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Software package and information systems

Partena Promeris Corporate Services GIE | Published March 31, 2017  -  Deadline May 10, 2017
48000000, 48400000, 48220000, 48210000

The purpose of this contract to acquire a license for a content management system (Content Management System) to add additional features to existing Web applications and MyPartenamut MyPartena.

The solution will be installed at M-Team (see technical specifications) and will be used by mutuals 2 Partenamut and Partena OZV.

In order to respect the structures and specific needs of each entity, the solution should be easily configurable and able to adapt to a multi-user environment management, multi-profile and multi-lingual.

The solution is imperative to reuse a significant portion of existing Java code. To assist applicants in preparing their offers, detailed and documented description of the AS-IS situation in his application architecture found in Part 3 of this SCC "Description of the technical and functional requirements."

To ensure the maintenance of a synergy between the two mutuals, sharing functionality should be maintained (at the present time and under protest, we estimate 80% of common code). The CMS must be able to reuse and share the same components through the 2 websites while applying a different visual presentation on each brand.

The solution must provide the ability to deploy in the future to other websites or applications and will not be limited only to MyPartena and MyPartenamut applications.

Following the award of this contract, the AP will launch a second market to appoint a service provider who will be responsible for the implementation.

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