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Development environment / qualifications to prepare the HR Access migration 9

PROVINCE DU HAINAUT, OFFICE CENTRAL DES ACHATS | Published October 3, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016

Development environment / qualifications to prepare the HR Access migration 9

24764support reactive and proactive environment for Lotus Notes / Domino of the Province of Hainaut.

Province du Hainaut, Office central des achats | Published November 27, 2015  -  Deadline January 12, 2016

reactive and proactive support for the environment Lotus Notes / Domino of the Province of Hainaut.

2016 Featured speakers

CEQUAL | Published November 27, 2015  -  Deadline January 11, 2016
80000000, 79000000

Training and support quality-safety-environment initiative of companies and job seekers registered at a CEQUAL training cycle under the Quality Region project.

Featured speakers 2015

CEQUAL | Published November 28, 2014  -  Deadline January 12, 2015
80000000, 79000000

Training and support to the quality, safety and environment approach of companies and job seekers registered with a CEQUAL training course as part of the Quality Region project.

Sludge disposal services

Intercommunale IDEA | Published January 17, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

This contract is to:

- Evacuation and recovery of sludge from treatment plants Boussoit, Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont, Saint-Vaast and Trivières in agriculture in strict compliance with the Order of the Walloon Government on the use in or on soil sewage sludge or sludge from septic night soil treatment center of 12 January 1995, the Walloon Government Decree on the sustainable management of nitrogen in agriculture of 3 March 2005 (Book II Environment code), authorizations and use certificates obtained for application in agriculture of sludge;

- The use of container disposal;

- The administrative management of the sector.

Invitation to submit offers - Acquisition and implementation of a BI solution - direct Negotiated procedure with advertising

C.H.R Mons-Hainaut Groupe Hospitalier Saint-Luc . UCL | Published November 10, 2015  -  Deadline December 4, 2015
48180000, 48900000

This specification is for the supply, installation and commissioning of a decision support tool (BI) for the CHR Mons-Hainaut. • The offer must meet the functional needs of three modules:  Management of hospital activity  Billing  Pharmacy For all management areas, the temporal decomposition (year, semester, quarter, monthly, ... ) should be integrated into the analysis tools. It should also be possible to inject and external data regardless of the format (Excel, Access ...) • The matching product must include:  Being adapted to the hospital  Respond to technical requirements (navigation, flexibility, interactivity, export, backup, drill through, reporting, mapping, configurable hierarchy queries to cross-reference information from several sources)  Present the necessary flexibility to adapt to changes in the legal environment and the changing demands of the user.  Allow direct interface between the reporting tool and software used within the institution (Infohos, CPO / WISH, OPERA, RX / WIN, H ++, CPT / WIN ...)  Allow automatic feeding of 'BI tool  Answering demanding requirements of usability and documentation.  Allow structurally autonomy of the user.

Invitation to submit offers - Old Town Hall of Hyon - fees authors of projects - direct Negotiated procedure with advertising

Administration Communale de la Ville de Mons | Published October 4, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016

This contract is a draft copyright assignment including the possible use of subcontracting and other complementary skills necessary for the implementation of the project for workovers and compliance of the former Hyon communal house located 56 rue de la Place in B-7022 Hyon.

The work involves a complete renovation of the building that will integrate the following assignments:

- Areas reserved for educational activities (to be defined in collaboration with kindergarten and primary offices located nearby) on the ground floor;

- Areas reserved for the reception of one or more associations (association) on the first floor

- Zones reserved for the reception of Hyon scouts on the second floor

Project The author will have to establish a complete file including studies on architecture, stability and special techniques (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, elevator ...).

The project will consider the issue on the urban integration of the structure into the existing built environment on one hand and the intrinsic structural and architectural constraints of the other building (accessibility, traffic, natural lighting, ...)

The record will include structural studies and special techniques to be adapted to future assignments of the building and the fire department charges.

This mission involves a team including at least one or architect (s), or an engineer (s) stability and or engineer (s) in special techniques.

The bidder is notified that the Adjudicator power could stop the mission after each phase for reasons of its own, without resulting to him any compensation.

Test tubes

Province du Hainaut, Office central des achats | Published October 14, 2017
Merck Chemicals NV
33192500, 24000000, 38900000, 33698100, 38434580, 24300000, 42912310

See II.1.1.

These are small, commonly used equipment for equipping and operating a teaching, research or analysis laboratory such as:

All types of balloons - All types of clamps

All types of beakers - All types of bottles

All types of test pieces - All types of plastic consumables

All types of funnels - All types of consumables

All types of chromatography pipettes. (Insert, vials, columns, all types of petri dishes crimp caps ......)

All types of tubes - All types of volumetric flasks.

Supply of laboratory products.

These products are intended for use in live and non-living organisms and also for specific tests related to biotechnology such as:

Cellulose tests PCR tests

Agarose detection of legionellosis by PCR.

These are products and materials related to specific microbiological tests for agri-food, environmental and medical analysis, linked or not to closed automatons (ex Tempo, Vidas, Vitek) such as:

Tests in test boxes identification and specification

Galleries for bacteria and Enterobacteriaceae

Color boxes

Reagents for identification gallery for Enterobacteriaceae.

They are products intended for specific tests related to immunology such as:

Immunology Tests

Disease detection tests

Blood grouping (toxoplasmosis, syphilis, AIDS virus, Hepatitis B, ...... ..).

Laboratory products for use in teaching.

These are products and materials for specific tests related to hematology, in particular to the analysis of DNA

Specific tests on DNA treatment

Digestion purification.

These are products intended for specific tests related to bacteriology in agri-food analysis, environment ...

Scanner software package

IMIO | Published May 12, 2017
Ricoh Belgium


The intercommunal IMIO has been operational since 1.1.2012. Its objective is to promote and coordinate the pooling of business solutions, products and services for local authorities and is based on 3 main activities:

- produce open source software that meets the needs of local authorities. The open source model allows IMIO to have mastery of the tools and to have the choice of the provider for the realization of developments. Some of the developments can also be carried out internally, which guarantees greater autonomy of action,

- purchase proprietary solutions in the purchasing center to enable municipalities to benefit from market solutions at a lower cost and offer a service to accompany their use and development,

- formalize the work processes of local (organizational) authorities.

The philosophy proposed remains that of pooling in the "bottom-up" logic and shared efforts to reduce costs for members, while producing solutions better adapted to the realities of local authorities since they are the ones who produce them or have them produced .


The purpose of lot 1 is to dematerialise documents of different types taking into account standards in terms of documentary capture.

The aim of Lot 2 is to define a framework contract that allows the implementation of an automated invoice extraction infrastructure in 2 different environments: the final customer's local infrastructure and IMIO's shared infrastructure.

These master agreements will allow IMIO members (CF. Appendix C) to use the central purchasing facility to order these supplies, licenses and services. A regular updating of the list of members will be communicated to the selected supplier.

Phase type - FRA.

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