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Public Works & Government Services Canada | Published January 30, 2015  -  Deadline February 16, 2015

INVITATION TO SUBMIT AN EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) AS TO THE AVAILABILITY OF SPACE FOR LEASE IN THE CITY OF SEPT-ÎLES FILE NUMBER 522854 Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) is asking interested parties to provide information for a potential lease of space that meets the following criteria: Section A: Lease Components  a lease term of approximately three (3) years, commencing on or about January 1, 2016, plus options to extend the lease for two (2) additional periods of one (1) year each;  approximately 350 usable square metres (um2) of contiguous interior storage space and four (4) parking spaces available at all times;  the proposed space must be available approximately six (6) weeks prior to the above-noted lease commencement date so that all space may be prepared for occupancy;  the proposed space should satisfy or be capable of satisfying the following criteria: 1. physical characteristics of the land and buildings, and the use of the area and environment surrounding it, must be compatible with the intended use;. 2. the leased premises must be accessible at all times, 24h/24 and accessible by a road suitable for a wide load motor vehicle; 3. the storage spaces must be on the ground floor and have minimum clearance of 5.486 meters; 4. the leased premises must be located within a distance of approximately ten (10) kilometres from the intersection of Maltais Street and Arnaud Avenue leading to the launching ramp of the City of Sept-Îles; 5. the configuration of the leased premises shall be evaluated using the client’s fit-up and operational needs;  on or before the lease commencement date, the proposed space will have to comply with all requirements contained in PWGSC’s Standards for Leased Accommodation, a copy of which may be obtained from the contact listed in Section F. Note: PWGSC may wish to visit or inspect the proposed space upon reasonable notice and a threat and risk assessment may be undertaken in order to assess potential threats to the security of the proposed space and to the public.   Section B: Responses Interested parties are requested to submit their response to this EOI in writing to the following address: Public Works and Government Services Canada Attention: Robert Demers 1550 D’Estimauville Avenue, 6th floor Québec, Québec G1J 0C7 or by facsimile to: 418-649-2733 or by email to the contact listed below in Section F. Please indicate File No. 522854 on all correspondence. Section C: Responses Requested by As this may be the only invitation to submit an Expression of Interest for this potential lease project, owners or their mandataries should provide their response by February 17, 2015, 4:00 PM. Any response received after this date may not be considered. Section D: Information Provided by Interested Parties or Mandataries of Interested Parties Information provided by interested parties or mandataries of interested parties should include:he file number (522854),the location and municipal address of the building, current zoning, specific location of space within the building, measured area of space, minimum clearance high, space configuration and physical characteristics of storage space, use of the area and environment surrounding, architectural drawings identifying the proposed space with washrooms, exits and other design elements, the distance from the proposed site to the intersection of Maltais Street and Arnaud Avenue and the lauching ramp of the City of Sept-Îles, private/public parking facilities, and details addressing the criteria listed above in Section A. Agents submitting a response to this EOI must provide PWGSC with a letter authorizing them to do so. Section E: Security Requirement If this EOI results in a future tender process, the building owners of the proposed spaces will have to hold a valid security clearance at “RELIABILITY” level, approved and granted by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) of PWGSC prior to award. All parties interested in this potential lease project are advised to obtain this security clearance level in advance. Information regarding security clearance can be obtained on the website of the CISD/PWGSC at Please contact the person listed in Section F to initiate the security clearance process. Section F: Additional Information For more information, please contact Robert Demers, Senior Leasing Officer by phone at 418-649-2710 or by email to Section G: List of Available Space This EOI is issued in order to invite interested parties to demonstrate their interest in providing the requirements described herein. This information may be included in a list of available space and used for potential future solicitations. Section H: Not a Solicitation Process Note that this is not a tender process, nor a request for proposal, but only an inquiry as to the availability of space to lease. PWGSC will not necessarily invite offers, or lease any space, and may not post any future ads related to this request. The information provided through this EOI may be included in a source list of available space and PWGSC may issue an invitation to tender for other leasing requirements based on this information, or based on any other information which may come to its attention prior to an issuance of an invitation to tender; or it may invite offers by way of public tender. PWGSC reserves the right to proceed with an Invitation to Offer to Lease by inviting only parties deemed to most effectively meet specific operational, security and public safety requirements.

Environmental Upgrading of Medium Growth Chambers

Natural Resources Canada | Published March 19, 2015
TBC Constructions inc.

Upgrade the lighting system and the refrigeration system in 12 growth chambers as a prototype already in operation at the Laurentian Forestry Centre in order to comply with the Ozone-depleting Substances Regulations (ODSR) and the Federal Halocarbon Regulations. The work will involve replacing the current lighting and refrigeration system with a new units. The objective of the contract is complete the upgrade of 12 growth chambers by March 31, 2016, subject to the budget’s availability.
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