to limit violence and strengthen the respect for and exercise of human rights which in turn generate better learning environments. To increase the coverage and pertinence of technical and technological education improves youth employability and supports economic development and the improvement of the country¿s competitiveness.


 | Published February 1, 2016  -  Deadline February 5, 2016

Project for Strengthening Judicial Services Preliminarily it has been proposed that the operation includes the financing of activities organized in the following three components: a. Strengthening judicial management, which includes: (i) an organizational and process reengineering, (ii) implementation of plans to ease congestion, (iii) the design and implementation of a judicial management system; (iv) training of judges and judicial officers in areas such as judicial management and best practices and (v) the purchase of tools and equipment of oral proceedings, computing and connectivity, and the adequacy of furniture and work environments. b. Improving the quality of the legal information they include, inter alia, the following aspects: (i) strengthening the role of rapporteur, which involves an exercise of organizational and process reengineering, cleansing of jurisprudential information, entry up of an information jurisprudential, training the reporters at new processes and provision of equipment and connectivity, (ii) improving the systems and facilities of library and archives, and (iii) strengthening the communication with users, especially in regard to the Judicial Portal and Web pages of the High Corporations. c. Support for the management of regulatory information that would, (i) cleansing and validation of regulatory information loaded to the system of information legislation, (ii) supporting a process of analysis of lifetimes, (iii) strengthening institutional arrangements for continuous updating of the system, and (iv) acquisition of equipment, software and licenses.

Program Support for Sustainable Development of the Archipelago Department of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina: technical, legal, administrative, financial, accounting, environmental and social Supervision of works for the Integral Improvement

 | Published March 27, 2017

Support for Colombia's Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) of Policy Reform Program in Public Private Partnerships and Project Structuring, Both Within the strategic areas of National Development Plan Colombia 2014-2018
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