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Datacenter infrastructure renewal incl. Backup to cloud

AZ Damiaan | Published November 14, 2016

AZ Damien has thoroughly renewed the IT infrastructure during 2011. Today, one can with the existing infrastructure the expectations of the business, defined in 2011, was not it more. Moreover, the economic life of these reaches hardware, there are new technologies to market, new developments in IT ... Finally, one can notice that the dependence of the various services has increased significantly in IT in the hospital.

After test some current expectations of the different services in the hospital and comparing different possible scenarios, has opted to implement a technology refresh on the AS-IS infrastructure. The current backup-to-tape solution, however, transformed into a backup-to-cloud solution.

The new environment is the availability, performance and RTO / RPO requirements where to make, taking into account a strong (data) growth for the coming years.

AZ Damien is seeking potential candidates for the delivery of hardware and services for the next 5 years. This document accompanies this call.

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