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KRW / KLW signage / lighting environment Stage 1 gym A + B

Hochbauamt, Baubereich 3 | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline February 3, 2017
CPV: 45112700 - Landscaping work
Construction costs plan number (BKP): 421 - Gardening works

N04, 110016, conservation project Rütihof intersection - Connection Küssnacht, project authors Environment

Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA Filiale Zofingen | Published December 12, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017
CPV: 71300000 - Engineering services

N09.58-001 Martigny 080 331 EP & Surroundings, Environmental Monitoring of the SER Realization

Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA, Abteilung Strasseninfrastruktur West, Filiale Thun | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017
CPV: 71313450 - Umweltüberwachung im Bau

N09.58-001 Martigny 080 331 EP & Surroundings, Environmental Monitoring of the SER Realization

Office fédéral des routes OFROU, Division Infrastructure routière Ouest, Filiale Thoune | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017
CPV: 71313450 - Environmental monitoring for construction

N04, 110016, Conservation Project Intersection Rütihof - Junction Küssnacht, Project Creator Environment

Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA Filiale Zofingen | Published December 12, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017
Issue of 943,453 
The official tender was published in the following publication organ:
Published: 12/12/2016

Request for Proposal (RFP): Consultancy on data management for Strategic Information and Procurement

World Health Organization | Published January 6, 2017


The objective of the consultancy  is to support robust management of data sets related to strategic information and drug and diagnostics pricing and procurement, analysis, validation and ensuring these are made available transparently through country intelligence and in the WHO systems.


Main Tasks:


Management of data includes but is not limited to the following:


  1. Support the databases and data management systems on HIV strategic information and  HIV and Hepatitis drugs and diagnostics procurement  information
    1. Creation of data extracts, including encoding and formatting data to match the specifications of targeted systems, and matching data to existing datasets (for example, for the Global Health Observatory).
    2. Conduct data entry, data extraction, and generation of reports.
    3. Conduct quality analysis (data verification, and cleaning of data).


  1. Create an interface to enable access to HIV data through the WHO web site and Country Intelligence.
  2. Propose  links and information-sharing with appropriate partners for the further dissemination of HIV data.
  3. Validated global reporting data and consolidation of all data into country intelligence
  4. Integration of key data sets of strategic information, procurement and country intelligence within the WHO informatics operating environment.
  5. Producing and maintaining a factsheet of key strategic information and drug and diagnostics data (procurement) for the department and supporting slide sets and communication materials
  6. Responding to ad hoc requests for data (including the creation of tables, graphs and charts) from HIV department, Regional and Country Offices and partners, and working closely with the TB department and EMP


Key requirements for this consultancy:


Essential Education:

University degree in public health, computer science or other related subject


Essential Work experience:

At least 5 years of work experience in data management and database administration, of which at least three years in public health.



Documented experience in working with large data systems including global, regional and country data sets and producing reports and info graphics.  Work experience in the UN system or other international institutions is an asset.


The initial contract duration under this RFP is for 12 months but could be extended to another 12 months depending on the performance and funding availability.


Submission of proposals:

No later than 27 January 2017, 17:00 (CET), the bidder shall complete and return by either email or hard copy to WHO (only when this step is completed the bidder is regarded as a prospective bidder):


a)            Covering letter signed by the bidder or the respective authority when the bidder is not an individual.

b)            Proposal (including, but not restricted to, technical and financial documents).

c)            “2017HTMHIV001_3_RFP Confidentiality Undertaking” form completed/signed.

d)            “2017HTMHIV001_4_RFP Acknowledgement Form ” form completed/signed as confirmation of the bidder's intention to submit a bona fide proposal and designate its representative to whom communications may be directed, including any addenda.

e)            “2017HTMHIV001_5_ RFP Acceptance Form” form completed/signed.

f)             “2017HTMHIV001_6_RFP Completeness Form” form completed/signed.


A prospective bidder requiring any clarification on technical, contractual or commercial matters may notify WHO via email at the following address no later than 20 January 2017, 17:00 CET.


  • Email for submissions of forms and/or proposal: (use subject: Bid Ref 2017HTMHIV001)
  • Mailing address for submission of proposal:


World Health Organization

­­­­Mr. Jerome Peron


Bid Ref: 2016HTMHIV017

20, Avenue Appia

CH-1211 Geneva 27        


Refer to attached documents for additional information.


Engineering services

Bundesamt für Straßen ASTRA Filiale Zofingen | Published December 15, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

The conservation project N4 Rütihof - Küssnacht provides perform at Trassee and engineering works in the period from 2022 to 2023 repair and reinforcement work and thus to make sure the hands-off operation for the next 15 to 20 years. In addition, subsequent restructuring noise in the project perimeter, the execution (implementation) of an AP noise in the municipality Küssnacht (AP is already available), and the construction of a new SABA and a new wildlife overpass.

The present tender are the benefits of the project author (PV) environment for the phases from design project / action approach to and with permission detailed project / action project. This includes the creation of the necessary environment for the conservation project notes, the noise protection projects, the SABA Fänn and Wildlife transfer based on the technical manuals / checklists and configuration tools of ASTRA.

Optional features of the PV environment for UBB the VOMA on the ...

Facade work

Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt, Kantonale Fachstelle für öffentliche Beschaffungen | Published December 30, 2016  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

manufacturing planning, and provide a facade structure in thermally broken aluminum profiles incl. sunscreen in denkmalpflegerischem environment. Appearance, element division and frame widths, the built in the 1960s facade structure. The terms of reference have been agreed with the monuments and must be strictly adhered to.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

BLS AG | Published January 20, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017

Due to the progressive digital transformation, the BLS will tackle some computer science projects in the coming years. In order to realize these projects lack the BLS AG that require human resources with the required skills. For the tasks in the development environment, the BLS AG would like to address a number of strategic partnerships over the next four to eight years.




Projektwettbewerb center Schachen New care center and Alterswohnungen

Stadt Rapperswil-Jona und die Ortsgemeinde Rapperswil- Jona | Published January 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 10, 2017
Covered by the procedure is the preparation of a project proposal for a new care center for Alterswohnungen on location Schachen. The award includes subject in this tender procedure, the services for architects to SIA 102 and landscape architects to SIA 105: 

- The Neubaute (n) of the care center and the age apartments with additional facilities (with no extension option or residential Stage 2)
- The associated parking and opening up,
- The reorganization of the environment in connection with the project proposal

New wardrobe building Soccer Conditioning Gringglen

Stadt Bülach, Immobilien | Published December 9, 2016  -  Deadline February 3, 2017
CPV: 45000000 - Construction,
71240000 - Architectural, engineering and planning services
Construction costs plan number (BKP): 1 - preparatory work,
2 - Building,
3 - Operating equipment,
4 - environment,
5 - building costs and transition-accounts

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Stadt Winterthur Departement Finanzen Informatikdienste (IDW) | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline February 23, 2017

It is a partner wanted, which the SAP base operation taking into account the situation IS (architecture according Attachments "BEI01_SAP_System_Architektur.pdf" and "BEI02_SAP_Umsysteme_Architektur.pdf" ensures and updating and improving the environment as required and integrates new requirements.

The main tasks include:

- Operation of SAP (eg transport system, client copies, supporting the application support);

- Updating the systems in terms of functionality and IT system security;

- Ensure the support in malfunctions and issues;

- Participation in SAP system projects (for example, technology changes, expansion of functionalities, integration of interfaces to order systems / third-party systems).

This will be done in close cooperation with the IDW and Winterthur Public Utilities.

A detailed service description is in the supplement "04_DL-Beschreibung.docx" available.

It is expressly pointed out that companies which ...

(B16033) a general planning team Wanted in the project competition for architects (general management), civil engineers, technical (CVCRSE) on the Magglingen sports center (FOS)

Office fédéral des constructions et de la logistique (OFCL) | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline April 28, 2017
The Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics FBL organizing a project competition for corporate planning teams of architects (general management), civil engineers and technical planners (CVCRSE) to receive various proposals for the completion of the new hall training for the federal Office of sports in Magglingen FOSPO and award OTC contest winner the planning stages. 
The new training hall, including a triple sports hall and a hall of Swiss wrestling accompanied by ancillary, must complement the existing hall Sport-Toto-Halle and must be well integrated architecturally into the existing environment, ie in the ground and the clearing of the existing forest. Inside the training hall, architecture and internal circulations must respond optimally to the needs of education and exploitation.
The organizer expects the competition projects an assertive architecture, in harmony with the existing hall Sport-Toto-Halle and fits perfectly into the landscape.

Engineering services

Office fédéral des routes (OFROU), filiale de Bellinzone, Division infrastructure routière Est | Published November 15, 2016  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

In the context of the motorway tunnel remediation project of San Bernardino, located along the N13 between 44.0 and 50.8 km and built in 1967 for civil restoration interventions are needed.

The purpose of this mandate are the benefits of project maintenance measures of civil engineering, including the measurements of benefits specialists, geology, concrete and the environment, remediation and Aria vent path sanitation of the border, the intermediate slab and escape routes of the San Bernardino tunnel.

The objectives of this mandate are:

- Maintaining the current safety level during the implementation of measures (on the equipment in the tunnel and in the paths of ventilation)

- General increase in safety for traffic in the tunnel at the end of the work,

- Maintaining the terms,

- Keeping the budget,

- Clean the ventilation path Aria,

- Sanitation works of civil engineering which state does not result compatible with waiting until after 2030, without a complete clean the sense of ASTRA,

- Implementing the measures must cause the least possible inconvenience to freeway traffic,

- Ensure for the work of modified parts such durability to ensure a period of at least 30 years without significant maintenance work,

- Implement the minimum security measures required for the exercise of the highway.

The benefits extend from the MP retail project phase to the final liquidation; technical direction and excluded local jobs.

The hours available for the development of office are a total of about 23,000 including the governed.

Engineering services

Bundesamt für Straßen ASTRA Filiale Zofingen | Published December 21, 2016  -  Deadline February 15, 2017

The national road section N04 / 24 is part of the Swiss National Road N4, which of

He was in the years 1972 to 1981 as a national road. 2

After an operating time of greater than

30 years, the system has normal to heavy wear and tear.

20 kilometer-long stretch, which

the connection Küssnacht (km 107.000) until the northern portal of Mositunnels (km 127.600)

Under the EP KüBru is the national road N04 incl. All engineering structures, tunnels,

The district connection

Arth (only exit in driving direction Goldau) and the connections Goldau, Schwyz and fountain

are also components of the project.

The environmental construction (UBB) / Soil construction supervision (BBB) ​​is a department of

Building owners in the Environment:

- The UBB / BBB controls the enforcement of environmental measures in the projects on behalf of the

Overall project management of the ASTRA-branch;

- The UBB / BBB acts as a contact point to the official environmental protection agencies of the

Federal, the canton of Schwyz and the communities Küssnacht, Arth, Steinerberg, stones, Schwyz

It brings in Canton in the necessary information for their activities.

Environmental issues are directly agreed with the overall management of the ASTRA

to clarify the relevant departments within the Canton;

- If, in the course of realization of project adjustments with environmental

Consequences, the UBB / BBB informs the overall project management of the ASTRA-store time

and provides for the necessary clarifications;

- The UBB / BBB monitor the implementation planning of entrepreneurs on environmental

Protection, restoration and compensation measures;

- The UBB / BBB controls the proper and full implementation and the effect of

decreed protection, restoration and replacement measures during the implementation phase;

- Information and communication with the local community carried out over the

The UBB / BBB is an expert in environmental technical issues

consulted and supported the building owner concerning publicity,

Orientation meetings, inspections, requests for information, etc .;

- The UBB / BBB created the final report for environmental construction.

Scanning electron microscopes

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Centre Interdisciplinaire de Microscopie Électronique (CIME) | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline January 26, 2017

EPFL beabsichtigt Rasterelektronenmikroskop ein für das Elektroenemikroskopiezentrum CIME anzuschaffen.

Mit dem neuen Mikroskop sollen und Nano-Mikro- Strukturen, die chemische Zusammensetzung sowie die von Topography Proben im Gebiet der Chemie und werden Materialwissenschaften untersucht.

Der Bereich der zu untersuchenden Proben umfasst Halbleiter, Metalle, Isolatoren (wie z. B. Keramiken, Gläser und Verbundwerkstoffe) strahlempfindliche Materialien (Kunststoffe, organische Proben etc.) einzelen und in Kombination.

Soll das Mikroskop einer großen Zahl von Benutzern zugänglich breast. Diese sollen mit großer möglichst Effizienz (hoher Durchsatz und große Stabilität) year ihren Proben arbeiten können.

Da eine große Anzahl Häufig Proben in einer werden müssen Sitzung untersucht soll das eine hohe Mikroskop mechanische und elektrische Stabilität aufweisen und mit einem EDX System mit hoher und Empfindlichkeit maximaler Zählrate ausgerüstet breast.

Alle sollen Aufgaben über ein ...

The EPFL plans to purchase a scanning electron microscope to be installed at ICEM.

This new microscope will be used to study the structure of matter at the micro and nanoscale, as well as observation of the topography and chemical composition. Observed samples in high resolution are varied and include semiconductors, metal, insulating materials such as ceramics, glasses, polymers and composites, as well as sensitive to radiation materials as organic polymers or materials. Combinations of these materials in a sample are also possible.

The microscope will be used in a multi-user environment. It will allow users to work with high efficiency quickly. The machine must therefore be stable both from the mechanical point of view from the point of view of alignments to permit inspection of several samples per session. The EDX system should also allow (...)

Environmental monitoring for construction

Office fédéral des routes OFROU, Division infrastructure routière Ouest, filiale Thoune | Published January 18, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

In the case of this contract, FEDRO is by subsidiary Thun, technically and administratively manages the network of motorways of the Canton of Valais.

This contract is made in the context of the EP Martigny and around. The purpose of the mandate is part of the implementation phase for the Environmental Monitoring achievement (SER). The mandate covers the highway N9 and N21 to a length of 22,975 kilometers, more access roads to the motorway in the scope of national roads. The realization phase is divided into 4 lots.

This proxy service contract concerns the environmental monitoring of implementation.

Mandate of engineers in the field of civil engineering, fluvial and environmental hydraulics

Direction Générale de l'Environnement Division EAU | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline March 3, 2017
CPV: 71000000 - Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

N13 EP18 Circonvallazione Grono, 6105 Environmental accommodations Lotto old N13

Ufficio federale delle strade USTRA Filiale Bellinzona settore Supporto | Published January 19, 2017  -  Deadline March 2, 2017
CPV: 45233200 - Surface work for various

N02, 160031, 8S HAG AUG, Hagnau - Augst, design 8-way / planner Environmental Compatibility Report - engineering services in the fields of environmental compatibility report / NISTRA / ratings

Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA Filiale Zofingen | Published November 21, 2016  -  Deadline February 3, 2017
Issue of 938,791 
The official tender was published in the following publication organ: Information system on public procurement in Switzerland (, electronic publishing prevail.
Published: 11/21/2016