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VZW De Korenbloem | Published September 30, 2016  -  Deadline November 21, 2016

Expansion of the existing infrastructure of the association's Cornflower, situated Pieter de Coninck Avenue Kortrijk, with two projects.

To carry out the contract comprises 1 lot only "General Contractor". This lot includes the following works: Demolition, foundations, wind- and waterproof structural work, renovation and restoration work, all interior finishes, solid furniture, technical equipment (HVAC, Sanitary, Electrical, and dates, elevators), drainage works, infrastructure and environment construction, regulatory signs .

These works aim to achieve the following two projects:

A subproject

• Renovation of the existing Villa Porch to a local service and knowledge center for young people with dementia

• New group homes with four, five care flats and a care center for young-dementia

• Construction of the immediate external environment

subproject B

• Demolition of the existing buildings on the Stasegemsestraat 108, 110 and 112

• Renovation of the existing villa house for the expansion of the day care center for psycho elderly

• New 4 group homes for the elderly in need of somatic care, day care center, a center with six short-stay rooms and 4 sheltered flats

• An underground car park with a leveringen- and storage space.

• The outer construction of the access to the site, the above-ground parking and circulation areas, the landscaping.

The file also contains a section Umbrella Works. This file includes infrastructure with the aim to use existing park pond as a water buffer basin for the entire site, the connection of Sub-project A on a new electricity and gascabine and connection of Sub-project A on the existing facility by means of a fiber optic cable. The installation of electricity and gascabine covered by this contract.

Architecture Job "Cycling through the trees"

Toerisme Limburg vzw | Published September 22, 2016  -  Deadline November 25, 2016

Tourism Limburg vzw - Architecture Mission "Cycling through the trees."

This assignment should be considered in the context of the regulations on public procurement as a service (within the meaning of Art. 3, 4 ° of the Law of June 15, 2006)

This specification is intended as a description of the requested and as a means to compare the offers of different tenderers. The actual award is made by registered letter.

The contract includes an integrated architecture assignment. It comprises several components:

- Design and layout of the design dossier for the device environment: connection to the existing cycle network, edge infrastructure (bicycle parking, benches ...), any work planting and forest management;

- Design and layout of the design dossier for the landmark, being a bicycle bridge including stability and security (bike handbook, ABC of the cycle).

- All necessary prior studies (ground probes ...) and measurements;

- Preparation of a complete application file;

- Safety coordination;

- Preparation and supervision of the tender documents;

- Leadership of works during execution;

- Organization of deliveries.

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