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BUILDING MUNICIPAL PARTY and a work environment, Village 40 to 1745 Mazenzele (Opwijk)

Haviland intercommunale IgSv | Published December 4, 2015  -  Deadline February 12, 2016

BUILDING MUNICIPAL PARTY and a work environment, Village 40 to 1745 Mazenzele (Opwijk)

Call for applications - SITE OF POELBOS - extension of the Dutch school, bicommunal construction of infrastructure, renovation of the pavilion called "Plein Air" and landscaping of the entire site - STUDY

Commune de Jette | Published June 17, 2015  -  Deadline July 27, 2015
71200000, 71210000, 71220000, 71221000, 71223000, 71240000, 71241000, 71242000, 71245000, 71246000, 71247000, 71248000, 71400000

This contract is the realization of a complete mission project copyright to 1) the construction of the extension of the Dutch-speaking elementary school (ten additional classes), 2) the construction of a refectory and a bi-communal gym for about 960 students in 1090 Jette, 3) renovation / extension of an existing pavilion to host a French nursery school (6-7 classes). 4) The implementation of these projects on a classified site, the realization of landscape study by the Office of Aries studies. (Study of around schools, journey from one building to the other, ...) A complete detailed mission A.III.3 Content of the mission. The proposed copyright assignment also covers the stability study, the study of special techniques, project coordination mission and construction and participation in various subsidizing programs considered (Cocof, ERUs, AGION, VGC, Brussels environment ...). New constructions or similar ILL meet minimum requirements (energy performance of the building) application in January 2016.
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